§1 - General

1. By creating an account you agree to and are bound by these Forum Rules (hereinafter, Rules).

2. The Rules apply to the whole forum, including but not limited to: Private messages, profiles and the individual boards.

3. The moderators exist to make sure these rules are being followed. If not followed, the moderation staff have the responsibility of punishing the user breaking them.

4. These Rules are subject to change at any time, and without any warning. Every effort will be made by staff to inform the users of changes to the rules.

5. Users are only permitted ONE forum account, except with the express advance permission of the Forum Admin. If a forum user is found to have multiple accounts, all save one will be permanently banned or deleted, and the original account may be further infracted.

6. Due to the importance of forum continuity, posts submitted to this forum will typically only be removed on request if they violate a Forum Rule, or if a valid reason is supplied (Moderator's discretion). Users should not expect requests to remove posts to be honoured if it would damage forum continuity.

§2 - Forbidden Content

1. The rules in this section apply to posts, private messages and any other form of communication of the forum. Note that quoting posts containing forbidden content is deemed the same as posting it yourself.

2. The following content and/or behaviour is strictly forbidden:

A. Re-posts, Cross-posts and Double-posts. Re-posting a locked or deleted topic, or reposting significant content from locked or deleted topics in order to restart a locked discussion, is not allowed. Posting the same topic in multiple forums is not allowed. Posting twice (or more) in a row in the same thread is not permitted. (Use the Edit button instead.). Official forum announcements are not covered by this rule.

B. Posts in a language other than English, unless permission in advance has been granted by the Forum Admin or Community Manager.

C. Impersonating staff. This includes “Deputy” posts, which are posts in which the user points out that someone is breaking the forum rules. Use the Report button or PM instead. Using the colours red, orange or purple. These are reserved for official discussion by Moderators, Multihunters and the Forum Administrator or Community Manager respectively, and may cause confusion if normal members post in these colours.

D. Spam, Flames and Insults. Spam can include, but is not limited to: posts which do not contribute significantly to the thread’s discussion; posts which are not related to the sub-forum overall theme; the overuse of various text format options. The moderation team is the final arbiter of what is or is not spam, and of whether something is flaming / insulting or not.

E. Swearing. If you trip the censor accidentally, please edit your post to a less offensive term. Leaving in words which have been censored is still deemed swearing. Bypassing the automatic censor by using symbols, deliberate misspellings, acronyms or in other ways is against the rules. Just because a word is not filtered by the auto-censor does not mean it is automatically not a swear word. Some words are swear words in some contexts and not others, and are thus left off the auto-censor.

F. Pornographic, racist or otherwise discriminatory or inappropriate text or images.

G. Rule Removed

H. Transcripts of private communication without permission. This includes, but is not limited to, contents of forum Private Messages (PMs), In-Game Messages (IGMs), or emails, as well as conversations via any instant messaging service such as Skype or MSN. Permission from all parties involved must be sent via PM to the relevant section mod before the material is posted.

I. Posting of Personal data without permission. Personal information (such as real life name, address or photo) of a member may not be posted without the express consent of the person or people concerned. Minors (U18s) may only post such information themselves/have such information posted if their legal representative’s approval has been given. Upon posting such information, the user expressly asserts his/her age of majority and legal capacity or – for minors – the existence of their legal representative’s approval. Any posting of personal data is entirely at the user’s own risk.

J. Discussion of forum bans or infractions.

K. Discussion of in-game bans. This includes allegations of cheating; suspicions should be reported to the in-game Multihunter of the relevant game world. Grievances over a ban should be addressed with the Multihunter or Community Manager. Discussion of banned World-Wonder holders may be permitted (up to Moderator's discretion).

L. Posts which violate or encourage the violation of the Travian Game Rules. This includes, but is not limited to, external “Cropfinder” tools and public posting of account details.

M. Material which could be considered as illegal by law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Discussion of such material (e.g. “warez” or cracked software), including linking to it, is also forbidden.

N. Advertisements, of any kind. Links to and advertising of other video game online/web game sites and/or direct competitors is also explicitly forbidden. Whether mentioning a game is considered advertising is up to the discretion of the moderation staff. “Link” games including, but not limited to: MiniCity, Graaagh!, and so on are also totally forbidden. Gold-Referral links outside of signatures are classed as advertising. Gold links which are in signatures must not be displayed in a misleading manner.

O. Links to sites which contain content deemed inappropriate as above. Misleading links, such as tinyurl and "rickrolls" are also forbidden.

P. Any and all other content deemed inappropriate by forum staff and/or Travian Games.

Q. Any attempt to coerce or provoke other users into breaking the above Rules.

§3 - Profile

1. The maximum size allowed for your avatar is 120x120 pixels.
2. Signatures, including image, text and BB code tags (eg. quotes), are limited to a maximum overall height of 160 pixels, which roughly equates to 8 lines of standard text. Signatures must also not be so wide that they stretch the page layout on a standard resolution.
3. The maximum size of any custom signature image stored on the Forum is 500 by 100 pixels or 2.0 KB (whichever is smaller).
4. Only actual and authentic player names may be used in the Player Name/Server section of your profile. Using this feature to impersonate other players is strictly forbidden.
5. Permission must be obtained before quoting another forum member in your signature.
6. The Forbidden Content rules (section 2) also apply to your signature, profile, profile messages and albums.

§4 – Warnings and Infractions

1. Punishments are at the discretion of the moderation staff. The following guidelines are generally used, but the moderation staff are free to give more severe custom punishments, including, but not limited to, permanent bans, IP bans, or bans from specific forum areas, in any and all cases if necessary.
A. First violation: Warning
B. Second and ensuing violations: Infraction
C. Each infraction is worth one or more points. When you receive enough points of infraction, you will be banned for a length of time, based on the amount of infractions you have received.
2. Evading a ban by using a second account may result in an IP-ban of both accounts.
3. Avatars and signatures which break the forum rules may be deleted at moderator discretion.
4. Topics and posts which violate the forum rules may be deleted at moderator discretion.

§5 – Redress of Grievances

1. Staff will aim to be fair and transparent in their dealings with users. If you have a complaint or question about a moderator’s decision, the procedures listed in the Who to Contact thread should be followed. When in doubt, contacting a Senior Moderator or the Forum Admin should either resolve your issue, or point you in the right direction.
2. Under no circumstances should you post a thread to resolve the situation.
3. A current list of forum staff members can be found here.