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  1. Forum: Staff Changes (arriving and leaving)
  2. Game: Travian Fan Site Policy
  3. Important: Game Rule clarifications & FAQ
  4. Game: New picture files for fan-pages and private use
  5. Game: Changes in Mid- and Endgame times
  6. Important: Who to contact for Game issues
  7. Important: Who to Contact for Forum Issues
  8. Important: Travian Legends UK - New Administrative Structure
  9. Game: [Rise of Alliances] Annual Special server
  10. Important: S19 Travian:RoA Pushing Protection Issue
  11. Tons of new features are coming!
  12. Game: RoA features Announcement - Alliance Bonus & Deff points
  13. Important: Unplanned Outage
  14. Important: The Travian Tournament 2017
  15. Important: Network Maintenance
  16. Important: Flash Gold Promo [All UK Servers]
  17. Important: Travian Tournament: It begins
  18. Flash Gold Promo [UK TOURNAMENT Server]
  19. Forum: Major changes to the T:L Forums
  20. #AskTravian: You asked we answer!
  21. Forum: Faq forum merger
  22. Important: Meet the Huns!
  23. Forum: Last call before forums are merged