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  1. Available to dual: any account :)
  2. Looking for a dual,
  3. Teuton Account: Dual Needed for pkx
  4. Teuton Account: Looking for Dual on US2
  5. Teuton Account: Dual Needed for comx
  6. Teuton Account: Teuton Account on Dkx
  7. Teuton Account: Looking for dual
  8. Roman Account: Dual Needed
  9. Teuton Account: dual needed for aux
  10. Teuton Account: Need dual on AUX like starts on 15 february
  11. Roman Account: Looking for dual
  12. Gaul account
  13. Teuton Account: Need a dual
  14. Teuton Account: Need a dual for off teuton AUX
  15. Gaul Account: Top 100 agressive gual! US3!!!
  16. Available to dual: would like to Learn to Dual
  17. Teuton Account: Travian Tournament Dual Needed
  18. Gaul Account: Tournament server dual needed
  19. Need DUALER
  20. Gaul Account: Offensive Gaul Account. Looking for Talented Dual, Tournament qualification server
  21. Dual required for com3 T3.6 classic server
  22. Gaul Account: Need Gold Dual For Comx Account
  23. Roman Account: Australian 4.2 server dual needed!
  24. Teuton Account: Top 10 account on us4 needs gold dual
  25. Top raider need dual on Egnlish speed server
  26. In Server
  27. Teuton Account: Top 10 Raider/Attacker acc looking for Dual!
  28. Roman Account: Server Usx, Gold Dual wanted
  29. Teuton Account: In4 Server Top 50 Off Account
  30. Gaul Account: Dual Needed For Com1
  31. Teuton Account: Need a Dual
  32. Teuton Account: Need experienced dual for top 10 account
  33. Available to dual: Looking for dual for next round
  34. Dual Needed For Com1
  35. dual for next aux server
  36. i would like to learn how to dual
  37. Roman Account: Looking for a dual for the aux
  38. Roman Account: Top 10 Offensive Roman
  39. Teuton Account: Top 10 Account, Dual Needed
  40. Teuton Account: Dual in2, top 10 robber
  41. Teuton Account: Dual Needed For UK1
  42. Dual needed - normal server
  43. Roman Account: Needing a dual on com6
  44. roman on id5 needs gold dual
  45. Teuton Account: Com 4
  46. Starting new team for next coming english server
  47. Looking for Dual (Current 3x, 3.5 speed -- http://tcx3.travian.com/login.php)
  48. Roman Account: Looking for Dual - Eu time
  49. Teuton Account: current T3 speed server ------non gold
  50. Roman Account: Us5 top 100 player
  51. Teuton Account: need a dual for top 10 teuton account for normal speed server
  52. Roman Account: Want to find a dual
  53. Teuton Account: Looking for a dual In2
  54. Available to dual: Com7
  55. Future Long-term dual partner up
  56. Teuton Account: Need a dual for the World Finals 2013 server.
  57. Teuton Account: LF Dual on Au2 (November 16th)
  58. Looking for dual, uk2
  59. Roman Account: Wanted Gold Duals
  60. Roman Account: Com10, serious account!
  61. Available to dual: Available for dual gmt+8
  62. Looking to Make a Team of Talented Players
  63. Gaul Account: Dual required
  64. Roman Account: US1 Birthday Server, Top 10 Roman Account Needs Night Dual
  65. Gaul Account: Danish speed server - searching for a dual
  66. Teuton Account: AU5 Teuton Account needs 1-2 Night duals
  67. IL - Partner
  68. TS7 ID Teuton 60~ days server Need Raider dual
  69. Available to dual: travian 4.4 dual
  70. Gaul Account: Next server
  71. Teuton Account: Relaxed Teuton (aux)
  72. Teuton Account: USX Gold player search for European dual for 24h coverage
  73. Roman Account: Dual needed
  74. Available to dual: east coast dual for ur account
  75. Need a Dual
  76. Looking for a dual - Top 15 attacker - in server
  77. Gaul Account: Search for Dual
  78. Gaul Account: Looking for a duel/someone to take over account.
  79. Dual or Duals needed
  80. Gaul Account: Need Dual for offensive guals account
  81. Roman Account: Upcoming comx
  82. Roman Account: I am looking for a dual on in3
  83. Teuton Account: Need dual teuton account
  84. Gaul Account: Looking for gold dual for UKX
  85. Roman Account: Gold UKX player looking for dual
  86. Teuton Account: Dual for soon restarting uk1
  87. Roman Account: Top Account Dual Needed
  88. Available to dual: Com8 - Just Restarted
  89. Looking for Duals for DEX
  90. Dual/teacher
  91. Searching for a Defender for ZA2 Restart
  92. Dual
  93. Gaul Account: Off Gaul Tournament Coms looking for dual.
  94. Dual needed teuton
  95. roman account needing dual
  96. Roman Account: Duals needed for Top us4 account!
  97. Teuton Account: Australian Ancient Europe server, NEED DUALS!
  98. Available to dual: Dual for any country or time zone
  99. Roman Account: Dual request for offensive Roman on US4
  100. Dual request
  101. Gaul Account: Need Dual For In4
  102. Looking for a dual for a top Ancient Europe Account in Bulgarian server
  103. Roman Account: Giving away top account on us4!!!
  104. Gaul Account: comx speed server
  105. Teuton Account: Slovenian Teuton account
  106. Roman Account: Looking for a dual for com5
  107. Roman Account: Looking for 1 more dual on AUx.
  108. Available to dual: Looking to dual
  109. Roman Account: Neeed us or australian dual !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. I'm available to dual! (GMT-5)
  111. UK Dual needed
  112. Teuton Account: Looking for a dual with experience. for 10pm-5am GMT
  113. Roman Account: Looking for a dual!
  114. Teuton Account: UK dual needed
  115. Teuton Account: Dual on Teuton Account
  116. dual for top 20
  117. Dual for ILX
  118. Comx Duals/ golder Needed
  119. Teuton Account: UK speed server dual needed
  120. Looking for Dual for #1 Roman Account
  121. Teuton Account: Looking for duals for a TOP1 Attacker and Raider tetuon
  122. Available to dual: Looking to have some fun.
  123. Teuton Account: In Need of Far West, Or far East Experienced Dual
  124. dual T5 kingdoms
  125. Roman Account: Looking for Dual(s) for 3x speed server
  126. Roman Account: Looking for an active dual from UK
  127. Teuton Account: Looking for dual for INX
  128. Teuton Account: In Need of a Far East Or West Dual
  129. In Need of a Far East Or West Dual
  130. Meta Invitation
  131. Roman Account: Searching for a dual
  132. Gaul Account: Looking for Night dual(s) ukx
  133. need a dual
  134. Teuton Account: Hello my name is Eyal aka jjdcv
  135. Attacking Ghaul account looking for night dual.
  136. Teuton Account: Looking for a partner
  137. Teuton Account: Aggressive Raider on In2
  138. Teuton Account: Aggresive Play on ID3
  139. Gaul Account: Searching Dual
  140. Looking to join an account
  141. Gaul Account: Australian Server (AU2) Dual Required
  142. Usx gaul dual search
  143. Looking for a dual!
  144. Gaul Account: Need a active dual for IN2
  145. Gaul Account: Dual needed for uk3
  146. Gaul Account: Searching for dual, COMX
  147. Teuton Account: Dual Needed for Internation Tournament Qualifier
  148. Roman Account: Tournament Qualification Server
  149. Gaul Account: Usx gaul dual search
  150. Teuton Account: Dual for BRX server
  151. Roman account kingdoms
  152. Roman Account: Looking for Dual Next COM Server #1 Account
  153. Tournament Qualification Server Dual Search (Current Top Account)
  154. Gaul Account: Dual Needed for TT farming
  155. Dual needed for com8
  156. Teuton Account: Looking for a dual in the 3rd uk server (ts3.travian.co.uk)
  157. Scandanavian
  158. Available to dual: Old Vet looking to get back in
  159. Roman Account: .COM Dual WANTED =)
  160. Available to dual: Vet. Looking to dual for a Gaul in tx3 UK server
  161. Teuton Account: Great Teuton player wants to make new friends :)
  162. Teuton Account: Need a dual on com5
  163. Top account for the next comx
  164. Teuton Account: Looking for Golders/Sponsors
  165. Roman Account: Looking for Dual
  166. Swedish speed server!
  167. old vet lf dual for teuton acc
  168. Roman acc
  169. Gaul Account: Looking for dual for AUX
  170. Dual require UK2 started 14 Dec 2015
  171. Gaul Account: Looking for dual UK2
  172. partner or a accountts been started month ago
  173. UK1 Looking for Duals
  174. UKX Dual
  175. Gaul Account: IN3 DUAL
  176. Gaul Account: COM4 - Dual Search
  177. Looking for a Dual for Qualifying Tournament
  178. Teuton Account: Looking for a dual from far away
  179. Teuton Account: Looking for a foreign dual to play in UKX
  180. Teuton Account: Dual NEEDED for upcomming top account - Agressive raiders
  181. Gaul Account: Looking for Dual for rank 100 Gaul account in UKX
  182. Roman Account: Dual needed
  183. Gaul Account: Dual for Gaul Ghost Hammer
  184. Gaul Account: Dual for Gaul Ghost Hammer, Aux
  185. Roman Account: arabian 5x server
  186. Available to dual: Experienced player in all tribes from india.
  187. Searching for Dual for UK Server 5
  188. Gaul Account: Looking for a dual on a Non-UK server.
  189. Available to dual: NEED A DUAL (uk2)
  190. Gaul dual request
  191. Available to dual: Need an experienced dual for UKX which starts : 10.10.2016