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  3. Buildings: Rearrange Buildings
  4. General: T5: Generally agreed upon suggestions - all visual.
  5. General: 3.6 Classic Travian Server
  6. Interface & graphics: "Delete all reports" button
  7. General: Recycling. Even the Romans did it.
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  9. General: Idea of the Month Nominations
  10. General: Limit the number of duals on an account
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  12. General: :o travian making some good moves
  13. Buildings: Marketplace, trade-route upgrade
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  16. General: Improve advertising revenue
  17. Interface & graphics: Option to hide troops in barracks once researched
  18. General: Move to HTTPS for all logged in activities.
  19. Interface & graphics: Use Kingdoms trade route code in legends
  20. General: Oldskool stuff we want back
  21. General: Pushing Protection alteration
  22. General: Best idea ever
  23. General: Bring back naming of heroes
  24. General: Top 10 rewards - insiration from EA