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  1. Travian Kingdoms Helmet of Awareness + Scrolls
  2. Only one village?
  3. Troop merging?
  4. Party in gray zone
  5. Oasis question
  6. Travian V5
  7. Recent downtime
  8. Victory Points
  9. Opinions on 'spiking' farms.
  10. Gettertools
  11. Gold sale.
  12. banned WW or artefact holder
  13. Post Leaderboards
  14. Ex-Player needs updating
  15. "New Forum Posts" times wrong
  16. horn of natarian
  17. Chiefing from sitter
  18. multihunter captured a ww, is this normal?
  19. Kill my own troops (Scouts)
  20. Same second cata waves with Mac?
  21. Calling any old skool players from ukx are there any left let us know
  22. Public forum in game
  23. Natars by another name?
  24. Same second attack on Ipad
  25. New and interested, few questions
  26. Early game defense
  27. Any changes in the last 2 years?
  28. Taking an Arti after being a sitter
  29. Non-cap: up-to-date guide?
  30. A question on how the smithy/forge works:
  31. Mobile users
  32. Limit day to sign up on a server
  33. Servers