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19 Mar 2009, 06:28 PM

Why do I need troops?
Creating troops is the sole purpose of Travian, and really brings the game to life. It turns your economy into a functioning military base, giving you power over rival players and sparking off your journey with attacking and defending. If you have ever felt helpless on Travian, troops are always the answer.

The purpose of your army could be one of many; attacking enemy alliances, local neighbours for resources, or defending your friends. Each of these benefit your account in some way - clearing threats, increasing your resource production to spend, and killing off the opposition and saving a village from destruction.

How do I make troops?
To get your first troops, you will need to build the pre-requisites first. Those are: a Level 3 Main Building, a Level 1 Rally Point, and a Level 1 Barracks (in that order). If you are just beginning a server, you can opt for the Military route and your Quest Master will talk you through the process of getting troops. If you chose the Economy route, you can still create all the Military buildings later, you will just have to wait longer for your resources to build up so you can afford them.


Main Building, Level 2 & 3
This building appears in the center of your village and starts off at Level 1. This building affects all the other buildings created in the same village; the higher the level of the Main Building, the quicker the other buildings can be created, as it decreases the build-time by 2-3% each level. It helps to upgrade this building before the Rally Point and Barracks, so this time bonus will be applied to them.


Rally Point, Level 1
Once you have built the Main Building to Level 3, your next task is to build the Rally Point to Level 1. This building has many features and is the control center of your troops. The Rally Point will show all outgoing and incoming attacks, as well as defending troops, reinforcements in other villages, and the location of your army.

You may have trouble locating the Rally Point, as it can only be built in a specific plot on the map. The location is just to the right of the Main Building, in a crescent shaped area. Here are the Before & After pictures of building a Rally Point:


Barracks, Level 1
The final step before you can begin to create troops, is to build a Barracks. This building produces all infantry based troops for your tribe, but these will have to be researched before they will appear. When you first build your Barracks, each tribe will get one basic troop type each (Phalanx, Legionnaire or Maceman). The Barracks can be built in any plot space in your village, so long as the Rally Point and Main Building have been built first.


Similar to the Main Building, the higher the level of the Barracks, the quicker the speed of troop creation. For example:
Lvl 01 Barracks = a Legionnaire takes 0:33:20 minutes (T3.0)
Lvl 20 Barracks = a Legionnaire takes 0:04:30 minutes (T3.0)
The time it takes for your troops to be created also depends on the version of Travian you are playing. The times in T3.5 are 20% faster than the times in T3.0. To see what version your server is running, check here > [link] (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?t=32185).

With the three buildings now complete, your village setup will look something like this:


Difference in tribes
Each tribe has a different standard troop type at the beginning. The differences in type reflect in the troop's attributes (attack, defense, cost, etc). Some are good raiding troops, some are cheap to create, some are high defenders. This is the point of Travian having three tribes; so each player can choose which values best suit their style of play.

Gaul tribe - Phalanx
This troop has a low attack value, so Gaul players should be careful when raiding with them, as it could become costly if you come up against enemy troops. However their weakness as an attack unit is balanced by their strength in defense, with high numbers against both infantry and cavalry. Coupled with the Gaul Trapper (a building specific to the Gaul tribe), the Phalanx are a tough troop to beat defensively early on.

Roman tribe - Legionnaire
This beginner troop for the Roman tribe is the most expensive out of the three troops. The Legionnaire has an equal attack power to the Teuton Maceman but has a much better defense. This advantage comes with a disadvantage, as the Legionnaire's carrying capacity of resources is not as high as the Maceman.

Teuton tribe - Maceman
This tribe is best suited to active players who are keen to raid. The Maceman carries the most resources and costs the least to create. They have an equally high attack power as the costly Legionnaire, but their downside is their poor defense numbers. The Maceman is strictly an attacking troop.


22 Oct 2011, 05:11 PM
Tip to remember: travian is a war game

28 Oct 2011, 06:26 AM
Just spotted that the Iron needed for a legionnaire is now 150 and the Wheat needed is 30

Costing 400 resources in total