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19 Mar 2009, 06:30 PM

I am getting attacked and losing resources - what do I do?
Hundreds of players lose resources every day, you are not alone. We all started at the beginning, and in the beginning no one was very good. To begin your road to recovery, you need to remember that Crannies are an absolute life saver. Most of the time, repetitive attacks from your enemy are only because you are giving them something they want. This could be free resources or easy troop kills. In this guide, we will look at how to protect your resources and stop other players getting what is rightfully yours. Take away the incentive, and attacks from your enemies will usually cease.


What is a Cranny?
A cranny is a building used to hide your resources when the village is attacked; these resources cannot be stolen. Most often crannies are built when players begin the server, as villages are packed close together and raiding is very active. The cranny allows you to produce your resources safely, store them, and spend them when you want.

How do I build a Cranny?
There are no prerequisites for a Cranny, so you can build one at any time regardless of other buildings. If you are having problems with negative wheat or the wrong amounts of resources, you can trade or NPC at the Marketplace. If you didn't get as far as building a Marketplace and now find yourself being raided far too often to ever have the correct amount of resources to build a Cranny to Level 1, then delete, restart, and do things differently this time now that you know Crannies exist and can help you.

To get more than 1 cranny, you will need to build your first cranny to Level 10. This will then 'unlock' the ability to build multiple crannies, which you can level up 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3 or level up 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3 - depending on your preference. You don't need to build the 2nd to Level 10 in order to get the 3rd.

Can't my attacker just catapult the Cranny?
An advantage of the cranny is that it cannot be targeted by catapults, making it a lot easier for defending players to protect themselves. The cranny can only be hit by chance if the attacking player chooses to leave the catapults on 'random target'. However enemies will rarely try to catapult your crannies as there is a high risk the 'random target' function will end up hitting the Warehouse or Granary and put the farm out of action altogether.

How much does a Cranny cost?
A Level 10 Cranny will cost an average of 5000 resources altogether. If you are only losing a small amount of resources, you may decide that building a cranny is a large waste. But remember that resources lost add up over time and a Cranny can give you flexibility - it will protect your resources even when you are not online, and there is no need for you to spend resources quickly on things you don't need when you see an incoming attack. So it is more likely to stop you from wasting them in the long-run.

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Note, for the first 5 levels of building a Cranny, the building has no Wheat Consumption. This means you can build the cranny whilst crop-locked or in negative wheat. It also means the Cranny will not increase your population, so an attacker will not be able to see you building from the outside and you can set about putting protective measures in place 'secretly'.

How much does my Cranny hide?
The amount your cranny can hide depends on the *level* and your *tribe*. Roman and Teuton crannies will hold a maximum of 1000 resources @ Lvl 10, whereas a Gaul can hold up to 2000 resources @ Lvl 10, for the same cost per upgrade. Gauls can protect double the resources per level, whereas a Roman player would need 2 crannies to achieve the same result. This means it is a lot cheaper for Gauls and they are getting more for their money, so they waste less resources early on. If you do find yourself struggling to play the game as a Teuton/Roman defender, try restarting the server as a Gaul - they are considered the best defensive tribe.

How does the Cranny work?
Depending on the level of your Cranny, when you click on it, it will tell you how many resources you can protect at that level. If you are a Teuton/Roman player, then a Level 8 Cranny will tell you that it can protect up to 600 resources at this level. For example, it can store 600 clay, 600 wood, 600 iron, and 600 wheat - a total of 2400 resources altogether.

It does not mean it can store a maximum of 600 resources (150 of each), and it does not mean the 2400 can be redistributed into one type. Here is an example of what a Level 8 Roman/Teuton cranny would hide at 600 capacity; the excess wood and iron would be raided away, but the clay and wheat resource levels are below 600, so they are safe.

Gaul crannies work in exactly the same way, but the Gaul cranny can protect 2x600 (1200) resources at Level 8 instead.


Teuton plundering bonus (T3.0+T3.5)
One of the first things you must learn about the cranny, is that if things look too good to be true, they often are. Once a cranny is built, there is no way a player can get those resources, however all Teuton players have a plundering bonus. This means when they attack you, they can dip into your crannies and steal an extra 20% or 33% (depending on the Travian version you are playing).

To find out what version of Travian you are playing, see the Server Information here > [link] (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?t=32185). If you are playing T3.0 or T3.1, Teutons can steal an extra 33%. If you are playing T3.5, Teutons can steal an extra 20%.

This means when they attack you, your crannies will only protect 66% (T3.0) or 80% (T3.5) of the resources, rather than 100%. So you may find yourself losing resources and struggling to understand the correlation to your capacity. In-game Crannies do not show the values against Teutons, please see below for a complete understanding across all tribes.

Understanding Cranny capacity
These figures show the amounts of resources your crannies will cover against Gaul, Roman and Teuton attackers. The figures for Roman & Gaul attackers will be more familiar to players as it uses the same figures as the game does. When you click on a cranny, it will tell you what each level protects. The figures for Teuton attackers is less familiar to players, and will give you the 66% and 80% figures that your cranny protects against Teutons in both versions of Travian. This is not presented ingame, so I suggest referring to this guide or saving the picture if you want to know the true values.

Remember even Teuton players can be raided by Teutons, and the plundering bonus will still apply. Use the table to find your own tribe and your attackers' tribes below.

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Crannies v. Teuton raiders
This is how many crannies you will need per Warehouse level upgrade. These numbers are based on the Teuton figures (both 20% and 33% versions), to protect against ALL raids, not just some. If you are serious about protecting your resources, and struggling to stop people from getting a bounty, you will have to build crannies according to the Teuton figures.

There are 17 available plot spaces in your village for Crannies, but I'd advise building a maximum of 12 or you will not manage to have a functioning economy. Luckily for Teuton and Roman players, you only need a maximum warehouse capacity of /7800 to build settlers and move away from your attacker. So building a higher warehouse for 12+ crannies should not be necessary.

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