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19 Mar 2009, 07:33 PM

Why should I pre-register?
The choice to pre-register could be for a number of reasons. You want to ensure you get the same username as last round, you want to start near the center at 0/0, you want to make sure you get a place on the server (speed servers fill up very quickly), or you want to begin playing the game as soon as it opens to get a head start. So first of all, you should understand that pre-registration works like this - your account is not created until you have activated it. Once you activate your username, your village will spawn. The quicker you activate your account, the closer to the center you'll be. This means you might want to pre-register your username, but wait some time before activation.

What if I want to change my registration?
Because your account is not spawned before it is activated, this gives you the option to cancel it and change your mind. This guide is here to help anyone who has registered with a username before the server start and encountered a problem or had a change of heart. The most common problems are username typos, wrong tribe, wrong quadrant, or wrong server altogether.

How do I cancel my pre-registration?
Here is a step-by-step process with added pictures to help you recognize the screens, and skip through quickly to cancel your registration.

STEP 1 : Registering your username
You've heard about the server pre-registration and go to sign up using the usual process. This screen shows you inputting your details, agreeing to the terms of service, and then registering on the server. The countdown clock shows how long it is until this specific server will be starting, so you have that amount of time to cancel your username if necessary. I believe any usernames which are pre-registered but remain inactivated will be discarded at the start of the server.


STEP 2 :
Travian then directs you to this page, encouraging you to activate your account and begin playing the server. If you're happy with your username, tribe, location etc. then you would input the activation code received via e-mail and continue.
However players reading this guide won't be happy, so you need to click the green link saying "here", and proceed to the next screen. This follows the idea you have a malfunctioning e-mail, but disregard the help messages and continue via this link to STEP 4.
If you are seeing a different screen altogether, read STEP 3.


STEP 3 :
After Registration, you may have accidentally clicked off the page and ended up back at the Login screen asking you to sign in. Some users forget about the activation and try to input their user details, they will receive this message: "That account has not been activated".
Not to worry, there's another option on this page to activate your account or cancel it. You have to attempt login in order to see this error message. Again, it talks about your e-mail, but follow the green link saying "Possible problems and solutions". This will lead you on to STEP 4.


STEP 4 :
Finally, the cancellation screen! This again goes on the basis there is something wrong with your e-mail. Ignore the above paragraphs and choose to cancel your account by entering the username and password you pre-registered with. Your e-mail isn't needed for this, but if you did get an activation e-mail, it will have your userID and password in it if you have forgotten it. You have to get the login details right, or you won't be able to cancel, and will be redirected to a page saying "Either the password is incorrect, or the account has already been deleted". This doesn't give you any alternate help options.

Yes - the error message does tell you to use a different e-mail. This is purely going on the assumption that an incorrect address or spam filters were your original problem, and that using another e-mail host will solve it. If your are cancelling over a mistake which is not your e-mail, then you are free to use the same e-mail again.


STEP 5 :
And it's over! You have successfully cancelled your username and can now re-register with the same e-mail or the same username again, changing whatever you did wrong last time. Good luck on the server!