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20 Mar 2009, 09:20 PM
Guide by Fabs&Tullia, Pictures by Tullia.
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How To Demolish Your Own Buildings
by Fabs & Tullia

Why Would I Want To?

You might be wondering “Why would I want to demolish my own buildings?”.

Well, you only get a certain number of build plots in each village, so later on in your game you may find you need room for a new building, but have no spaces left.
You may wish to delete obsolete crannies once you have got rid of your farmers, or you may want to destroy your academy once all researches you want have been made to give you extra room for more warehouses or granaries.
You don't get any resources back for demolishing things though, so this is not a reason :)

What Can I Get Rid Of Safely?

The following buildings can be destroyed once you have researched everything you want from them, without losing any upgrades they provide:

The following buildings can NOT be destroyed unless you are prepared to lose the bonuses:
Flour Mill/Bakery
Sawmill/Brickworks/Iron Foundry
Tournament Square
Trade Office

There is also the issue of demolishing your Residence or Palace. You can demolish either of these, and you won’t lose the villages you founded from them, but remember that they are a vital part of your defence against being conquered, and don’t get rid of them without a very good reason!

You can destroy your embassy and you don't get automatically kicked from the alliance or anything like that, but if you leave your alliance for any reason you won't be able to rejoin unless you rebuild it.

How Do I Do It?

There are two ways to demolish a building which will be outlined in this guide. Whilst one is quicker, it could also potentially cause problems and may also not be possible to do in all situations.

The two ways are:

Destruction via the Main Building (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?p=702130#post702130)
Destruction by Catapults (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?p=702135#post702135)


20 Mar 2009, 09:22 PM

Destruction via the Main Building

The first and most common way for newer players to destroy a building is via the Main Building. Once your Main Building is level 10+, you have the option to demolish any building in the centre of your village, one level at a time.

The advantages of this are:
it is simple and easy to do.
it allows you to destroy crannies, stonemasons and trappers
there is very little risk of messing up, particularly as you can cancel the demolition at any point before it finally goes through.

However, the disadvantages are:
you can not destroy your resource fields.
you can only destroy buildings level by level, which means it takes a long time.
you have to remember to keep going back if you want to destroy it completely.

However, this can be negated if you are a gold user, as the instant building feature also works with the destruction of buildings, which removes the time element almost entirely. If you are trying to destroy a high level building though, be careful - it can get expensive!

Please note you can’t queue demolitions in the way you can queue builds, even if you are a Plus Account holder.

If you go to your Main Building, and it is level 10+, you should see a screen like this:


If you click on the drop down arrow, you will see a list of the buildings in your village, organised by the number of their build plot. It also shows you (on the right) what level they are.


You select the building that you wish to deconstruct and click “Demolish”.
You will then see a screen like this:


Once the timer reaches zero, the building will move down one level, and if it was at level 1 then it will be removed completely.
You can cancel the deconstruction at anytime by clicking the red x.
Deconstruction is free, although you won’t receive any resources returned from the building either.

Warning: if your browser auto-refreshes, and you leave it on the demolition screen, it can sometimes do the next level of demolition for you - so be careful if you aren’t trying to totally demolish something.

20 Mar 2009, 09:25 PM

Destruction By Catapults

The second and, later in the game, probably the best method of destroying buildings is to use catapults.

Naturally, this is not possible early on in the game as a sufficient number of catapults to destroy are needed, and also a high enough rally point to be able to target the building you wish to destroy. This method does not necessarily require that you have catapults, as long as you have a friend with catapults who is willing to help you.

If you are asking a friend to catapult you, remember that you can only do this if it “clearly benefits the account being attacked”. It can be wise to put your permission for them to attack you in an IGM before they send their catas!

The advantages of this method are:
building demolition is instant (assuming there are sufficient catapults)
you can destroy resource fields
you don’t have to remember to keep going back to delete level by level

However, the disadvantages are:
any mistakes can be costly, for example, selecting the wrong target.
this method also requires you to remove any troops from the village, which could potentially leave you vulnerable to attack for a short period of time.
you could maybe lose a couple of troops on the village’s innate defence.
you cannot target trapper, stonemason or crannies with your catas

To send a catapult attack, go to the rally point in the village where you have catapults.


Click where it says “Send Troops”

You will see a screen like this:


Select some catapults, and make sure you send some troops to escort them and keep them safe, or the village you are attacking will kill a couple!

Enter the co-ordinates of the village you want to destroy a building in.

Select normal “Attack Mode” (Catapults do not work on “Raid”)

Click "OK".

You will get a screen a bit like this:


Select the building you want to target from the drop down.
Check EVERYTHING is correct, very carefully; this is your last chance to do so!

Click "OK", and wait for your troops to hit and your building to go poof!

Note: don’t panic when you go back to the village you are trying to destroy a building in, and see red flashing swords!