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Hero FAQ
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- The Hero -

Why would I want to get a hero??
Heroes can be very useful units for both attacking and defending. You can tailor a hero to have better abilities on either attack or defense, or a bit of both, so they're definitely worth having, regardless of your playing style. Heroes can have very strong attack values and can give good bonuses, as well.

How many heroes can I have??
You can only have one hero active (that is, alive) at any one time. However, you can create up to 3 in your hero's mansion. This means that if your hero dies, you can create a new hero rather than revive the dead one. This can prove useful if you want to use a different unit as your hero.

Is my hero affected by armoury and blacksmith upgrades??
No, not at all.

- Creating Your Hero -

How do I get a hero??
First you need to build a Hero's Mansion to level 1 or higher. You then need to build a unit in either your barracks or your stable. The hero can be nearly any unit (see below) so you need to choose carefully. Once you have built the unit, you need to go to your Hero's Mansion, and there'll be an option to upgrade this unit to a hero. Click this, wait for it to happen, then voila! You have a hero.

What units can be made into a hero??
All units can be made into heroes, except seige units (i.e. catapults, rams etc.) and senators/chiefs/chieftains and settlers, and also scouts. You need to pick carefully; generally you want to pick the strongest unit possible to be your hero, so as to get the best result. However, the better the unit, the more expensive the hero will be to revive should it die. Also, choose depending on your needs, for example if you need a defensive hero, don't pick a maceman. Choose carefully...

What is the best type of hero?
The best type of hero depends on what you want; for example, you can go for:
A Bonus Hero - Cheapest unit with about 10 points on regeneration and rest on offensive bonus, or defensive bonus.
Strength Hero - Best unit (usually Teutonic Knight/Equites Caesaris/Haeduan, 10 points on regeneration, and the rest on attack, then when that is maxed on offense bonus.
Defensive Hero - Best defensive troop (usually Teutonic Knight/Equites Caesaris/Haeduan, 10 points on regeneration, and the rest on defense, then when that is maxed on defensive bonus.

- Using Your Hero -

Do heroes have a wheat consumption??
Yes, the hero takes up 6 wheat per hour.

Can heroes carry resources in raids/attacks??
No, they can't. They can only help fight and give attack bonuses in attacks (and conquer oases if raiding an oasis, see below).

Can I attack solely with my hero, and no other troops??
Yes, technically you can. But it is unadvised, as you don't want your hero to die, and he is a lot more likely to if he's alone.

Can I use my hero in other villages??
Yes, but the village you send him to reinforce must be your own, and also must have a hero's mansion at the time you send the hero.

What happens when I send my hero to reinforce someone??
Your hero works the same way as any other troop. However, be aware that the defensive bonus (see below) of your hero only applies to your own troops in that village. When defending, experience is shared equally between all heroes present in the defense.

- Hero Experience & Statistics -

How does my hero get experience??
Every time you send your hero out to fight, it will gain experience (only if your attack kills something). The hero's experience is increased by the wheat consumption of those you kill. So if you kill 50 phalanx, whose wheat consumption is 1/hour/unit, you will get 50 experience points. The experience gained is equal to the sum of all the wheat consumptions of all units killed in the attack.

How does my hero gain levels??
When your hero gains experience, he will level up, according to the number of experience points he has. This is what the percentage scale refers to: the percentage experience you are respective of the experience required to gain another level. A table of levels and respective kills required for each level can be found here (http://help.travian.com/index.php?type=faq&mod=450). Every time your hero increases a level, you can increase his stats or abilities by up to 5 points (see below).

What do the hero stats mean??
When you have a hero, you will see a list of five stats relating to your hero's ability. These can be upgraded so giving unique bonuses to your hero. This is what they actually mean:
Attack - This refers to the attack ability of your hero, that is how much its attack value is in attacks raids. This does not affect if your hero is attacked in any way.
Defense - This refers to the defense ability of your hero, that is its defense stats when you are attacked. This does not affect if you attack someone else.
Off-bonus - This is the offensive bonus your hero gives to your troops during an attack. It only affects your troops. It is done as a percentage bonus, which increases your troops' attack stats by the said amount.
Def-bonus - This is the defensive bonus your hero gives to your troops when you are attacked. Again, it only affects your troops, so if you send your hero as a reinforcement, it'll only affect your troops, not anyone elses.
Regeneration - When your hero attacks or is attacked it will lose hit points, that is its health. This refers to how quickly it recovers after such attacks, regaining its health.

How do I upgrade the stats??
When your hero gains a level, you are given another 5 points to 'spend'. This is done by clicking the green plus next to each attribute in the hero's mansion.

What is the maximum level I can get each of the stats to??
Each attribute can be increased to a maximum of level 100. Realistically, though, this hardly ever happens.

- Oases -

How do I conquer an oasis??
This is commonly asked question, but there isn't really anything to confuse people. All you have to do is get your hero's mansion to level 10, 15 or 20 (depending on how many oases you want to conquer), then you have to raid the oasis until all the animals have been killed off. Once the animals are all dead, you need to raid the oasis with your hero (should be sent with more troops as well), and you'll conquer it. The oasis must also be within the 7x7 surrounding the village you are attacking from (the one with the level 10/15/20 hero's mansion). Easy.

Can I conquer an already occupied oasis??
Yes, you can also conquer player owned oases as well. Firstly, you need to have a free slot in your hero's mansion so you can conquer another oasis. Then you need to do a normal attack (not raid) in which you wipe out any reinforcements in the oasis, with troops and your hero. [This next bit is copied from the help site, because it explains it well]. If the village you are attacking from does not own any oases at the time of your attacks the first successful attack will lower the oasis' loyalty from 100% to 0% making it yours. If you already own one, the attacks only lower the loyalty by 60% and owning already two oases will cause the loyalty to decrease only by 40% in a successful attack.

How many oases can I conquer??
At hero's mansion level 10, you can conquer 1 oasis. At level 15, 2 oases. At level 20, 3 oases.

What oases give what bonuses??
It's all summarised well here (http://help.travian.com/index.php?type=faq&mod=556), just link the image of the oasis to the image in the table on that web page, and it says what bonuses you get. Remember, the percentage bonuses apply only to the base production, that is the production of resources without any other bonuses, such as the gold bonuses or the bonuses through the sawmill/brickworks/iron foundry/flour mill/bakery.

- - -

Finally, here are some useful links if you have any other queries:
General help (http://help.travian.com/)
Heroes (http://help.travian.com/index.php?type=faq&mod=450)
Oases (http://help.travian.com/index.php?type=faq&mod=556)

If I missed anything let me know, and I'll add or amend it.

Thanks for reading =)

07 Apr 2009, 01:21 PM
I'm looking to promote this as quickly as possible, as it's from the original FAQ thread :)

So, comments welcome asap!

Joshyyy - I <3 it, good guide :)

One comment I might make is that you don't mention the importance of speed when choosing a hero type.

phil bmxer
07 Apr 2009, 01:25 PM
Looks good, can you link the oases section as well to the other guide on oases? (pretty sure there is one) otherwise A okay!

07 Apr 2009, 04:15 PM
Nice one mate

:tullia: 4 prime minister

07 Apr 2009, 08:59 PM
Perhaps it might be an idea having a "What happens if my Hero is killed?" question. When answering this, it might be an idea to mention that revival costs and times increase the higher your Hero's level is, but from Level 60+, they are the same regardless of it's level. So it takes just as long to revive a level 100 Hero as it does a level 60 hero.

And it would be a good idea to discuss the benefits of having a basic hero like a maceman(relatively very cheap and quick to revive) compared with a researched hero like a TK(stronger and quicker to move around map)

Other than that, a pretty excellent guide :)

07 Apr 2009, 11:13 PM
Looks good, a couple of minor niggles though.

I'd make it a bit clearer that in the long run, the bonuses are the things which make most difference, and are well worth prioritising. With the current list it looks a bit like that's just one option, and its equally valid to put the bulk of your points on raw defence.

As tullia said, speed is probably worth mentioning too.

Artifacts are the other things heroes are involved with. When T3.5 kicks in that might make this significant enough to be worth mentioning?

But yea, the rest is great, and nicely written and presented too. Looks good to me :)

13 Aug 2009, 12:17 PM
One question from a Noob ^_^

See if you have a level 10 palace can you take over an Oasis and a Village or just one of the two?

13 Aug 2009, 12:47 PM
One question from a Noob ^_^

See if you have a level 10 palace can you take over an Oasis and a Village or just one of the two?

Villages and oases are totally different - oases you need a Hero's Mansion, villages you need residence or palace :)

13 Aug 2009, 12:53 PM
I would point out as a defensive player that for a defensive hero it is good to max out defense bonus % as this benefits all of your own troops the hero travels with when defending someone or defending your troops. The % of say 10000 praes with a defense bonus hero of 20% outways having the hero just with his defense maxed.

Especially early levels the defense bonus to troops is much more usefull. Once maxed you can do defense.

15 Aug 2009, 10:48 PM
Villages and oases are totally different - oases you need a Hero's Mansion, villages you need residence or palace :)

Oh... Woopsie sorry didn't read it properly :oops: