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20 Mar 2009, 07:28 PM
Guide by mrl the best, Pictures by Avi.
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So for those new amongst us, you may be wondering what the NPC merchant is? Well this is where those who already know should venture further down the page, as here are some basics.

The NPC merhcant is a Plus/Gold feature*, it allows the player to trade resources without the use of another player, hence the NPC-Non Playing Character-

It is very simple to use and anyone can pick it up. The NPC does require a marketplace still and all resources must be equal to what you started with.

*Gold is a feature that you can pay for. This gives the player a slight advantage, but not a massive one. Gold use is one reason why Travian remains advert-free though!

Where To Start

You will probably be reading this with all of the requirements already.

First of all will still need a marketplace, like you would any normal trade, these are easy to build for level 1:

Costs and construction times at level 1:
80 | 70 | 120 | 70 | 4 | 0:30:00

Main Building level 3, Warehouse level 1, Granary level 1

Once this is build you will need to purchase some gold;

Package A - 30 Gold - 1.50 GBP
Package B - 100 Gold - 3.99 GBP
Package C - 250 Gold - 7.99 GBP
Package D - 600 Gold - 15.99 GBP

Once this is done you can use the NPC merchant for 3 gold a time.

Please note that when you complete the Questmaster he will have give you two installments of free gold. The first is 20 gold and the next is 15, adding up to 35, just for a taster.

How It Works

Simple really. You add all of your resources together then with that total either spread them out equally or work it out yourself.

Let's break that down.

You have 400 wood 100 clay 600 iron 500 wheat

You want to spread them out.

Added together that is 1600 resources.

Thats 400|400|400|400


There is what the NPC merchant looks like, now go on to 2a or 2b.

To evenly spread your resources then hit the 'redistribute resources' button.

That is this part concluded, when you are finished check to make sure you are happy and the final screen will come up.


What's More?

You can always redistrubute them yourself, say you have 1800 wood 400 clay 1200 iron 1000 wheat

You want to build 10 Legionnaires?

You can then change that to 1200 wood 1000 clay 1800 iron 400 wheat.

Then simply train the troops, and you have solved a major problem.

Or another example...



This is a very handy feature especially early on in the game, for things such as settlers and troops. I would be nowhere without the NPC sometimes and it has definetly helped.

But remember what the NPC does is what a player can do using the marketplace normally, just much faster and easier. The NPC is not free; if you buy 600 gold the NPC works out a 8.45p a go which eventually adds up to quite a lot.

Sometimes even if you have the use of gold the marketplace is still something not to be ignored and sometimes there are some offers you can not refuse.

If you ever need help calculating your resources, or are trying to make the most troops possible, then here (http://travian-npc-calculator.com/) is a NPC calculator.


The quide has been updated with some of Avi's pictures which I was given permission to use.
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