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15 Apr 2009, 12:30 AM
Hard Times Guide

A short simple guide, donating the simplistic solutions, to problems which give many Travian players alike a reason to quit the game.

Any other points which you think may be helpful to someone reading this guide, please tell me and I will make sure they are added, thank you.


Being Farmed
Preventing Being Conquered
Negative Wheat Production

Being Farmed: Are you constantly being attacked by the same player all day long?

- There are many farmers out there in Travian, whom you will almost certainly come across at one point or another in your Travian life. Their primary objective is to steal your resources and deplete your growth. Some farmers are more lenient than others however and a polite message will persuade them to stop farming you. Although as always there are some ruthless, sadistic farmers who will purposely try to make your life hell, maybe because you are situated in their 7x7 square.

- The easiest, non-violent way to prevent being farmed is to build a helpful and wittingly clever building called the cranny. Able to store up to 2000 resources by the Gauls and 1000 by both the Teutons and Romans when upgraded fully, an attack against you will no longer be profitable. To let the cranny work to its best effect, a tip which works for me and probably many other Travianeers, is to spend all the resources which won't be protected by your cranny before you log off. This way if you are attacked whilst logged off, you won't loose any resources.

- The Downside: The only con with a cranny is the fact that the Teutons have a bonus which allows them to raid 1/3 of your crannies resources, assuming that your cranny is fully filled. With the Teutons being the favored tribe for raiding, this is very bad.

- One of the last remaining defenses is to take to the 'meanie' method; with those dreadful Teutons helping themselves to 1/3 of your resources, the next step is to resort to violence. Having 2/3 of your crannied resources being saved, quickly spend them on troops. Buy as many troops as possible, depending on your farmers army, (usually a farmer will send a relatively small army to attack you, as they will have more villages which they farm so they have to send troops there) hopefully your defending troops will take out the incoming raiding team! Depending on the size of the attacker this could result in an even more devastating effect. After killing the pesky Teutons the attacker may decide to send the full force of their army to you, in a 'I'm making a point' kind of way, just to show what will happen if you oppose him/her. If this does happen call upon your alliance for help.

- Lastly, if all else fails.. Join an alliance- 'There's safety in numbers!' With the protection of a medium-sized alliance, a farmer is far more likely to stop attacking you, because they will be afraid of being smited by a whole alliance. Ask your alliance leader for some protection, and before you can say 'skippy' you'll have the whole cavalry charging to your aid!

Prevent Being Conquered: All's Fair in Love & War!

- In order to conquer a village, you need a senator, chief or chieftan and to have one of these, I'd say you have to be a reasonably sized player with a fair amount of experience under your belt. Any player wanting to conquer a village is most probably going to choose a small, unexperienced victim whom hasn't quite got the hang of the ropes yet. The defender will most probably not know what to do when they see several attacks upon their village around the same time, and so their defense will be unsuccessful.

- The Symptoms: The first sign that someone is eying up your village for a future conquer is being scouted. An attacker planning to conquer your village will first send a scout to see what troops you have in store for them. Now for you to see this scout, you to must have a scout of your own, other wise their scout will go unnoticed and you won't know that someone is planning to attack you.

- The Attacks: Before being conquered your attacked will send several waves of attacks to your village to confuse you as to which one is going to be the heavy and final attack. There will be several 'fake attacks' which will be the first attacks, these will consist of small amounts of troops. Then there will be 'conquering attacks' these are the bad-boys who will deal great damage. The attacks consist of battering rams and catapults, therefore they will be slow, and so will be some of the last attacks upon your village.

- To check the incoming attacks on your village, simply go to your rally point. There's no real way that you can tell which attack is when, so the way in which you can do it is estimate. The first attacks will be fake attacks, and in some cases so will the last attacks, therefore the only place left for the conquering attack is somewhere in the middle. Now that you know when you're going to be attacked, lets do something about it!

- Preventions Cheaper Then The Cure: Firstly, don't panic! I know that when you log into your account and see 5+ attacks on your village that it can be very daunting. You need to upgrade that Wall! Get it upgraded as high as you can, as it gives a defense bonus to your troops. Even if your defending army is relatively small, with a defending bonus it will prove just as strong as the attacker! Next, you need to send your troops to another village or to an alliance members' so that they won't become killed during the 'fake attacks.' However you should time it correctly so that they will arrive back before the other waves. This way your troops will be able to defend your village against the rams and catapults, which will try to clear the way for their chiefs or such...

- Finally, you should call upon your alliance members to help you out with the attacks. At the end of the day, I'm sure that your alliance leader isn't going to want one of their alliance members to loose their village because then alliance won't be as strong. By now, hopefully you've managed to avoid those complicated, confusing waves and have survived the attempted conquering.

Negative Wheat Production: So many mouths to feed, yet so little to feed them with!

- In Travian, one of the main problems which causes players problems is a negative wheat production. Right from the start or half way through the server, players alike are losing wheat at an hourly rate. Instead of making wheat it's like they're owing wheat! The problem which causes this is an excess of troops.

- Whilst building troops you can get carried away and not realize that you're unable to cater for them, and before you know it you will have a negative wheat production which will force all your troops to starve, therefore you've wasted precious resources on buying troops for nothing! To prevent yourself from getting into negative wheat production you have to keep an eye on how many troops you can afford, and set yourself a limit, e.g. Don't let your wheat production get below 30 per hour.

- If somehow your wheat does go into a negative state or gets very low, here's how you can get it back up there. Firstly try and upgrade as many wheat fields as possible, if you're unable to do this because you have no wheat in your granary then you need to buy some wheat and sell some of your other resources. Go to the marketplace and exchange some wood, clay or iron for some wheat. Once you get the wheat delivered upgrade your wheat field and your wheat production will slowly become positive!

Hopefully after reading this guide you've managed to resolve some of those problems which were causing you so much grief. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!

By Willhese

15 Apr 2009, 12:57 AM
Nice Guide, it will be helpful for anyone who comes across these problems.

One thing i suggest is that with this bit

- One of the last remaining defenses is to take to the 'meanie' method; with those dreadful Teutons helping themselves to 1/3 of your resources, the next step is to resort to violence. Having 2/3 of your crannied resources being saved, quickly spend them on troops. Buy as many troops as possible, depending on your farmers army, (usually a farmer will send a relatively small army to attack you, as they will have more villages which they farm so they have to send troops there) hopefully your defending troops will take out the incoming raiding team!

You should mention that this will probably result in a large army arriving at their village, and depending on the attackers mood, and stage of the server, might be accompanied by Catapults. :P

Invisible Muffin Dude
15 Apr 2009, 01:40 AM
A trick to add to the conquering section - when you figure out which wave's the catapult wave, build a residence level to complete that same second.
Travian works that items for each second happen in the order they were clicked, so since the attack is sent before the residence upgrading it will happen first.
So then the residence will be destroyed, but the upgrade will take it up to level 1 just after, and conquering waves after it will not do anything to the loyalty.

It's hilarious fun, and on its own can prevent many conquerings.

However, if chiefs are sent with catapults then it doesn't work, also if the attacker manages to have the catapult and chief waves on the same second.

phil bmxer
15 Apr 2009, 02:41 PM
i like this guide :)

im sure more people have useful little tips so the point of this section is to get them down so they can improve the already awesome guide :)

26 Apr 2009, 08:12 AM
I made the mistake of gathering too many troops, what I do now is send them out on long missions so I have chance to replenish my wheat supplies and upgrade my wheat fields

29 Apr 2009, 03:46 PM
If the enemy is stupid enough to chief with their hammer, and it is just a feeder, smash their army when it is reinforcing 1 sec after they take your town, then send chiefs in after to take it back.

The loss of their army (if large enough) is probably worth losing 1 level on your buildings.

Addition to above:

while their army is en-route catapult your own residence and chief your own town down to 10%. Their clearing wave with hammer then chiefs the town and 4 waves after all suicide on hammer that is reinforcing town killing all chiefs. Then you smash their hammer and chief the town back.

Idea not originally mine - from travian.faq but good counter move...

29 Apr 2009, 04:29 PM
Idea not originally mine - from travian.faq but good counter move...

Would be rather a shame if the attack was a fake though ;)

29 Apr 2009, 05:51 PM
wouldn't make a difference - just rebuild your residence then...

21 Jul 2009, 09:25 PM
I've been looking at this. Everything you say is right, but I am not sure it gels together as a guide. The three issues you list are not really related, and you don't cover any of them in much detail. It either needs to be turned into a more general and less detailed FAQ and answer more "hard times" related questions, with links to other guides, or (and this is my preferred suggestion) turned into separate guides and flashed out a bit. I think a guide on dealing with negative wheat would be very useful, for instance.

21 Jul 2009, 10:12 PM
The guide looks at the problems through rather rose tinted glasses.

Just a few of my instant thoughts in response:

If you're a farm and you build troops, the attacker will lap up the hero xp. Or send catas as punishment. If you build crannies to the point they are getting no resources, you also risk being cata'd. Whiny messages to the farmer asking for it to stop - cata's....

Better to offer an incentive - an hours resource production a day, offer to build defence troops for them to use etc. Or build up and move away. Or delete and restart in a quieter area.

Chiefings - a wall will not make a puny def army a match for a strong conquering force. It's good. It's not magic. If there are attacks from multiple villages, chances are the attacker is going for a conquer within a couple of seconds. Better to chalk it up to experience and move on unless you can time a large defense to take out the waves. Also worth bearing in mind that if you do this with a large aggressive player, you're likely to lose far more than just that village.

Negative wheat is part of a successful trav account - shouldn't be avoided! A guide of how to handle it would be much better...

And I agree with Tullia that these are 3 seperate guides, rather than one.