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Spoon Assasin
04 Jul 2009, 08:02 PM
Tired of being raided all the time? Hate reading reports to see so many resources lost?

Then hopefull this guide should help.

Your most probaly getting raided because the raider is getting resources from you. The easiest way to stop this is to make sure they dont get any.

You may be thinking, but how?

Simple. The Cranny!


This is the cranny. It hides resources from your attacking enimies. !However, be warned that your cranny only protects 2/3 of the resources it should against tuetons. Against gauls and romans it protects the full amount it states.!

How to build a Cranny

Again this is pretty straight forward.


Simply click on the on any building spot as shown above. Then it will come to a mini-menu where you can select the building you wish to construct. Go down to Cranny and click Build. There should be no problems with this, if you dont have enough resources or you lack the upkeep required then it will state so where the build button normaly is.

After clicking build it should look abit like this:


When the building infomation disapears at the bottom on the screen your Cranny is complete.

These are just some Cranny stats at there various levels:
Level|Resources hidden|Resources required to build (Wood:Clay:Iron:Wheat)
1 | 100 (67) |40 50 30 10
2 | 130 (87) |50 65 40 15
3 | 170 (114) |65 80 50 15
4 | 220 (147) |85 105 65 20
5 | 280 (187) |105 135 80 25
6 | 360 (241) |135 170 105 35
7 | 460 (308) |175 220 130 45
8 | 600 (402) |225 280 170 55
9 | 770 (516) |290 360 215 70
10 | 1000 (670) |370 460 275 90

In Brackets is the amount hidden from tuetons

Gauls crannies Also hide twice as many resources as tueton and roman crannies, but they are still affected by tuetons ability to steal 1/3 of the crannies hidden resources.

After you have build your cranny yo level 10, you can build another. You can keep building crannies until you run out of building slots, however I advise you only build enough to hide the amount of resources your warehouse holds, even from tuetons, so that whenever anyone attacks they will get no resources.

Hopefully after a few bare raids (Raider getting no resources) They should stop attacking you. However they may come back later on to see if you have built your warehouse higher- Resources that crannies dont hide for them to take.

But beware, Crannies do not make you invincible to attacks, they can still kill your troops and catapult you.

Any questions please PM me and Ill wil try to answer them.

Thank-you and Hope this helps.

prince charming
04 Jul 2009, 10:38 PM
However, be warned that your cranny only protects 2/3 of the resources it should against tuetons.

That changed in T3.5. Tis now 4/5.

05 Jul 2009, 01:53 AM
Should really be called a cranny guide...maybe add in about crop-locking/troops/other buildings (residence def bonus, wall, trapper etc)

05 Jul 2009, 09:11 AM
I'm of the opinion this is too basic to justify its title. It's a cranny guide, and we have one of those already that is kind of... better. Sorry Spoon.

If you start to talk about building up walls/residences etc etc, sending troops away overnight etc etc, then it might start to deserve its title.

05 Jul 2009, 10:45 AM
I wanna be farmed though

05 Jul 2009, 10:56 AM
Lol I think it's a little tongue-in-cheek guys....

Spoon Assasin
05 Jul 2009, 11:35 AM
But this is only the first part of my guide :S

Spoon Assasin
05 Jul 2009, 12:53 PM
The wall

The cranny isn't the only way to help the countless raids stop. The wall also helps!

The cranny helps protect your resources, which means raiders will hopefully stop after a few raids of no resources. The wall helps protect your village. If you have a wall and the raider sends a low amount of troops, your wall could kill a few troops, even if you have no troops to defend. It also helps boost the defence of those troops you do have left in your village when the attack arrives. See the stats later to see the percent each wall boosts by. Use this link (http://kirilloid.ru/travian/warsim.php) to work out how many troops you will kill. Normaly raiders send troops in raiding parties, so if the same raider has sent 4 troops each time then he will more than likely send 4 next time.

You may be wondering, well why does this help stop being farmed. People are less likely to attack you if they know they will loose a troop or two without sending a bigger amount of troops, and they dont want to do that because they will be used elsewhere. The wall works great with the cranny.


The above is a roman wall, each tribe has there own wall. Romans have the city wall, while gauls have the paliside, and tuetons have the earth wall.

You may be baffled as to why each tribe gets there own wall, why not share the same one?

Each wall is diffrent.

The roman wall provides the greates defence of the 3 walls, yet is the weakest against The Ram (http://travian.wikia.com/wiki/Ram)

The tueton wall provides the worse defence of the 3 walls, but is the strongest against the ram

The gaul wall is inbetween. It does not provide as much defence as the roman wall, but it provides more than the tueton wall. It is harder to destroy then the roman wall, but easier to destroy than the tueton wall.

Wall stats

The Roman Wall


The Tueton wall


The Gaul wall


Ram damage


How to build a wall


Alike the rally point, walls have a designated area to be built.


This is the wall being built. Same as the cranny just click on the area you wish to build it in( In the walls case the special area shown in the picture before), then you should get the menu with options to build, as only the wall can be built in this spot, simply click on the only option. When the wall is finished it will look the same as it did while being built, so dont be tricked by this and think that your wall was meant to be finished and incomplete.

If you dont think your wall is killing enough troops, then the residence and palace also have a little bit of defence, they dont make much of an impact defence wise, except while conquering, but every little helps .

So there you have it, if you have followed this guide you will now have a cranny and a wall, meaning the raiders should get no resources aswell as loosing a few troops.

I will post the next part up when I have the time, the next part will be about keeping your troops safe.

05 Jul 2009, 08:40 PM
Thanks spoon! I had no clue as to how to get a wall and didn't know about the teutons advantage! :oops:

Spoon Assasin
05 Jul 2009, 08:56 PM
Thanks spoon! I had no clue as to how to get a wall and didn't know about the teutons advantage! :oops:

Well im glad it helps. Just remeber the tueton wall dosn't have the defence bonus the gaul and roman one does, it is just harder to destroy.