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21 Mar 2009, 06:33 PM
VelvetThigh's Guide to Resource Production


Table of Contents:
1 Resource Fields (long-term) (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=703141&postcount=2)
2 Raiding (short-term) (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=703143&postcount=3)
3 Trading (short-term) (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=703150&postcount=4)
4 Gold Bonus (long-term) (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=703157&postcount=5)
5 Oasis (long-term) (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=703159&postcount=6)

Any Plan of reposting this elsewhere, contact me first and be sure to credit me :)

21 Mar 2009, 06:34 PM
1 Resource Fields

Your resources are what is used to build everything in Travian, training troops, building infrastructure, the lot. Your current resource levels are indicated by the resource bar just below your main linkbar at the top. They are a long term source of resources and a base block of the game.


The first way of earning resources is by your resource fields. This is the primary source of income at the start of the game and for many players. To view your resource fields first click the far left toolbar link to get your village over view.

From here you can see an overview of all resources you produce. At the start of the game this may seem painfully slow but it will speed up as the game progresses. On the left is your total production, which is the number of each resource you gain every hour. To the right is the overview of current field levels. To increase production of a resource click a relevant field (Woodland for Wood, red land for clay, mountains for iron and the yellow fields for wheat).


The amounts each field produces correspond to its level; the higher the level, the more produced, but also higher cost and build time. For some of the later levels (15-19) you may need to consider resource payback times to see whether it is worth it. A table of production levels is below:


Any field over level 10 cannot be built outside of your capital, thus placing more significance on this village as it can produce a lot more resources than all your other villages, as shown in the above table.

There are many ways to supplement this income with percentages, and the first will be explained in this section: Bonus buildings and Oasis (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=703159&postcount=6) both give a percentage bonus to your base income of your fields. Bonus buildings come in a different form for each of your resources and two of them for wheat.

The buildings are in left to right order in the below image: Sawmill, Brickyard, Iron foundry, Flour Mill and Bakery. The first three become available to build once one of the corresponding fields reaches level 10. The flour mill is available when one wheat field reaches level 5 and the
bakery is available when one wheat field is level 10 and your flour mill is level 5.


All of these buildings are limited to level 5, and for each level offer a bonus 5% bigger than the last (5% > 10% > 15% > 20% > 25%) and are an excellent way of increasing your production.

Wheat consumption of your population is counted against your overall wheat production displayed on the village overview on the right.

Every building and field you upgrade adds to your population, and therefore your wheat consumption; how much so is shown by this image http://s1.travian.co.uk/img/un/r/5.gif and the number next to it.

When you build troops, they too have an hourly upkeep needed in wheat consumption, so watch out for it then too!

21 Mar 2009, 06:35 PM
2 Raiding

There will come a time where you want to expand faster than your resource fields alone can offer, and this is where alternate resource earning methods come in handy to rapidly grow. One of the major ways to quickly earn resources is to raid. Why settle for your own resources when you can have your neighbours resources aswell?

The first thing you will need to raid is troops. To get troops you will need a barracks (Requires: Rally point Lv1, Main Building Lv3). Once the barracks is built click on it and queue some troops, 2 for most tribes is the absolute minimum required to raid, but always check the combat simulator. Click on your rally point and it is one of the links at the rally point. To get a rough estimate to the safety of your troops. Once you have troops you will have to go to the map from the top link bar (Middle Link). Click on a village you wish to raid (Note: villages below 9 pop cannot have any troops). Once there click the link to 'send troops' shown below:


Once you are at this point you need to decide how many troops to send. Using the combat simulator information you know how many is the minimum to send. Type that number or above (up to the total number of that troops you have) into the box and click 'ok'. The next screen is to confirm the attack. Check everything is in order and send the attack out by clicking 'ok'


The two options which you need to click are 'raid' or 'attack'. Raid will leave some troops from both sides alive, useful for plundering. Normal attack means all of ones sides troops will die. The normal attack also allows siege engines (catapults and rams) and administrators (senator, chief and chieftain) to work.

Once this raid is out you have to wait to see the results. If you click on your rally point you can track how long until the attack hits. Once it hits, the toolbar section for reports will go green; click it to get a report.


Upon reading the report you will be informed of any combat with troops loses etc. Also the bounty of the raid is shown in the raid, highlighted in the image below.


Once the troops return home (this again can be tracked through the rally point, it shows as a reinforcement) you get the resources they have stolen. Raided resources are an instant boost, not a continuous slow income. Send out more raids when you need more resources. And in Travian, you ALWAYS need more resources! That just about covers it, you can send out more raids with more troops and earn more and you grow fast because of the extra resources so is a good idea to indulge in raiding.

21 Mar 2009, 06:36 PM
3 Trading

Once you have a stable resource base active the marketplace can be used for two purposes: Firstly to redistribute resources to more useful to you, secondly by 'playing' the marketplace you can have a net gain of resources.

Firstly you will need a marketplace which will become available to build after you have a main building level 3 and a warehouse and granary, both at level 1. The market place can be used for the plus feature NPC merchant, for which a guide can be found [here] (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?t=38913). The other is a player to player interaction where resources are offered for other resources, trading them between players.

In the marketplace you have the option to buy or send resources, and the respective links. The first one I will explain is the offer section, where you offer resources you don't want, to trade for a more valuable resource to you (in more demand). You do it on your terms with numbers of resources of your choosing, so the deal suits you, you then need to wait for someone to accept your offer and then the resources will be sent, and resources sent to you. You can also control how far away the
trade partner is by putting a time limit, so your merchants aren't gone too long so you can make another trade.


The other option is to buy resources from other people offers. To do so click on the option to 'buy' in the marketplace. You will be presented with peoples offers with what they want and what they are willing to offer. The advantage with this is after you click to buy it is accepted right away, no need to wait for someone to accept your offer. The further down the list, the further away an offer is, so take that into account before sending your merchants 100 hours away for your 'perfect deal'.


Using this you can play the marketplace. See what resources you neighbours are interested in and sell the at a ratio 2:1 for another resource, which you in turn sell at 2:1, beware of trading with one person too much though.

21 Mar 2009, 06:37 PM
4 Gold advantages

One gold advantage is to increase resource productions by 25%, each is an individual gold option allowing you to conserve gold and increase only one resource that is desired (It effects all villages). To activate these bonuses first click on 'Travian Plus' on the side link bar, as shown in the below image


Once there you will get to a page of gold options, at the top is your current gold balance. Below is the list of advantages you can buy. The four highlighted affect how much resources you produce per hour. Each can be activated individually and instantly affects the production count. This only affects productions by resource fields, and affects all the villages.


If you can't afford gold or want to support your gold income you can use your gold link to get access to more gold. to do so by using your gold link. To find this link click on the travian plus tab as before, but this time click on 'earn gold'. From there you are presented with this menu.


The second box down is where your link is, copy and paste it and send it to your friends. Each one that signs up and gets to 75 population will earn your account 20 gold. Don't spam the link on the forum, keep it in your signature. The table at the bottom shows who clicked your link, what world they joined and their current population.

21 Mar 2009, 06:38 PM
5 Oases

Oases can provide an increase to your resource productions much like the gold advantage. They come in many forms and are found all over the map. Click on the map and you will see many tiles unlike normal villages. When you click them they will be filled with animals. Later in the game once you have a hero after building the heroes mansion you get your first chance to occupy an oasis. To do so first get your heroes mansion in the village that needs the oasis to level 10. Then you have your first chance to capture an oasis. To do so first click the oasis on the map and select as with the raiding shown earlier, 'raid unoccupied oasis'.


From there you need to select which troops to send. Remember to use the combat simulator, animals are very strong (stronger than you'd think). Make sure when raiding it you send your hero. Once every animal in the oasis is dead and you hero attacks it the oasis will be yours. Once the oasis is yours you instantly gain the production bonus corresponding to the oasis captured. The bonus only affects the village which captures the oasis. You can view oases captured by clicking on your heroes mansion and then clicking on 'oases' and a list with the bonuses is provided as below. To capture your first oasis requires a Hero's Mansion level 10 and each subsequent oasis requires a Hero's Mansion 5 levels greater than before. (10 - 15 - 20)


You can capture oases owned by another player by killing the troops in the oasis, then attacking with the hero. Each time you attack the loyalty goes down, when it reaches 0% the oasis is yours. If your oasis is being attack you can track the loyalty in the Hero's Mansion.

For further reading on oases click here: [Here] (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=709451&postcount=1)

30 Nov 2010, 07:30 PM
I like this Guide because the pictures are organised and neat

28 Jan 2011, 02:58 PM
Nice guide :)
there is nothing new to me in there but i think you deserve credit for it well done :)

30 Jan 2011, 09:31 PM
beware of trading with one person too much though.

why? :confused:

pushing restrictions are now hardcoded so you cannot be banned anymore from trading too much

01 Feb 2011, 04:41 AM
why? :confused:

pushing restrictions are now hardcoded so you cannot be banned anymore from trading too much

Guide was written in 2009, pushing protection was introduced 2010? The guide hasn't been updated.

27 Apr 2011, 11:23 AM
is there anyway to buy resources with gold? sorry if its a silly question, only been playing a few days :)


Second Heartbeat
27 Apr 2011, 12:57 PM
is there anyway to buy resources with gold? sorry if its a silly question, only been playing a few days :)


You can buy the resource bonuses, which will increase your production by 25% for each resource you buy it for. This relies on you having a good resource production already though :(

You can also NPC your current resources on the Market Place, which lets you split the resources you already have in one village however you want. If you had 1000 wood, 1000 clay, 1000 iron and 1000 wheat you could NPC that so you have 500 wood, iron and clay, leaving yourself with 3500 wheat. This is handy for building troops or buildings and ensuring you are making the best use of your resources.

The best way to get resources using gold is to upgrade your fields as fast as you can or pump the resources into troops and raid with them :) It's not direct, but gold helps with raiding and building.

27 Apr 2011, 06:48 PM
is there anyway to buy resources with gold? sorry if its a silly question, only been playing a few days :)

Don't give them ideas.

28 Apr 2011, 07:05 AM
Don't give them ideas.

That reminds me of something...Travian Ideas!

by the way, this is my first post that has got anything to do with travian for a long time.