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30 Nov 2009, 09:20 PM

Guide to T3.6 Features

From the 3rd of December 2009, all current servers were upgraded mid-way and all future UK servers will start as T3.6. This guide offers explanations and screen shots of new features and tools to help you get the best out of this new version. Click a sub-heading below to start.

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Free Features
Plus Features
Gold Club Features

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Report Icons
Graphics for Res fields
Graphics for Artefacts

( 3 ) Features for Everyone (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?p=994082)

Academy Future
Village & Link Collapse
Rally Point Restrictions
Alliance Attack Page

( 4 ) Plus Features (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?p=994085)

Research Loop
NPC Merchant Link
Instant Build Link

( 5 ) Gold Club (One-time Payment) (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?p=994085)

Merchants run 3 times
Farming List
Farm Favourites
Set Farming Troops
Raiding Efficiency
Cropper Finder

( 6 ) Gold Club (Pay per Use) (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?p=996208)

Trade Route
Master Builder
Immediate Callback
Incoming Evasion

30 Nov 2009, 09:21 PM

T3.6 Play Options

http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/n/new.gif Free Features
T3.6 now comes with more free features to enhance game play for non-gold users. These features include specific report icons showing players if troops have died or survived, collapsible Village List/ Plus Links List, the 'Show More' list for troop yet to be researched in the Academy, an enhanced alliance attack page allowing you to sort by attack/defence reports, and alliance attack page filters to show reports with 100% losses, no losses, scoutings, etc. One of the most talked about features for T3.6 users, the Rally Point Restriction, is also free and applied to all players.


There are now 24 Quests instead of 22; the additional 2 encourage new players to build an Embassy for alliance protection. To complete the quests, the player must either join or found an alliance. However the gold payout still happens at Quest 22; rewards for Quests 23 & 24 are resource based.

Note: the current date on Travian has been replaced by the words "today" instead of "03/12/2009". This means when posting World Wonder reports and attack reports on the forums, there will be no defined date present.

http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/n/new.gif Plus Features
The cost of Plus is reduced from 15 gold to 10 gold on all new servers and the combat bonuses allowing you to buy +10% attack/defence will be removed. However - if your server has been upgraded mid-way, the price of 15 will still remain as will the combat bonuses. These anomalies will be phased out over time and server resets.


Plus users can now benefit from the quick links to NPC Merchant and Instant Build, without needing to refer to their Marketplace or Gold Page. Additionally, you can now queue research orders in the blacksmith/ armoury/ academy as well as construction orders for buildings. This means that a 2 gold instant build can now complete up to 10 orders at a time (2 building upgrades, 1 field upgrade, 2 blacksmith researches, 2 armoury researches, 2 academy researches, 1 main building downgrade).

http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/n/new.gif Gold Club Features
T3.6 is offering gold users the chance to buy into the Gold Club. This costs a total of 100 gold upon entry and will last the duration of that server. If the server is more than 250 days old, the gold club price is reduced by 1 day for each additional day and will stop at a base price of 1 gold. For Speed Servers, it will cost 50 gold upon entry and it will not be reduced since these servers only last between 120 - 150 days. To join the gold club, click Activate on the gold page at the bottom:


Gold Club gives you access to exclusive features, some which are free and others which you must pay a small fee to use each time. The free features include a raiding list, raid statistics, merchants 3x travel, and an advanced crop finder. The pay-per-use features include Master Builder, trade routes, evasion tactic and immediate recall.

30 Nov 2009, 09:28 PM

Image Updates

Report Icons
One of the best new features available on T3.6 are the report icons, they are available for everyone and don't cost anything to use. These appear to the left of every report in your report inbox. There are 4 types of icon: attack, defence, trade and general. They give you a quick overview of the report without having to click on it and analyse it yourself. However there are some drawbacks when it comes to Travian deciding if you have won/lost a battle - it calculates this based on any troop survival (e.g.. 1 unit left standing), not the majority survival or the cost of deaths.

To have a complete list of icons and what they mean, add this url to your plus links:

Note: these symbols have completely different meanings from those that appear on your village resource overview and plus account overview, and should not be confused.


^ These 3 icons are the general icons. If your server is upgraded during the year instead of from the beginning of registration, then all old reports before the time it was upgraded will not have a relevant icon - they will be shown as a scroll meaning "any report". The second icon applies to any reinforcements of any kind between yourself or another player. And the third icon applies to any scouting attempt to/from you or another player, including enemy scout reports on yourself.


^ Trade icons are calculated based on the majority resources present in the trade. If all resource levels are equal, it will appear as the wood icon. These reports work for any trade to/from your village and to/from any player.


^ These attack symbols are ideal for raiders who want to see which farms to remove from a list or which are causing trouble. The red swords mean that none of your troops have returned, the biggest cause of concern. The yellow swords show that your troops have returned but there were some casualties in combat. The green swords mean that all your troops have returned safely with no casualties at all.


^ The defence symbols are more ambiguous. The green shield means you didn't lose any troops when defending an incoming attack. Yellow shield means you lost some troops when defending but still had some left (remember, this is calculated on any survival, not majority survival). Red shield means all your defenders are dead, so you have suffered 100% casualties. Grey shield means you have lost the battle but didn't lose any troops (most common shield symbol when a player is being farmed or catapulted and no troops are present, only resources).

Note: if a player attacks with 500 axe and you lose everything apart from 1 praetorian, this will still appear as a yellow shield claiming you have won as a defender with "some losses". This function is only for general troop survival/death and shouldn't be relied upon in terms of human accuracy (i.e.. the battle between the axe and praet was clearly not won, but appears as such from an icon perspective). Due to this discrepancy, raids where troops from both parties survive will generate icons that tell both players they have won the fight, even when one has evidently come out of it worse.

Graphics for Res fields
These 4 icons now represent the graphics for resources in T3.6 and will appear on the upgrade pages. Stating the obvious, from left to right they are wood, clay, iron and wheat.


Graphics for Artefacts
If you have passed mid-way on your server, check your Treasure Chamber for the new artefact images. Each artefact now has a personal icon and also a large image of the icon surrounded by gold and treasures.


30 Nov 2009, 09:29 PM

Features for Everyone

Academy Future
In addition to 'Show future buildings' in the Rally Point, the Academy now offers the same function so you can see the prerequisites needed to research future troop types. This can be found under the collapsible link "Show More". When you click off the building, the list will return to being hidden.


The green links for the troop type and building names open up their page in the manual, allowing you to see necessary costs and prerequisites for the building prerequisites (what a mouthful!). When the necessary prerequisites for that troop type are built, the research will appear in the Academy list and disappear from the Show More list. If there are no future troops in the Show More list, you have researched everything possible in this village.

List Collapse
T3.6 now offers the option to collapse your village list and plus links list. This is very helpful for players with a lot of villages or players who prefer to set up their own building short cuts. To use this feature, simply click the respective arrow next to the title of the list you want to collapse. This is how they will appear once minimized:


Rally Point Restrictions
One of the most talked about features of T3.6 is the restriction of attacks, raids and reinforcement orders caused by the level of your Rally Point. Players may only have a maximum of 4 troop movements per level, so at level 20 you can have a maximum of 80. A limit of 80 attacks per village will only concern your own troop movements and does not account for any incoming from other players. This feature is not applied to servers which have been upgraded mid-way. On some servers, the domain Admin has been able to raise this limit from 5-10. It is believed this feature is still a work in progress and the testing will continue for the first few weeks of the T3.6 version being applied across the world.

If you are unsure how many slots per level you have on your server or you have too many movements to count, you can find out how many attack/raid/reinforcement slots you have left to use by clicking on the "Send Troops" page in your Rally Point. Below it tells me I have 20 slots in total to use with my Level 5 Rally Point, and I have so far used 0.


The main reason for Rally Point restrictions is to level the playing field. Active raiders in the form of skilled individuals, dualling partnerships and bot users were gaining a military advantage against other players, causing newcomers to quit the game if they were mass farmed and couldn't get as far as settling a 2nd village. The new restriction should enable more average players to farm and grow, allowing the game worlds to grow bigger and spark more rivalry and competition.

Alliance Attack Page
Your alliance attack pages have also received a revamp for free in T3.6. They now appear with the same icons used to alternate between Attack/Defending Players or Alliances in the statistics page. You can sort your alliance reports by offensive or defensive manoeuvres.


Additionally, if you click on the report icon to the side (for example, the red shield), it will filter all alliance reports to red shield reports and show you the last 20 reports (No Plus) or 60 reports (Plus) of this type. This is a massive improvement to the original attack page set-up; reports are no longer lost or pushed off the end of the list, giving you an extensive history if you are unable to check the attack pages every hour.

30 Nov 2009, 09:31 PM

Plus Features

Research Loop
The Academy, Blacksmith and Armoury now offer a research loop, allowing you to queue more than one upgrade at a time. This works the same as the Building Queue or Troop Queue. A minor feature of T3.6 also shows what level your troops are currently and how many levels they will gain from the researches set. For example if you have queued a Spearman upgrade twice and they are currently level 17, it will appear: Spearman (17+2).


NPC Merchant Link
The quick link to the NPC Merchant will now appear next to all researches and building upgrades when there is not a sufficient amount of resources. By clicking on it, you are taken to the NPC page where the resources for that level appear automatically in the NPC boxes. This makes it quick and effortless to use the NPC function without the need for copy and paste.


Note: the NPC button will show whether you have enough total resources available to NPC or not. For example if a building costs 18 000 resources and you only have 11 000, you will still be taken to the NPC screen and the building cost will still appear automatically but it will tell you that you are -7 000 short. It is important to keep an eye on this so you are not lead to believe you are NPC'ing resources you don't have.

Instant Build Link
The quick link for Instant Build will appear next to your construction orders in the form of a clock http://s10.travian.com/gpack/travian36/img/a/clock.gif. Once clicked, you will get a confirmation message in the form of a pop-up, asking you to agree your purchase of the insta-build.


In the current village all construction orders and all researches in the academy, blacksmith and armoury will be completed immediately. This does not cover upgrades in the Master Builder queue because the resources are not available for those buildings to be built, let alone completed, yet.

Note: Residence, Palace and villages with a World Wonder inside them are still excluded from the instant build function.

30 Nov 2009, 09:32 PM

Gold Club (One-time Payment)

Merchants run 3 times
Users of the Gold Club can now send their merchants a total of 3x to each village. Instead of a tick-box, you must now select from a drop-down menu. The default is set to 1x, so it need only be used when you want your Merchants to go more than once.


Farming List
The Farming List is generated from every single village your troops have been sent to as an outgoing attack/raid in the last 7 days - this does not include villages that the troops are still inbound to for the first time, a farm is only added to the list once the attack has landed. Note: the farming list is not village specific for your account. So if you raid a certain group of farms from Village A and a different group from Village B, they will all be intermingled in this list. It is also worth noting that the farming list is infinite - it will record everything and there is no cut off point. However if you have not attacked a village for the last 7 days, it will disappear from this list. To stop it from disappearing, add it to your favourites - these villages are stored even if you do not attack them every 7 days.


The swords to the right of the village name show if you are sending a Raid or Attack. Yellow swords for Raid, and Red swords for Attack. To add a farm to your Farm Favourites, click the (+) button to the left of the farm name. Clicking on the village name will take you directly to the attack page to select troops and send them (Note: if you have selected set farming troops, these will appear here - see below for how to do this) and clicking the attack date link takes you to the last report on this village. You can also sort the Farm Favourites by sub-heading. Click on the text for Village, Attacks, Bounty, Losses or Last Attack to sort by that column.

Farm Favourites
When you have chosen your farm favourites, go to your Map screen. Your favourites appear below your map, and if you are attacking them currently, a yellow sword appears next to their name. There does not appear to be a favourites limit, but bear in mind the more you add, the more messy your Map page will become. Total values of Bounty/Loss are calculated for the last 7 days, so they do not represent a server length total.


Clicking the name of your farm village will take you directly to the attack page to select troops and send them (Note: if you have selected set farming troops, these will appear here - see below). Clicking on the coordinates link will shift the map to this village square, allowing you to see the surrounding 7x7. And clicking the attack date link takes you to the last report on this village.

When a farm deletes, the village name and data will disappear, but the entry will still remain with blank coordinates. To remove a favourite, simply click the red cross at the side (Note: there is no confirmation screen and the farm will disappear from the list). Or alternatively return to the Farming List and click the (-) negative button next to its name. Just like the Farming List, you can also sort the Farm Favourites by sub-heading. Click on the text for Village, Position, Last attack, Bounty or Losses to sort by that column.

Set Farming Troops
Activating the Gold Club allows you to set standard farming troops that will automatically appear when you go to attack an enemy from that village. To access the farming troops tab, go to your Rally Point > Gold Club > scroll to the bottom > Show Standard Troop Types. This will present you with a screen as shown below:


I have chosen my standard farming troops as 3 mace. When I go to attack a farm, it will automatically input 3 mace every time, making farming quicker and more efficient. Note: the farming list is not village specific for your account. It can be left blank to not make use of it at all. I have found it most helpful when sending fakes using the back/forward buttons on a browser, so for players who find the Firefox Trick difficult, this is a feature for you too.

Raiding Efficiency
This feature will create a table based on dead troop costs v. bounty gained per enemy village, it can be found on the overview of the farming village at the bottom of the page. Note: your farm must be favourited for the graphs to be generated and it will only show the last 7 days worth of raids and attacks. The current day (today) will appear first on the left, and the passing week appears after it from left > right. The total sum in bold black tells you if the week has been profitable (+) or unprofitable (-) from this village and allows players to monitor their raiding more closely, see problem areas and drop bad farms if they are making a large loss.


Please read carefully as understanding how the graph is calculated can be difficult. A full bar is determined by the total amount of resources you have lost/gained this week (whichever is the highest number), meaning the bounties and losses are shown in proportion to what makes up a full bar. So if you have gained 50,000 resources this week and only lost 4,000, the full bar will represent 50,000. If you gained 10,000 on Monday, and 25,000 the Tuesday, then the green bar for Monday will be 20% full and the green bar for Tuesday will be 50% full. This lets players see the total of gain/loss in relation to each day.

Cropper Finder
The Travian crop finder allows you to search for 9 or 15 croppers and added bonuses with ease. To access it, go to the Map page and click on the magnifying glass with a wheat symbol shown above the navigation compass. This is the only way to access the Crop Finder.


To begin, enter the coordinates of the map you wish to search around. Note that the coordinates are not restricted to your own area or villages and you can search on behalf of anyone in any area. Next choose between tile type 9c/15c/both and oasis bonus (0%-150%). If you are looking to settle a new village, tick Only Show Unoccupied.


There are no diameter restrictions, it will search the entire map for your query and return a maximum limit of 150 results. The results are presented in a table showing distance, coordinates, type (9c or 15c), available oasis bonus and if the square is occupied by another player or not.


The feature is not perfect and has its drawbacks. It does not allow you to exclude allies from your search list, nor do they list the player's alliance in the search results, and nor do they state if a village is capital or non-capital - you would have to click on every square to find available conquers manually.

02 Dec 2009, 11:19 PM

Gold Club (Pay per Use)

Trade Route (2 gold per use)
To create a Trade Route, you must have 2+ villages on your account or the link will not appear in your Marketplace. This feature is for trades between your villages only, you cannot set a trade route up with another person's village. The cost for a trade route is always 2 gold, however a slow server route lasts for 7 days, and a speed server route lasts for 3 days. Trade route will not be available on T2.5 servers at any point.


To begin, create a trade route and you will be taken to the following screen. The first drop-down menu allows you to choose the destination from a list of your villages. The second drop-down menu has times for every hour between 12am > 11pm, allowing you to set the start time for your trade route. The third drop-down menu asks how many times you want the trade route to run after this time. I have chosen 3x at 11:00am, so 2250 of every resource will be sent 3 times to Village B starting from 11:00am every day for the next week / 7 days (or in speed, 3 days).


Once finished, the details of your trade route will be added to the list in your marketplace. The numbers "12x3" tell me it will take 12 merchants to ship the total resources and they will do this 3 times. Time left gives you an indication when the trade route needs to be extended.


If you want to be practical with gold, there is an option to Edit your trade routes whilst they are still in progress. So instead of making a new trade route, change the resource values in the existing trade route. Note: trade routes are specific to each sending village, to send resources to more than one receiving village, you will need separate trade routes to do so.

Master Builder (1 gold per use)
This feature of T3.6 allows you to queue up to 3 construction orders in addition to the buildings you are queueing with Plus, without having the necessary resources to build them straight away. So Teutons and Gauls can have up to 5 commands and Romans have 6. You do not have to be online for the Master Builder to build. The gold symbol is greyed out because you do not pay for the Master Builder instantly, gold is only charged when the resources become available and the construction queued starts to build. Master Builder costs 1 gold per queue and does not appear to be available in World Wonder villages. It will also not be available on T2.5 servers at any point.


Note: If there are constructions queued using Master Builder and you want to build another building which does have the available resources, this will be brought to the front of the queue and built immediately. This will extend the times of your Master Builder constructions since you have spent the available resources and it will take longer to recuperate them. You cannot choose to queue this upgrade behind Master Builder constructions if the resources are available. It simply does not work like this.


When a building starts to build it will turn black and a clock symbol http://s10.travian.com/gpack/travian36/img/a/clock.gif will appear. This is a direct link to the Instant Build function (see section above for Instant Build). If you have a Palace/Residence building (like I have) or you are building in a World Wonder village, this symbol will not appear.


Cancelling constructions in the Master Builder queue will not cost you anything as neither the resources or gold have been spent yet. This allows you to reorder your queue and swap constructions around. Remember there is no obligation to pay resources or gold until the construction begins, so you won't lose anything by cancelling it if you have clicked it by mistake.

Immediate Callback (5 gold per use)
To access the immediate callback feature, click the clock symbol http://s10.travian.com/gpack/travian36/img/a/clock.gif in the Rally Point next to the amount of returning troops. This causes your own troops which are on their way back to this village to arrive immediately as long as their are no senators, chieftains, chiefs or catapults present in the waves and there are no incoming attacks to this village within the next 3 hours.


The feature costs 5 gold each time. This may seem like a large amount, but if you are an avid raider and using immediate call back to retrieve 80 waves of troops per use, it becomes a very well spent 5 gold.

Incoming Evasion (2 gold per use)
This feature is only accessible of you go via Rally Point > Gold Club > scroll to the bottom > Show Evasion Settings. Note: it is not viewable from the main Rally Point page so can be hard to find for first time users. This feature is also not available on servers which have been upgraded mid-way.

Evasion Tactic hides your troops from attackers "in the forest" (says Travian), so it acts as an excessively large cranny for your army. Troops will leave immediately before the attack lands and return 180 seconds afterwards. This feature will only work if your troops have been at home for the last 10 seconds, this stops players from using the Evasion tactic to avoid sec-killings from enemies. Evasion tactic will work even if you are not online, so you no longer need to lose sleep over attacks landing during the night or when you have work and family restrictions.


To use Evasion Tactic, tick the village you wish to apply it to and enter the amount of times the Evasion Tactic can be used. This allows you to set a different gold limit per village; if you have 20 attacks over the course of 3 months and you have chosen to use evasion 15 times, it will use 2 gold each time it dodges an incoming attack. The last 5 attacks will not be included as the number of evasions you selected have run out.

Note: If you are online and send the troops away manually, the evasion tactic will not be implemented and the 2 gold is not deducted from your account. However, if you are online, have sent your troops away, and 1 troop builds a few seconds before the attack lands, the 2 gold will be spent to move this troop out of the way. It is advisable to set Evasion tactic only for the immediate future, otherwise your gold could be spent needlessly.