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Dark Alcaina
16 Feb 2010, 01:12 PM
Hi, Guys! I got bored so I thought I would make this guide.
It is basically UKx but can probably be used on any server.

Results may Vary
This is not perfect, because I tested it on my current UKx account on my new village, but if you are using this for your first village it works well, if not better.
This guide has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Faster building for the start of game
Higher population quickly
Easy troop training

I couldn't use plus, starting players can
May not work smoothly if being raided


Constructing and Expanding
If your a totally new player, you may want to pay all your attention to this section, as it is vital and it is the building blocks for Travian.
You may be wondering what those white circles are on the Blue, Orange/Red, Green, and Yellow bits are, but don't get ahead of yourself!
First, you need to learn things even more Basic. You may have noticed that there are Mountains, Clay Mines, Woodland, and Wheat Fields. Just to clear that up:
Blue = Iron
Orange = Clay
Green = Wood
Yellow = Wheat
Now what are these for, you ask? They are your production. This gives you resources you need to build things. Just how much of these resources you have is at the top, and on the Village overview, it show how quickly you gain these on the left.
OK, Go on. Click on one, you are ready...
Whoa! You were directed to a new page. To level this up and increase your speed of reduction for this resource, click on the Green Highlighted 'Upgrade to 1'.
Always keep in mind, Wheat decreases when you build almost anything apart from the Wheat fields themselves. Building these up, just like other resources, increases your speed of production. You may want to keep these fields high levels because they are the only thing that can go into minus! This will kill any troops in your village.
You can upgrade fields to level 10, and in your capital village, up to level 20.

Starting up
Now that your ready to start playing properly and you have some idea about what you are doing, you can do quests and start you Travian career!
First, select look around on your own from Quest master. Build up all wheat fields to level 1.
Then go to first quest, and follow quests until you have to upgrade 1 more of each field to 2. Do this for Iron, Clay, and Wood. If you need to do 1 or 2 wheat's.

Build a Rally point and a Main building level 3. Use gold if you want for quick-complete. For faster building get it to level 7. I recommend this.
Build a Barracks. Do not build troops yet! Sorry, but you should increase your population first. Build a Granary and a Warehouse. Then build a Marketplace.
Now search your area. Be wary of Teutons in your area. If you see a few of them growing fast, build a cranny. You will need one soon anyway.

Start completing more quests. They should all be cheap and easy now.
Do not do Quest 22.
If you do all the above steps, you can start building troops before the end of your beginners protection. Never raid with less than 2 and only on players with under 9 population. To do this, click on there village and check there population. If they do have less than 9 population, they are fine. Click attack at the bottom of the screen. Now select your troops and how many you want to send. Keep them away from your village 24/7. If a Teuton attacks you they will probably die, so don't keep them home. Ever. To do this find a player with under 9 population that is far away from you. You can see this by the amount of time it takes your troops to attack them. Estimate the amount of time you will be away from Travian, and send them on an attack half of this time. This is because they will take the same amount of time to return to your village as they did to attack. Hopefully they will have some resources with them when they come back from the village you raided. Remember, you only get resources on a raid, and not an attack. Attacks kill more enemy troops but could result in yours being hurt more.

Once you have made a profit in resources from your troops, complete Quest 22.

Now your on your own in the world, so you may want an Embassy to join an alliance. If you have friends on Travian, I recommend you make an alliance with them, but if you don't you may want to join a good alliance with players about your population. If you do create an alliance, you will need and Embassy level 3, and you should keep upgrading it through the course of the game. Each level makes space of 3 more players, with a total of 60 (level 20).

Well, now you have gotten started, it's up to your to make your own choices, but I would recommend settling in a new village near your first or in your alliance stronghold, and get one with 9 wheat fields or 15 wheat fields to construct your very own massive army.

And that's the end for my guide,
Hope you do well in the world of Travian,

~ Dark Alcaina ~

King Gu Gu
16 Feb 2010, 01:55 PM
Looks Good! Though I prefer Gauls for the bigger cranny. Most of it could work for them as well though...

Trying out now! Just started server 6 to see if it works.

And yes, I do realise I am a bit late starting server 6, but lots of BP!

Dark Alcaina
16 Feb 2010, 07:54 PM
Thanks, mate! I've got a village in UKx I was testing on. Gauls would probably be good for this guide, but to be honest I didn't have access to a Gaul account.
Remember to give me some feedback after you've tried it out, I want verification!
I just added a whole new section for the Newbies this is for... Hope it helps!

16 Feb 2010, 09:43 PM
You could improve by giving more detail on troops and raiding, also how about obtaining a second village?

Okish guide, 6/10

16 Feb 2010, 11:48 PM
Poor guide tbh, you don't mention the rally point restriction which tbh is a main feature of 3.6 so if you have a guide with a bit of raiding in it you have to either level up the RP or not raid much. How would this be good for Gauls? You are suggesting raiding with phalanx which you can't send in 2's, has to be more and to hit rats without losing any 50 and above. You don't mention infastructure or resource field upgrades (apart from quests).
You also say that once you do quest 23 you can know settle a new village, A) You don't insist on having a Level 5 + MB neither do you mention a Residence anywhere on the guide. You don't mention settler costs nor building cost's, getting a level 7 MB at the start is madness! You can't afford the cost for no gain but time which can be nulled with insta-build. Level 2 fields and not raiding will never get you a second village fast, if you think that you do include raiding then you must include the rally point restriction in somewhere.
Sorry, but poorly thought out guide, might work for speed but as speed is Upgraded 3.6 and not FULL 3.6 this guide won't work.

Dark Alcaina
17 Feb 2010, 05:00 PM
In case you weren't paying attention, this is guide for NEW PLAYERS and so I didn't feel the need to include information about the residence. Also, a brand new player does not really need to worry about upgrading the rally point. I never mentioned using Phalanx, as it is a ROMAN Guide. Also, the main building level 7 is good, as it is not pushing it too far and it is within their resource range. It has been tested and works well.
To be honest, I completely forgot Quest 23, because I haven't been on Quests in a while, and I have only done it once or twice anyway. But to be honest it doesn't matter, because once they have done 22, they will be fine to play on their own.

17 Feb 2010, 05:39 PM
Well, now you have gotten started, it's up to your to make your own choices, but I would recommend settling in a new village near your first or in your alliance stronghold, and get one with 9 wheat fields or 15 wheat fields to construct your very own massive army.

Last paragraph, you are talking about settling a new village, maybe just say the prerequisites for it even.

If BRAND NEW players are raiding they might need a rally point :eek:

You never mentioned it but said in posts after the guide it would work for Gauls which it won't for NEW PLAYERS.

Level 7 MB is a waste of resources for VERY LITTLE gain, the limiting factor at the start of the game is the RESOURCES not TIME. You may think otherwise but you are just wasting your resources.

Also, if what you say is true, which it isn't btw, After Quest 22 they are fine" then why do we need guides on starting?