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Lord Norchard
21 Feb 2010, 12:14 PM
Guide to Being a Good Newb


Guide Introduction
This guide is to teach completely new players how to get along in the Travian world. It isn’t a guide on what to build, when to build it, and when to train it, but it will tell new players how to get along with people on the server, and how to learn from them. Besides, every player was a “newb” once and, every player has had to develop, or copy, a strategy that suits them. The only time I will say “You should do this then” is on the first day of your first server.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a completely new player I don’t just advise you, I am TELLING you DO NOT START A SPEED SERVER IF YOU ARE NEW!! They require rather a lot of time input, and you should get a feel of the game on a long server before you go on speed.

Choosing your Tribe for your First Server
I recommend, as well as Travian HQ that for your first server should be played as Gauls, there are a few reasons for this. First of all, it is a lot easier to defend against raids. The Gallic cranny can hold twice as much resources in it compared to Teuton and Roman crannies. And a lot of new players will get a bit disheartened if they are raided regularly. Basically, by putting in the same amount of effort as a Roman or Teuton you will protect double what Romans or Teutons would. Gauls are also very adaptable. The tutorial says “Romans are masters of versatility” but they aren’t really. Gauls are much better. If you don’t have much time be a defensive player, or if you do have a lot of time on your hands get Theutates Thunders as soon as you can and start raiding!

The First Day
As a completely new player, I would advise you to do the quests. If you have chosen to do the quests, it is important that you follow this section first, and then complete the quests. If you do choose not to do the quests, you get free resources given to you for a week.

Beginners Protection will protect you for a varied amount of time depending on the server type (I will not confuse new players with a detailed description about this) and how long the server has been running. But basically, beginners protection stops you from being attacked.

Now, on the first day, it is a good idea to do whatever you can to make sure you are protected against raids. If you have started a server from scratch (which I recommend) then you need to build a cranny. A cranny means you can store resources away from the greedy eyes of an attacking army. Later in the game the cranny alone will not be enough to protect all of your resources, you will need a defending army and there will just be too much resources flying around to store in crannies. If you are playing as Gaul, then well done, you are already got the beginnings of what I call a “Good Newb”, you are willing to learn and follow advice. If you have not followed my advice, you have twice as much work to do.

NOTE ON THE QUESTS: The Quests should be used as a tutorial for the game. And just because the quests focus on building does not mean that building is what the game is about. When playing a second server don't do the quests. You may think "But I get free resources as a reward!", you get a reward every 10 hours, although you do not necessarily have to collect them every 10 hours. But the next 10 hours will be counted from when you last collected.

Just to place emphasis on a few important points. Travian is NOT about getting a big village. I find that big villages come along to support a massive army. And a massive army is what you should aim for, never build anything that does not allow you to produce more/better troops, also, it is literally pointless training these troops if you aren't prepared to use them. Offensive troops should not be just sitting around getting drunk, they should be out there fighting. And your defensive troops need to be reinforcing other villages in the alliance you have joined (more information regarding alliances in the final section).

You want to upgrade that cranny as far as possible on the first day. Because once you have done that when you are out of beginner’s protection your resources are completely secure. If you don’t get your cranny capacity to 2000 in the first day then continue until you have (its more than you need but allows for expansion further along the line).


Now you need to ask this question: “How active am I?” Here are my answers for you:

Active – 30 minutes+ a day
Quite active – 1-2 hours
Very active – 2 – 6 hours a day
Extremely active – 6 – 24 hours per day

There is no way you can be on 24 hours per day unless you have a dual, but that will confuse new players.

A new player who is in the first two should play defensive, a person in the last two should play offensive. Well, I say “should”, I mean your activity suits that playing style. A “very active” or “extremely active” can play either style. But someone who is “Active” or “Quite active” should play mainly defensive but have some offensive capacity. Resources are important, so up your resource tiles as far as possible. I’m leaving this topic now.

For more description on the tribe of your choice please check the following guides, they will go more in depth on how to play, I don’t want this guide to become one which tells you what to do, please remember to get your cranny capacity up to 2000 (easy for Gauls, harder for Romans and Teutons). Anyway, here are the guides for reference:

Aruens Roman Guide (http://archive.forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=67436)
Gaul Guide by Stupidus (http://archive.forum.travian.us/showthread.php?t=6223)
Nailzz Guide of All Guides : Teuton (http://archive.forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=67436)

I have included the Teuton one, if you are completely new you shouldn’t really have picked Teuton. But if you have use it anyway use it. Anyhow, on to other stuff.

Also, it is important that you have troops, they are what win the game, not villagers.

Communication with Other Players
Talking with other players is important. But a lot of top players who could actually help you get put off by text talk and slang. DON’T DO IT. If someone is attacking you or raiding you (they should have given up raiding you by now if you followed my cranny advice.) So, there is a right way and a wrong way to talk to people. Basically, if you are being attacked by someone, they aren’t getting anything or killing troops, a normal noob who hasn’t read this guide will just send a message to the player asking them to stop, something like “plz will u stop attakin me??”. The best thing to do is not send them a message at all, what you should do is build a barracks and build as much defence as possible, killing invading troops is really what turns off an attacker.

However, should you need to communicate with a player, don’t send text messages. Now, onto a more interesting section.


A good way to learn about the game when you are new is to join an alliance. To join an alliance you need an Embassy. Choosing a good alliance is the most important thing when you are first around. You also need common sense. If you have a population of 50 and you want to be in a top alliance, and their lowest player already has 100, or you have started halfway through a server, they won’t accept you.

When looking for an alliance, don’t ask any old fools. The best option would be the training wing of a top alliance. But if not, you should ask an alliance in the top 100 at least or even better the top 40.

When you ask an alliance to join make a decent application, don’t say “Plz can I join ur alliance?” or even “Please can I join your alliance?” because they have no reason to invite you. Tell them how many troops you have. And if they ask how much server experience you have, don’t lie, and say that you are new, as long as you have followed my guide so far, they should at least be impressed with you. (If you have troops, and aren’t losing resources and are raiding yourselves). If they apply by asking a question answer it, and wait for “yes” or “no”. This will mean they have either invited you or not. If they have, go to your embassy and accept the invitation.

From here on you should be able to learn new things every day. It is very important you look on forums, pay attention to your alliance’s “Guides” section. And also, sign up for this external forum; I have learnt many new things from it and still am so you definitely can to.

NOTE: Your alliance’s forums should be active (new posts frequently) if they aren’t, find another alliance before leaving, and joining that, eventually you will find an alliance you like. Stay with them and enjoy the game.

I was exceptionally lucky with my first alliance, we have gone from server to server, and they are great fun. Hopefully you will be as lucky to.

Defending for Other Players
In the early game, most top players will be Teuton, although they are top players, they are weak without someone to defend them, Teutons are by far the worst tribe in defensive capability, this means top players look for either Roman or Gaul defenders to secure themselves against attacks back.

If you are being raided by one of these top players, offer yourself to become their defender. Depending on the nature of the player, this will prevent attacks, and they may even give you advice. And don't forget, you will make yourself a friend, and I find that having a good friend on the server you are playing, makes the game that little bit better.

Theoretically, being a defending player for someone else will guarantee they won't attack you, and possibly their whole alliance, a player you are defending for may even sit for you to help you out when you are not online. Eventually, if you become good enough, you may get a chance to join the player you are defending for's alliance.

Follow this advice, and you will be a respected newb, and decent players in your area will have time for your messages you may have to send to them.

Through your first server an important part of being a good newb is to constantly learn, admit your mistakes, and be willing to face challenges.

Remember, there are people who take Travian too far and I consider them bullies, they use their power to pick on the smaller players, some will even hamper their own growth just to get to you. Best thing to do is, ignore all their messages, and defend all their attacks if you have enough troops. (Get a general idea of how much they attack with before defending so you don’t get them killed).

Oh, and good luck and have fun!


19 Jan 2011, 06:31 PM
Nice guide, but those three tribe specific guide links aren't working.
You've put too many [url] tags in there..

Lord Norchard
19 Jan 2011, 08:33 PM
Nice guide, but those three tribe specific guide links aren't working.
You've put too many [url] tags in there..

Ok, i'll deal with it tomorrow

24 Jan 2011, 05:30 PM
Good guide with detail, it will help out alot of people I'm sure :)

27 Feb 2011, 08:26 AM
Great guide
helped me a lot

Prince o Orange
19 May 2011, 12:07 AM
Good guide.

One thing though - Teutons are NOT rubbish at defending - used properly they can be just as good as the other two tribes (of course this demands experience, and this is a neewbie guide, so that's fair enough). I think the reason top Teutons look for defenders is that they have chosen an offensive style and chosen Teutons for that reason. But if you have a bit of experience and want to play defensively, definitely do not rule out Teutons.

There, just wanted that off my chest. Good guide though.

22 Oct 2011, 04:53 PM
Ok, i'll deal with it tomorrow were's the like button so i can "like" it?