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27 Jan 2011, 09:36 AM
I am turning this thread into a general discussion about how to resolve farming issues. If you have problems with being farmed, post here and hopefully a user/users will try and help you with your problem.

You should try and include as many points of information as possible.

Although this should be used as a general thread for farming discussions, I do not wish to see any flaming or accusations about possible cheaters. Thank You.

How can I stop or block somebody attacking me he attacks me like every 2hours. I cant get in front have no troops no supplies nothing. Please help me if it keeps going on like this i will cancel my account because there is no point in playing if I get robbed every 2hours by the same guy!!

27 Jan 2011, 09:39 AM
Isn't this more a question than a guide? And just cranny up.

http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?t=48182 Might help aswell.

27 Jan 2011, 09:01 PM
Since I'm bored, here is my guide to not being a farm. Assumes that you're a one village farm :)

Stage 1 - Not making things worse
DO NOT message the player(s) farming you. If they're getting resources from you, then messaging them is highly unlikely to make them stop, and could well make things worse, especially if you resort to insults. Their attacks on you are not personal, they are just trying to get resources.

DO NOT waste your resources on training troops - either offensive troops to strike back at your attacker, or defensive ones to try and stop the attacks. If you're inactive and inexperienced enough to have become a farm in the first place, then you are almost certainly not active or experienced enough to stop any troops you train from living short and pointless lives. Assuming that the player(s) farming you is considerably stronger than you, then the handful of troops you can train between their attacks is only likely to encourage/provoke them further, and not make them stop.

Stage 2 - Discouraging the farmer(s)
DO build crannies larger than your warehouse/granary and keep them there so that your attacker(s) gets no resources. To be completely certain of not leaking any resources to anybody, even a teuton, your warehouse and granary capacity should be no more than 80% of your cranny capacity.

DO spend your resources upgrading your wood, clay, iron and wheat fields. The only other buildings you should upgrade at this stage are your warehouse, granary and of course crannies, which should all be upgraded as needed so that they don't overflow much or at all while you're offline. If you are trading a lot then you have my permission to upgrade your market, and if you need to join an alliance then you are allowed to build a level 1 embassy ;). Anything else is a waste of resources at this stage.

When your fields are up to about level 6/7, your warehouse has capacity of at least 7800 and your granary is at least 5000, then build a residence up to level 10. By now your attacker(s) should be getting no resources from you and will be losing troops on every raid - an undefended village with level 10 residence will kill 4 clubs out of a 10 club raid. So most casual farmers will have stopped attacking you. Some players may keep attacking though - could be because you've spawned in their 7x7 and they want to stop you growing (and will likely zero you as soon as they can), could be because they're a bit nooby and they just like attacking people even if it's costing them troops, or they could just be a pineapple. Some people are :)

Stage 3 (Optional) - Making Nice with the Neighbours
If you are still being attacked, then this would be the time (if you want to) to contact your attacker(s) and politely point out that since they're not getting any resources, and are losing troops, then it would be nice if they could stop attacking you. If you are planning on staying in the area and settling a second village nearby, then I would definitely recommend this. You do NOT want to settle multiple villages in the vicinity of an aggressive farmer unless you know what you're doing and/or have reached an agreement with them, so if you were thinking of settling nearby, it's best to find out the nature of your neighbours sooner rather than later as it may change your mind.

If you're planning on leaving the area anyway, then you can jump straight to Stage 4.

Stage 4 - Starting your Empire
Use your level 10 residence to train 3 settlers. DO make sure that you're going to be online the moment that each settler finishes training and DO NOT leave settlers sitting in your village undefended while you are offline. There are basically 3 options for protecting settlers. Option 1 is to send them on long trips to small inactive villages so that they are never at home to be killed. If you are doing this then you will need to train at least 1 other troop to go with them (preferably at least 2 if you're a gaul and you're training phals), and I would recommend against it as it requires a lot of planning to make sure you're going to be online when they come home from their trip. Option 2 is to store them at the village of a player who isn't being attacked. If you have messaged your attacker(s) and got a friendly response then this could be an option. Option 3 is my preferred route, and this is to send your settlers to a friendly Gaul to get them trapped until you need them. Most good Gaul players will have built a small trapper in early game for exactly this reason, and if you message a few of the larger Gauls in your area you shouldn't have a problem finding one who is prepared to help you out.

While you get your settlers, you need to decide where to settle. If you are in an area that has one or more aggressive farmers, it's generally a bad idea to settle more villages there unless you have a plan to avoid being farmed for the whole server. That plan is normally either a) to become the personal defender of one of the farmers in the neighbourhood or b) to join an alliance that has players in the area who can help protect you. Be wary of both these plans - there aren't many offensive players who will really look out for their personal defenders, and there are very few alliances who will lose significant troop numbers to defend a brand new member.

Alternatively, you can go settle your second village somewhere quieter. If you do this, the best option for an inexperienced player in my view is to find an alliance who will take you and who have a stronghold area that you can move to. It doesn't matter if this means moving your second village a long way from your first - this will slow down your growth in the short term, but in the long term you should benefit from having your villages in an area with lots of allies nearby who you can learn from and who can help you with defence.

(as a rough guide, if you are reasonably active and organised and are running gold bonuses on your resources then you should be able to settle a second village in about 7-10 days on a speed server, and in 3 1/2 to 5 weeks on a normal server)

Good luck!

28 Jan 2011, 04:30 AM
The most easiest way not become farm is to settle the next village to the area where they are no villages at all I have seen many players moving far away(isolation) If you like to know the isolated area use world map
Others things cranny up warehouse defense ................. at the end these things will not help you(farm) the attackers will bring their catapults to destroy your Crop field and others.......the Travian will lose its potential customers ....... join good alliance and start server earlier and Some players say use guide and the question comes do they have time to read those guides and the players joining the server at mid are players who will become potential customers and they get the link from advertisement from others web pages I got the link where i read comics (naruto) where i shoot apples and horses

ZZR Pilot
09 Jun 2011, 10:16 AM
I am a confirmed farmer.
Teuton player.
I need these resources to expand.
I gather from so many places that I dont bother to read reports of how much I get from a player anymore but delete them.
Write to me and I will consider your case on the amount you are giving to me.
Sending me insults.....could get you banned, IF I complain, I wont complain because I dont want my farm banned, your insulting mail is posted on my profile page as fan mail.
In some cases I offer advice.....Cranny up, level up your cranny and build another when that one reaches level 10.
It's just a game.

09 Jun 2011, 02:36 PM
Something that always comes up is contacting your attacker. TBH Id only advise this with subprime raiders, the very top raiders imo this action would only make them actually consider you more then the split second they do.

Id advise only contacting these players if you can legitimately offer them something of worth. NEVER EVER try to educate them, sentences such as "you are wasting your time", ruin your chances of pacificying your attacker.

Also the advice never seems to consider crucial info. If you are in the 21x21 of a top player, you simply wont survive unless allied to them, so often these players contact and have started as teutons. Id actually advise the majority of people being farmed to restart using the best player raiding thems link, as a gaul.

Oh and careful getting into convos with attackers, esp if theyve said they wont stop as you give away online times.

Good advice though guys for the general farm vs average raider.