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04 Feb 2011, 09:57 PM

Some times you may want to send a lot of waves 5, 10, 20+

A quick way to set this up is to use the following url (adjusted to your needs):


Firstly adjust the s6 to your server.

Secondly you need to get the village to be attacked sorted:

344028 = The village to attack

Each village has an id, find it by clicking on a village name, or the map etc, each action will bring up links like the followng:


The number after newdid= is the village ID.

Thirdly we say which type of troop action we will being:

&c=3&t3=10&t8=20 breaks down into:

c=2 is Reinforcement
c=3 is Attack: Normal
c=3 is Attack: Raid

Followed by the Troops to use:

t3=10 is Troop 3 (the 3rd troop type, Axes for Tuetons) and we will be sending 10 of that type (this can be any amount of that troop).

and you can add more by adding an & and t2=10
where t2=10 can be any of the below troop types and any number of troops.

1= Legionnaire
2= Praetorian
3= Imperian
4= Equites Legati
5= Equites Imperatoris
6= Equites Caesaris
7= Battering Ram
8= Fire Catapult
9= Senator
10= Settler

1= Clubswinger
2= Spearman
3= Axeman
4= Scout
5= Paladin
6= Teutonic Knight
7= Battering Ram
8= Catapult
9= Chief
10= Settler

1= Phalanx
2= Swordsman
3= Pathfinder
4= Theutates Thunder
5= Druidrider
6= Haeduan
7= Battering Ram
8= Trebuchet
9= Chieftain

This will be useful mostly if your wanting to send lots of attacking waves i find. You usually do this to catapult down your own or a friend village or send small amount of troops to their death for one or more reasons.