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11 Mar 2011, 11:21 PM

Guide to the Ideas Section

Welcome to the Idea section of the forum; a place for players to exchange ideas to improve Travian.

The inspiration for new things is endless, it could include anything from new Plus features, adaptations to existing buildings, suggesting new Items or quests, improvements to the in-game messaging or making the Travian forum more user friendly - whatever it is, your suggestion should be posted here to get noticed and receive the best possible feedback.

Before you post your Idea, we strongly recommend that you read through this thread. It will show you how to present your idea effectively and avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur.

If you have any questions or need help, message a Moderator of the Ideas forum.

11 Mar 2011, 11:22 PM

Tips on Presenting Your Idea

While an idea may be perfectly formed in your head, putting it into words can be more tricky! Below are some points we have put together to help you do this:

Research before posting - It may be possible that your idea is already implemented or exists for players who buy Travian Plus or Gold Club - ask friends for advice if you are unsure about the existence of the feature you're suggesting. Also keep in mind that if you would like to change the look of certain icons or buildings that you can do it yourself through a Graphics Pack.

Use the Search function - before you post your thread, search within the Ideas forum to see if someone else has suggested the same idea before. Search keywords like 'new tribe' or 'address book'. If your search yields similar ideas to your own but you feel your idea could add to the existing one or that it is an improved version, then add it onto the end of the other thread rather than creating a totally new one. If no similar ideas are found then create a new thread!

Presenting your idea - Pick an appropriate title and thread prefix such as "[Forum] More Competitions" so your idea is easy to identify. Use sub-headers, paragraphs or bullet points to break up large amounts of text and make it easier for users to read through your idea. Stay away from bright colours and fancy fonts as they can make the thread difficult to read and distract users from the points you are trying to make. Simplicity is key.

Writing about your idea - Make a summary of your idea in your first paragraph to get readers hooked and want to read more. Be critical - highlight any positives and negatives that you can think of and suggest ways that these could be solved/avoided. Highlighting the problems may encourage other members to suggest how the limitations can be overcome. If your idea is more complex then it may be more difficult to understand so be sure to explain it thoroughly and be prepared to answer any questions other players may have.

Add images or screenshots - Create an image of what your idea will look like or edit a screenshot of the game showing where your idea will be situated. Visual representations of your idea make it easier for players to imagine it implemented. Images do not need to look professional or perfect as long as they give a rough idea of how your idea will work or look.

Get feedback! - Adding a poll to your thread gives a quick overview for staff members to see if your idea was well-liked and received. Make sure the options of your poll are clear, sensible (e.g.. 3 poll options: Yes - I like it!, Maybe - It could be improved, No - I don't like it). Allow people to express their opinion and offer constructive criticism, link your thread to friends or put it in your signature to generate more feedback.

Following these tips will help you to create, present, write about and receive feedback for your ideas. You can post as many ideas as you like, Travian welcomes your inspiration to make it a better game for everybody.

11 Mar 2011, 11:23 PM
'Frowned Upon' Ideas

Out of all the new ideas posted in this forum, there are a select few which are more likely to cause flaming or critical discussions. This is usually because they would have a major impact on the game (and not in a way people like!). If your idea does get criticised, don't be disheartened - try to take on-board the suggestions from other players. Here are a few examples of ideas which have not been so successful in the past:

New Tribes - Travian is currently a very balanced game and the introduction of new tribes may cause a huge imbalance to the game, conflicting between the 3 traditional Travian tribes (Teuton, Gaul and Roman). Additional tribes will also most-likely change the strategical aspects of the game making the game more complex.

New Troop Types - New troop types such as archers have been a frequent (and unpopular) idea. While it would add an interesting and new aspect to the game, it would complicate things greatly and upset the current balance that Travian troops have.

Free Plus Features - Although this seems a very good idea for those who don't use gold, Travian is a business and therefore funding is needed to make money in order to create updates and to run the game. Current/ex gold buyer players may also oppose this idea as plus features give a slight advantage, helping some players to develop slightly quicker - players will be unlikely to buy Plus if no advantages are given.

Limitations On Raiding - Raiding is a huge part of Travian, allowing players to increase their resource income which gives them the ability to develop quicker. Medals are a recent addition to Travian, giving players recognition for their efforts. Limiting the ability to raid has been proven in the past to be incredibly popular and would unlikely be implemented.

Combining Troops From Different Villages - If players were to be able to combine troops from different villages then massive, undefendable armies will be created causing a great imbalance to the game. Having massive armies will also delay the endgame drastically due to a high amount of hammers.

Introduction Of Magic/Fantasy Elements - Travian is seen as a war-game by the majority of it's players and the introduction of mystical, magical and fantasy elements would make the game seem less realistic and more complex.

Limitations On Troops/Army Sizes - Having a limited amount of troops would cause major impacts in the game, making it more difficult attacking and defending villages. Having a limited amount of troops also could cause problems when farming. While making it easier for newer/inexperienced players, it is an unwanted restriction in the game.