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21 Apr 2011, 06:46 PM
Example for Presenting Your Idea

Below is a mock example on how you may present your idea following on from the Tips on Presenting Your Idea (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=1292782&postcount=2) post. The soul purpose of this post is to give members a insight of how an idea could be presented to make their post look more professional or attractive in addition to clearly showing their idea. If you have any questions or would like any additional help on presenting your idea(s) feel free to message myself or an Idea's Section moderator.

*Please note that the following idea presented is already implemented in-game.


21 Apr 2011, 06:47 PM
Address Book Idea


Ever wanted easy contact with you friends with complicated usernames or have you ever wanted to know when your friends are online which are not in your alliance? This idea will solve just that. My proposed idea is to add an address book into Travian so that you can keep in contact with other players and friends in addition to allowing you too see their activity if they accept you as a friend. This will prevent logging onto your sitters accounts whilst they are online themselves stopping any unwanted accidents.

Below is an annotated mock up on how the interface will look:




I have also decided to summarise the advantages and disadvantages below for this idea. If you can see anymore potential advantages or disadvantages, feel free to post them below:


Being able to see when your friends are online.
Easy contact with other players, especially those with long or complicated names.
Shows the last activity of the players account (Eg, Blue = Online, Red = Online in less than 3 days etc).


This feature may be exploited by spies to see whether a player is online or not.

Please feel free to comment below, suggest improvements for this idea or offer constructive criticism.


*Please note that the address book feature in this post already exists in-game and the purpose of this thread is to help players to present their idea(s).