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31 Oct 2011, 10:55 PM
Battle Report
Travian Reports : travian-reports.net (http://travian-reports.net) | (Review)
Travilog : travilog.org.ua (http://travilog.org.ua)
KB-Travian.com : kb-travian.com (http://www.kb-travian.com/index.html?lang=uk)

Combat Simulators
Kirilloid : kirilloid.ru (http://travian.kirilloid.ru)

World Analzers
Travian Box: travianbox.com (http://travianbox.com)

Server Statistics
Travian Team : travianteam.com (http://cry.travianteam.com/servers.php)

Travel Time & Distance calculator
Travel Time Calculator : javaschubla.de (http://www.javaschubla.de/travian/wegerechner.php?lang=en)

Crop Tools
Travian Merchant Parser : Travian Merchant Thingy (http://wiba.eu/travian/en/)

Village Planner
Village Planner : Village planner (http://travian.andunix.net/village-planner/)

Profile Planner/ASCII Art
Travian Profile Manager : usblons.at (http://usvblons.at/TravianManager/) | (Review)

NPC Calculators/Market Calculators
Travian Box : travianbox.com (http://travianbox.com/tools/npchelper/)
Travian NPC Calculator : travian-npc-calculator.com (http://travian-npc-calculator.com)
Marketplace-Calculator : paulis-fahschule.de (http://www.paulis-fahrschule.de/tmc.en.html)
NPC Calculator : npccalculator.com (http://www.npccalculator.com/)

World Maps
TravianBT Map : travianbt.com (http://www.travianbt.com/map_out.php)

Other Calculators
Kirilloid : kirilloid.ru (http://travian.kirilloid.ru) | (Review)


Do you know of a site missing from this list? Or is there a mistake? If so send Samantha78 a message with the details.