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12 Dec 2011, 01:46 AM
first of its kind i believe:
Hey guys detailed pregame guide! Hope you enjoy was not easy... many servers of practice gave me dual methods plus much writing.

-Chapter 2: Pre-Game-
What is pre-game, what are the steps in it, and why does it matter. Well pregame is the section of the game even before it starts. It is the plans you make before the server starts to ensure that you and all of you duals know what you are going to do.

As you see above, a certain word was mention above, that word was duals. What are duals? A dual is a player often in a different time zone from you who plays on the account with you. You can therefore have multiple people playing on the same account getting it to rank 1. The only way to maintain rank 1 is if you have multiple duals to maintain rank 1 around the clock coverage. You will often want to search in the forum for duals. I will write this guide assuming you are the head of the account, i.e. the person who started this account. You will want to go to the forum and post some messages looking for a dual. All postings must have some information and some requirements. (These have been written by myself not copied.)

Some example posts are here:
1. Hello everyone. I am searching for some duals on the following server: tx3.travian We are looking to play an active teuton account with interests in holding the WW lv.100, and maintain top raiding.

Some requirements we have:
-A Skype
-Ability to buy 100-250 gold a month (package 1 within 24 hours)
-Active experience as a top player
-6+ hours of activity daily.
If you are interested please Skype me at: {skypeaddress}
You can also email me at: {email address} Please make sure you meet all the requirements.

Sometimes you will have already an account that is in need of duals to a change of someoneís times, or a change in someoneís availability. Then you will post a message like this, remember rank attracts people:

Hello everyone.
We are currently in the need of a few duals for the server tx3.travian. We need the duals to be active 6+ hours a day, have a Skype, and be ready to work as a team and follow command. If you are interested please skype me at: {skypeaddress}, or email me at {emailaddress} You must be able to buy a few hundred gold a month.
Some information about this account is that we are currently rank 1 robbers, attackers, and rank 3 pop. We currently have 18 villages and are part of the rank 8 alliance. If you are interested please message me.

The next phase after this is accepting duals. You must be able to say no. First you start a separate Skype chat room with them. Ask them some basic questions, find out some basic knowledge. First take the time you need, lets say you need 4-8pm every day. Start by asking them, can you play 4-8pm every day. If they say no, dump them and move on. If they say yes, you can begin your interview. Begin by asking them some basic questions, how much can a clubswinger raid, what tribe is best suited for raiding. If they fail any of these questions dump them, there not worth your time. However if they do pass these questions, you can start on the harder questions. What is a username of an account you played? And on what server? Please give me the pass of the account (If the server is over, you can quickly check the account still assuming it hasnít restarted). You can still check them without using the pass, and check them on gettertools but the pass question will normally stump them. Then ask them things like how do you follow troops home (more on all this later) and so on. If they donít pass then once again you must dump them, but if they do pass, congratulations, you now have a new dual on your team.

Now what you must do is take your new team of duals and have all of you go to one chat room on skype. You must now discuss your plans. Which servers do you want to start? What type of server do you want to start? Who covers which time? Once you have this all sorted, you should go and pick yourself a certain server. Once you have this server figure out when it starts. I recommend preregistering and joining within the second that the server starts.

12 Dec 2011, 02:18 AM

Not meaning to sound harsh but I find that guide very brief and sketchy. Furthermore I would only follow your guide if I were desperate and had no other choice. Too many people live under the conception that dueling is the right thing to do and they lack the experience or skill to make it work. I would never make a partner official before I go on a blind date and I would describe your guide as picking your match before you know them. Another example of your guide I could think of is buying a car before the test drive. I would only consider it if I were in the most dire of situations.