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12 Dec 2011, 07:46 PM
kirilloid.ru (http://travian.kirilloid.ru/warsim2.php)


What is is?
Kirilloid (Kiri) is possibly one of the greatest projects/sites available to a travian player. There are 13 different tools available to players ranging from the subject of this article the combat simulator to an oasis calculator. Kiri's Combat simulator is an extended version of the one you can find ingame; it offers a great deal more flexibility along with more information and in an easier to use setup. It is important to note at this point that this article is looking at the Combat Simulator 2.0 which is designed for T4, there is also a version designed for T3.X

How does it work & Key Features?
Combat Simulators are basically what they say on the tin, and in the spirit of that saying they are just as easy to use. The simplest way of putting it is you put your troops in, the opposing troops in and hit the go button and watch the results. Now in reality its a little more complicated than that (but when isn't life?). Kiri does its best to make it nice and easy still but doesn't compromise on the features it has.


When you first load up the Combat simulator your presented with something similar looking to the above. Now first looking at it all the various boxes an options can be a little daunting but with a little thought you soon realise the layout is really simple and intuitive. The page can be essentially split into three zones, Attacker, Defenders, and Settings for both the attackers and defenders.


The first two zones are where most of the action takes place, the settings for each just mean you get a more accurate result. The first of these zones is the attackers, in the most basic fashion to use it you put your troop numbers in the bottom row of boxes and their level in the the upper row of boxes. You also can set your Tribe, Population and if you want to simulate a raid in the attackers settings zone.

Kiri however is capable of so much more than that, it allows you to add artefact effects to scouts, add Hero's their attributes and items and if you are targeting Buildings with Catapults with an option for targeting a Wonder of the World; then takes all this into account when calculating the outcome of the battle.


The above image has had a bit of photoshop wizardry done on it; but shows you roughly what the section of the site for selecting various additional options for your attacker looks like. The entire setup of this interface as with all of Kiri's is really easy to use and really straight forwards just pick/tick what applies and enter the levels into the relevant boxes.

Once you've setup your attacker correctly you need to setup your defender, this is where most of the settings zone comes into play as in Travian 4 there are a few factors which influence defence. Kiri gives you 5 choices for the main defender, (Roman, Teut, Gaul, Natar and Oases) and the options adjust depending in which one you select. If you want an accurate result this is probably the most important section to fill in if your attacking a Roman and miss off their wall your going to ignoring quiet a large defensive bonus which in a close run thing will make a difference.


The next step is to add your defenders, this is where Kiri excels over the ingame combat simulator by allowing you to add each defender individually, what this basically means is it allows you to add defending Hero's and it will work out their defensive bonus's which apply again giving you that more accurate information (so long as you know the info to add). One slight oddity is that Kiri has 3 buttons along the bottom for adding Roman, Gaul and Teuton defenders but none for Natar or Nature. You are able to select Natar or Nature but you have to do this in the drop down box next to the troops.


Once you've added in all your defending troops its really simple to get the result you just click calculate and then you get presented at the top of the page with your results. Kiri presents you with a set of results where is similar to a battle report in Travian, but also includes a series of statistics such as Offensive points, defensive points, lost resources broken down by resource and Hero Experience gained.


The stats that Kiri gives you are a nice and helpful way of judging if an attack is worth doing purely from a cost point of view; However i feel that Kiri should add a time to rebuild troops lost in a simulated attack as i personally use this more as a judge of if an attack has been successful than the cost of rebuilding the troops in res. I say this because often when planning a large scale attack my aim is to ensure that the opposing party isn't in a position to retaliate and will remain in a position that they cannot cause me harm or danger.

Conclusion & Score
Kiri is a great tool for planning attacks, especially if you know roughly what defence you are going to be facing. I have in my time found that i only really used it for seeing if my army would be successful in attacks against Artefacts, Plans and Natar Wonders of the world. This is largely my personal style of play and if you are a player who has invested some time into scouting your opponents it could be a useful tool.

Ease of Use: 4/5
Interface Design: 4/5
Usefulness: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5

Sorry this was a little late this month; i suffered from some major writers block. I've not decided which site i'll review in January so if you've got something you think deserves some attention then pop a post below with the link.

03 Jan 2012, 08:33 PM
Nice little review there :)

Personally I'd give it at least a 4/5 but thats my opinion 8)