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Bloated Fish
24 Mar 2015, 11:17 AM

I will be adding to this over the next week or so. It is time consuming, so please be patient.
Red boxes indicate changes, whilst black solid blocks are to hide my true identity from Messy.

Rally Point - Farm List

Problems: Seeing when the next raid lands on a given farm is convoluted.
Suggestion: The swords to the side of the raid should display the next attack when you hover over it, not "own attacking troops"
Consequences: Easy to view when next attack on farm

Problems: Thousands of reports pile up daily, as a result of farming inactives.
Suggestion: Give the option to remove green reports from farmlists.
Consequences: less reports built up, giving a cleaner server, and a more usable inbox

Problems: raiding villages change on the loss of troops
Suggestion: allow farm lists to be edited.
Consequences: Great fluidity on farmlist

Problems: Players forget when they last sent off their raids, causing duplication.
Suggestion: Show when the farmlist was last sent.
Consequences: A less robotic and more enjoyable experience.


Marketplace - Trade Routes

Problems: The current method is time consuming, taking 168 inputs of data in addition to viewing 48 screens
Suggestion: A tick system
Consequences: A minimum of 7 inputs, in addition to two screen views.


Barracks - Collapsible troops

Problems: account owners and sitters accidentally create troops that they don't mean to. Often, even if they are perfect at avoiding making that dreaded mistake, it is still a nuisance.
Suggestion: Collapsible troop options
Consequences: It removes the ability to make this mistake, and speeds up the process for sitters.


Main building - Re-arrange village

Problems: People set out with a plan that is incoherent over time. Particularly new players who may position a market place in multiple positions, for example.
Suggestion: Allow people to re-arrange villages for a small cost.
Consequences: People don't get frustrated by inconsistencies between villages, as they grow.


Map - Banned Players

Problems: Banned players are constantly clicked on, when searching for new inactives and potential alliance members. This is particularly common around a player's spawn and their second village.
Suggestion: A way of indicating banned players, such as a red cross. This could be enabled or disabled the same way markings are created (on the right-click menu).
Consequences: Legitimate players do not have their time wasted. Players who don't want this function can opt out.


23 Jul 2016, 03:22 AM
I vote Bloated Fish for Head Developer of Travian.

I'd add to the training troops accidentally one and give the option to cancel a set of troops in the queue with the disincentive to use it strategically (in anticipation of a raid or attack, for e.g.) being no refund.