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15 Jan 2016, 10:53 PM

Guide to Dual Forum - Searching & Offering

Welcome to the Dual Request section for your server! Here you are able to post threads either offering yourself as an available dual or asking somebody else to join your account as a dual.

Dualling can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and is especially useful for those of you who love Travian but don't feel you have enough time to dedicate on your own. Duals are also great because they can bring players together from all over the world to share their experience and skills for the benefit of one account.

So what is a dual?
A dual is somebody who can play on a game account at the same time as the owner. The owner of an account is defined as the person who has registered the account with their e-mail. A dual has password access to the account and all the same game playing options as the owner. They can send attacks, raids, reinforcements, they can conquer and catapult, then can buy and spend gold, and so on. The difference is that the dual doesn't have any 'legal' rights to the account, that is - if something goes wrong, then the account owner is the one who must deal with the issue with a member of staff. The dual has little to no jurisdiction here.

The Rules

Only one thread per game account - if you want to add more information or bump the thread, please add another post to your original thread. Don't create a new one!
Add the correct prefix - in order to post in this forum sub-section your thread requires a prefix to state if it's a Teuton, Gaul, Roman account or if you are offering yourself as a dual.http://t4.answers.travian.co.uk/images/gp/g/big/g9-ltr.png
Thread Titles - summarise what you're looking for in the thread title so it is easier for people to find an account that suits them at a glance
No Flaming - please don't flame peoples' dual requests. You can provide helpful advice or ask the person more questions about their account or their experience but don't attack the player personally
Expired Dual Requests - if you no longer want people to contact you about a dual request, please state at the bottom of your post that a dual is no longer needed, or ask your embassy Moderator to lock the request. They can re-open it again if you change your mind

How to search for a dual
When trying to find that special partner to help run your account, or offering yourself as Mr Right, you want to make sure that you are both in-tune with each others needs and requirements. This section allows you to advertise those needs and appeal to anyone out there who meets them. The following templates are often used as a guideline:

Finding a Dual

Username (if you want)
Account Tribe (roman, gaul, teuton)
Offensive or Defensive
Quadrant location (NE, SE, SW, NW)
Population / Number of Villages
Achievements (top10, top100?)
Gold or Non-Gold Account
Experience in what fields (simming, raiding, attacking, defending)
Online Times needed (GMT)
How to contact you & further communication (skype, pm)

http://t4.answers.travian.co.uk/images/gp/g/big/g36-ltr.pngIt can also help to tell people a little about yourself, and the other duals on the account. Try to make your thread stand out from the rest. Be careful about being too specific about what you're looking for, nobody's perfect!

Offering yourself as a dual

How many years experience on the game
Experience in what fields (simming, raiding, attacking, defending)
Good accounts you have been on which others may know
Your favourite or best tribe (roman, gaul, teuton)
If you play Offensive or Defensive
Your game achievements (top10, top100?)
What size account are you looking to join? (population / number of villages)
Are you willing to buy gold or not?
Online Times you can offer (GMT)
How to contact you & further communication (skype, pm)

You can give as much or as little information about yourself as you like. Also make sure you are telling the truth! Some newer players tend to exaggerate their skills which are soon discovered by the account owner. Be honest - if you are new, want to get into dualling, and want to be mentored and learn new skills, tell people that. Some more experienced players are interested in taking on new players and teaching them from scratch.

We hope you find the dual you're looking for, and have a great game!