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20 Jul 2016, 07:38 AM
So as of today we're now 28 days into this server. As most people reading this thread will be aware, most alliances are already well established by now and we're not likely to see many more contenders for the server past this point barring a split/complete crumbling of an alliance.

For the purposes of this analysis i'm only going to look at the main 2-3 allies in each quad plus a few others that have piqued my interest. Mainly going to concentrate on what i perceive to be their strengths and weaknesses, not going to delve into cropper ratio's 9c/15c or if members are settling 4446 (cough marsay) and position on the map will feature quite a bit.

Disclaimer: Alot of the following might be drivel, i'm just trying to garner a bit of interest on the forum and for this server in general.

North East
Smattering of ribbons on their profile showing that they can raid and attack sporadically, not in the top 10 for either so far this week either which to me is an indicator that these guys either are reliant on 1-2 members to do it all and they're slacking this week or doing other things. Good mix of tribes and players that look like they have an inkling of what to do however i question how much impact they will have on the NW as whole despite being allied with TI GMC. Low member count, looks like they're going quality over quantity while relying on relations with TI GMC.
Players to watch - Hell-Kaiser (i guess? though his 9c is putting me off)
Pop rank - 10th
Offence rank - 9th
Defence rank - 14th
Gettermap - http://www.gettertools.com/ts4.travian.co.uk.5/G-Map/46221581

Solidly based in the NE, no deviations from the quad and quite close together, always an advantage in my eyes.

Overall i'd rate them 6/10
Mainly due to the fact that they're allied with a certain somebody known for falling apart mid game and i feel like that could be their downfall this server.

Quality over quantity again, have a couple of well known players. Consistently third or fourth in attackers and raiders which is always a good sign of how well they're doing but raiding seems majoritively down to 2/3 players, don't want to say much more because i feel i'd come across with a bit of a bias.

Players to watch - H&H (solid raider, very well developed cropper) Zombies (solid raider though looks like he might not use gold? deffo isn't putting enough into cropper anyway) Trouble (tailed off since first few weeks but still a very well developed cropper, done enough to get it going)
Pop rank - 5th
Offence rank - 4th
Defence rank - 6th
Gettermap - http://www.gettertools.com/ts4.travian.co.uk.5/G-Map/234862803

Again solidly based in the NE, no deviations from the quad and quite close together, always an advantage in my eyes.

Overall i'd rate them 8/10
Mainly due to the fact that a certain somebody is at the helm of this alliance, had alot of dealings with him recently, he talks a good game but fails to back it up in my experience.

Formerly Stargate and WHO (i think?) spread over two quads and seem proud of it on their alliance page, i've rated them lower than i would have if they weren't so spread - would have been a 9/10. Nice mix of players here again though alot of chaff in my opinion, appears to be a fair few who know what they're about though. Leading the boards at the moment so gonna hope it continues for them.

Players to watch - Farmville (solid raider, 9c cap putting me off again) Maverick (nice to see a roman raider, cap out in the sticks though, wwk?) DLX (single handedly keeping travian in business through his scroll use, want to see him turn it into something) few more but not gonna list everyone.
Pop rank FED1 - 2nd
Pop rank FED2 - 6th
Offence rank FED1 - 1st
Offence rank FED2 - 6th
Defence rank FED1 - 1st
Defence rank FED2 - 25th
Gettermap - http://www.gettertools.com/ts4.travian.co.uk.5/G-Map/278758677

Overall gonna give these guys a 7.5/10
Based over two quads, think they've spread themselves too thin and they'll suffer because of it kudos to them if it pays off, also seem a bit more quantity over quality though only time will tell

The NE seems to be a contested area, i know a meta attempt failed between FED1/FED2 and TI DFC/TI GMC so i'm hoping to see a good fight here though i think the federation might just take this quad, depends on if they get any hassle from the NW

North West

FED1/FED2 already mentioned these guys but they're a presence in the NW.

Recently formed from Valar Morghulis and Guerilla's, ALOT of single village players here. They seem to me to be a lot more chaff than good, their whole alliance being outraided by most of the players in the top 10
currently this week. I think they're going to struggle long term, will keep a close eye on them though not expecting too much.

Players to watch - dsv (raider, 3 village nice strong cropper)
Pop rank - 4th
Offence rank - 7th
Defence rank - 2nd
Gettermap - http://www.gettertools.com/ts4.travian.co.uk.5/G-Map/270470004

Overall gonna rate these guys 5/10
Alot of work is needed here, not alot of offensive minded players and seems to include alot of new players, these will need guidance and great leadership to be turned into a force worthy of notice.

Recently formed, seems to be the brainchild of OhMyScott and Locke Lamora - i've seen their recruitment message, they want to form an alliance for the NW only to contest endgame. Early days, only 5 days old but seem to be making progress? if they can get a few of FED1's members in the NW to join them and a few choice additions from NW VM G, these guys could be a force for the NW and take this quad easily. Definately quality over quantity here

Players to watch - Locke Lamora (not too fond of his cap but close to spawn, good raiding gaul and top attacker on server) HeWhoDaresWins (top lad know him from previous servers)
Pop rank - 11th
Offence rank - 10th
Defence rank - 13th
Gettermap - http://www.gettertools.com/ts4.travian.co.uk.5/G-Map/278992092

Overall i'd rate these guys 6/10
with the potential for being top dogs in quad due to lack of other alliances, only time will tell

NW doesn't seem to have alot to offer, i feel like [A] could take on NW VM G even at this stage, maybe FED1/FED2 can influence this quad but again depends on the NE

South West
NW-SWM seem to be based more in the SW
Cute idea but not too fond on it, seem to be trying FED1/FED2's idea but with a lot less impact, early confed with starks though so maybe could come to something? Definately quantity over quality here, too many single village players for me to give them any creditability, they will struggle against MM.

Players to watch - Dovahkiin
Pop rank - 7th
Offence rank - 8th
Defence rank - 4th
Gettermap - http://www.gettertools.com/ts4.travian.co.uk.5/G-Map/252658790

Overall i'd rate these guys 5.5/10
Not to much to say here, every server has one of these alliances.

I like the look of these guys though a few of their big wigs are putting me off a bit. WildC skirting the border of the NW and marsay with a late 9c? Consistent across the board in third in attacking and raiding, i'd like to see this continue, i think they have the edge in this quad. Very concentrated in the SW with a slight edge towards the northern border.

Players to watch - WildC, TOP, benne, Crazy Jerry
Pop rank - 3rd
Offence rank - 3rd
Defence rank - 3rd
Gettermap - http://www.gettertools.com/ts4.travian.co.uk.5/G-Map/159831442

Overall i'd give these guys a 8/10
Easy quad so don't want to rate them too high, will see what happens closer to arti's

Even newer than [A] these guys look like they've recently split from MM, still early days for them, looking like they can be a force in the SW but still early days, look good on paper, farming quite well this week with no medals from the previous week, will have a better idea on monday morning and can maybe come back and update this one

Players to watch - Conks, Mano Negra
Pop rank - 8th
Offence - 17th
Defence rank - 58th
Gettermap - http://www.gettertools.com/ts4.travian.co.uk.5/G-Map/11952670

Overall i'd give these guys a 7/10

Starks confeded with NW SWM regardless i don't think much will happen there, FL and MM - not too sure about the diplomatic stance of these two alliances but i'm hoping sparks will fly, couldn't call a winner at this stage. At second glance FL are mostly ex-MM, strife? appearance of strife? hopefully someone can comment and confirm!

South East

These guys seem to have the quad firmly in hand, mainly built up of experienced players from first glance but still with a side of filler. Consistently near the top of the boards, rank 1 raiders this week, i'm expecting a lot from these guys. I currently have them as my favourite alliance right now as they're the only ones without any real opposition though that has been the downfall of many alliances in the past. Plus i'm just a massive fan of the name.

Players to watch - Crazy1, Hilloz, Beautiful,
Pop rank - 1st
Offence - 2nd
Defence rank - 8th
Gettermap - http://www.gettertools.com/ts4.travian.co.uk.5/G-Map/235875966

Overall i'd give these guys a 8.5/10

Grey zone seems to be pretty much devoid of life, kinda disappointing for the server as a whole as we all love a good greyzone fight

20 Jul 2016, 08:23 PM
Good job.

21 Jul 2016, 10:12 AM
Its decent writing,

Lacks aditional stats.

Also I think your out of 10 raitings, is far to generous, and actually. In my opinion, they give pretty bad idea of who is actually strongest.

To answer your points with regards to me, You lied about me. Directly damaged the strategic strength of your own alliance, and have taken over leadership of my alliance.

So what did that do for you?

Well you've lost, on serveral times.

Booted strategically placed players because they don't fit your own simplistic game plan.

And generally, you will lose the server now, where as I had a chance to win. You are a worse leader than I was, and a liar to boot.

23 Jul 2016, 03:15 AM
While trouble seems to be having a conversation all by himself (kudos for that), it looks like an interesting analysis and kudos for taking the time to put it together. By default, an analysis is different from person to person. While I'm not on the server myself to offer a counter argument it's good to see the gettertools maps and your predictions on which players to watch! It'll be interesting to see if those players meet their new found expectations and if the alliances also follow through.

First test for these players and alliances will be artefacts and I imagine I will be lurking around closer to the time :horse:

29 Jul 2016, 03:15 PM
Great analysis - please keep updating this regularly!

29 Jul 2016, 10:09 PM
:D seems a few predictions are already ringing true. Keep an eye on the NW as [A] is really picking up speed now.

30 Jul 2016, 03:35 PM
Yup seems like [A] have really kicked off and look the dominant force in the NW now.

FED have dropped down to one wing, losing 90% of their NW members.

Also looks like TI GMC and TI DFC picked up a few members from FED, much more equal in that quadrant now.

Would still like to hear about what happened with MM/FL?

30 Jul 2016, 07:26 PM
Would still like to hear about what happened with MM/FL?

2 words - Crazy Jerry.

There were those who were happy to ignore his blatant cheating, and those who wanted to be nowhere near it.

30 Jul 2016, 07:42 PM
2 words - Crazy Jerry.

There were those who were happy to ignore his blatant cheating, and those who wanted to be nowhere near it.

Then i would like to applaud those in FL. Notice Crazy Jerry chiefed a village from one of his 'personal defenders', i vaguely remember a quote on this forum where he said they weren't there to push him res or whatever, just defence. Pahaha.

30 Jul 2016, 09:56 PM
Then i would like to applaud those in FL. Notice Crazy Jerry chiefed a village from one of his 'personal defenders', i vaguely remember a quote on this forum where he said they weren't there to push him res or whatever, just defence. Pahaha.

haha - you're bang on the money with your observations. Sadly, at least some of those involved weren't aware of CJ's intentions... a bit sad really. He's a nice farm now though ;) MH always gonna get ya!

15 Aug 2016, 04:58 PM
Anything heating up in other quads yet?

Had a few niggles up in the NW but nothing serious really. Looks like NW VM G main 2 offensive accounts have a bad habit of going splat but that is about all so far.

20 Aug 2016, 07:59 PM
SWM is sinking quickly. Dovahkiin appears to have gone inactive. Yeah...

mano negra
18 Sep 2016, 03:08 PM
An update is needed, is the server dead already?!

18 Sep 2016, 03:32 PM
I agree, an update would be good!

19 Sep 2016, 02:17 PM
For some it is :ahoy:

19 Sep 2016, 07:01 PM
Given how a two player alliance consistently gets 8th/9th in the top raiders of the week, there must be something up with the server!

27 Sep 2016, 10:02 AM
We could get an update, since artefacts are coming in 68h :D. Also it's kinda sad, that only 5 alliances raided over 1M ressources...