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15 Sep 2016, 04:25 PM
I appreciate the time and effort it may take to moderate a server, but with there being generally 2 MH's on a server these days and numbers being so much less, surely it cannot be too hard a task?!

My main point here today is the inexperience and lack of knowledge we have with the current MH's. For example on ts1 I noticed a wee while ago I was unable to attack my own occupied oasis. Now I, like many others, have been around the block a fair bit and have seen many a report of some beautiful oasis attacks, for example;


So am fully aware that attacking an occupied oasis was possible but now it's not. You can only raid. So I questioned if this was an update or bug. The first response I got was to tell me;
I can only attack an oasis that is within range of my village, out side of that range I can only raid.

So I took a screenshot of me trying to attack my own oasis, which isn't possible. To which i got a reply along the lines of;
I am not able to attack my own oasis, if I want to transfer the linkage to another village I have to manually delete it and then re-conquer it from the other village, otherwise I am restricted to raiding only

I then explained how I have 100% attacked occupied oasis in the past and I am just enquiring if this is an update or a bug.
They are now speaking with technical support

My first reply from the MH was nearly 48hrs now and I'm still non the wiser. I would like to see MH's who actually know and understand the rules and mechanics of the game. Surely that should be a key factor before they are hired. Reading from a text book and enforcing their interpretation of the rules is why we see mistakes, wrongful bannings and cheats go unpunished.

MOD Elisa
15 Sep 2016, 04:55 PM
This particular issue is one that also threw me; I also remember that first report as it was the cause of much jubilation in our alliance on s2.

I'm not privy to the original request you sent, but I think we are talking a misunderstanding of your actual request - which happens pretty frequently by text. And I do understand your frustration because you're not mistaken that this game mechanic has been changed somewhere without announcement (to my knowledge). On a personal level, that makes my siege rather more safe from you than either you or I had envisaged, which I'm the first to admit, isn't fair.

MH are human and it's disappointing when we don't get a resolution fast. But given that this one's in the hands of technical support, it's probably not appropriate for us to go into this on the forums. You're welcome to talk to Feanor directly to chat about your concerns with the individual support you received.

For my part, once we find out what the story is on a technical level, I'll endeavor to make a post about it (if possible), so that players are aware.

MOD Elisa
17 Sep 2016, 07:17 AM
As promised, an update now that we have one, and I've unlocked the thread so that we can discuss this game mechanic. Ryder, I'm assuming you would like to be the one who gets the discussion back up and running so I'll leave it for you to post about it next. But I'm going to ask that it stays as discussion of the game mechanic. Cheers :) Elisa

MOD Elisa
27 Sep 2016, 07:47 PM
Good news everyone - I want to thank everyone for their feedback on this issue, both public and private. The game developers have noted the concerns and will be changing the behaviour back to how it was before. It's currently in their task list for correction and will be out with one of the upcoming releases.

tl;dr: you will be able to attack (distant) oases which are occupied by a player, rather than being limited to raid.