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Eric Rasputin
24 Jan 2017, 08:21 AM
Hey there,

Let's here some stories of how and when you guys started playing Travian. And do you remember your first round? Any awesome experiences you have had throughout your journey? I've been playing for 9 years now and I love every bit of this game.

24 Jan 2017, 05:39 PM
On my first server, I was a multiaccounter. I played my account and my brothers, i tried to get him interested in cavalry, but he wasnt interested in the pixels. I ended up finishing the round on his account after some one in the same alliance as me left the alliance and killed me, he joined NMS. So I joined confederation, and tried stupid move like trying to be a spy, and trying to get my own alliance, then the alliance leaders had enough of me and I just ended up with no alliance.
I built 1 9 cropper and 2 partial villages. had 1k phalanx, thought it was loads, had also some swords and some catapults, i sent them all to the ww expecting to do loads of damage, but did absolutely nothing at all.
Then I joined lords on friedrich account with morgz.
Friedrich Teutonic Meaning:
The name Friedrich is a Teutonic baby name. In Teutonic the meaning of the name Friedrich is: Peaceful ruler.
this is the 1st server i played
2nd server would be 2008
excuse to put this song some where xD
1;44 :)

btw the guy called maleorderbride
was the number 1 player
being 13 I had no idea how to read it properly, for a long time it thought it was mel-dor-bride
IDK to make it make sense to my dumbass dyslexic brain :)

this thread has died rasputin/

28 Jan 2017, 08:38 AM
My first Server was UK4 round 3. I picked an IGN which has followed me ever since and become almost as familiar to me as my real name. At the time I was bogged down with trying to manage a young family and a new full time job so Travian was something just for me, hence the name Meme, in my head mee meee! I played intensively for a couple of years whilst I went through a period of severe depression where Travian became an escape from real life and, I suspect, was also attractive because it was the one thing I had some control over. In my real life I couldn't string a sentence together, wouldn't leave the house, couldn't interact with any of my friends or family, lost a lot of weight because I forgot to eat unless someone put food in front of me, couldn't watch a film or read a book because I couldn't concentrate on anything, yet online I could put together complicated battle plans, work out strategy and converse normally with people as if nothing was wrong with me.

Once I got better and other real life things took over again I stopped playing so much, but like a true addict, I can't leave it alone and here I am back again.

Along the way I've met people who have turned into real friends in real life, JPP, Hawkery, Lanky, Lainey, Pete and Stu to name a few and others who have stayed as online friends and supported me through some dark times, Pizza, Moonpig, James, Dafne, Ryder. Also some arch enemies - Shaun, Crossbreed, Angel and Ursa Minor or whatever their names are.

Highest point was the HATE days when I was playing with an amazing team and we trashed server after server.

Lowest point was the night Ursa and Crossbreed pulled their forum stunt. My husband was taking me out to a carol concert after I hadn't left the house for two months straight because of my illness. I was a wreck and just cried through the whole evening. At least Angel found it funny though the lies they posted alongside a real life photo of me could have cost me my job and my marriage.

28 Jan 2017, 03:34 PM
If I remember correctly my first server was UK5 back in '07 or '08. I played for a week or two then became a farm and lost interested. I remember thinking to myself a few months later that I wanted to play a strategy game again and in 2008 I started uk5 again. Played under the name Hawk901 back then and it was the server that Trouble started the alliance Voodoo (round 5 I think?). I started with a player called Getafix, two duals, a Canadian and a German. They taught me the basics and I got to sit their account to see how they did things and Getafix was high pop but in his own alliance of noobs (me included). Eventually, he negotiated with Voodoo (who was now being run by Atrocious and I think Trouble as he sat my account) to move to Voodoo and bring a handful of players along - I was one of them. Trouble sitter checked me and saw what would send me barmy nowadays and was your traditional 6c cap noob. I had legs, prets, imps trained in my spawn. But before long I had some advice from RDA (still keep in touch with the one dual from that acc) who advised me to settle a 15c in the sticks. I was pretty active on skype and before long, I joined the leadership team in the sister wing of Voodoo. I remember being really frustrated with the lack of response on the NE Russians called Wind and I'd already started retaliation plans so Atrocious gave me Mm rights and a title to go with it. Shortly after, I took over one of the leaders accounts (Oz-) which had two hammers, two or three paladin raiding hammers and a ton of def and scouts, most villages were in negative consumption. I remember spending up to 18 hours a day on travian and I'd sleep for 3 hours, wake up to send raids and go back to sleep it was such a chaotic account. SmOkE chiefed my hammer village and after cursing like mad at him on Skype, we became quite good friends and I dualled with him on Storm on uk3 with Hate where I met Meme and co. I think by this point I was also half way through a uk2 server with LC as well. I certainly wouldn't be here though if it wasn't for Getafix negotiating my invite and I Trouble too for accepting the offer. The Oz- account definitely taught me the hard way how to manage an account in endgame and that trying to sprint will only end badly - as it did at one point when the weather got nice as I refused to sign in for 2 days :D

Highlights have been uk2 with Falcons stealing the master diet off LC despite the temp dual on the account planning to clear sending the cavalry and rams in one wave and the infantry and cats in another - yet somehow we cleared what little def there was and stole the arte. Never thought we'd pull it off being the underdogs but I guess that helped as they never expected it. LC stole it back in the end but we took out a large arsenal in the process. I then moved accounts to dual on the WW account with Beer (or Band) and helped them secure a win. I'd probably add my first uk3 with Hate to that too as SmOkE and I built on a good account that had been handed to us but before long SmOkE had RL commitments so I was left to man the ship which was tough but fun. Played nearly consecutively since then with at least one server going in the background somewhere. Voodoo, LC, Hate, Nox, ???, SWM, Beer, *M*, TFC, Dynasty, DT, plus various other alliances.

Made some real life friends too. Met a guy called Joe from my first server who I think is now engaged, though I haven't kept in touch with him. But I've made some great friends who I have kept in touch with and met in RL :)

I need a coffee break now.

Eric Rasputin
28 Jan 2017, 04:27 PM
this thread has died rasputin/

Give it time ;)

And those are wonderful stories Meme and Hawk ..

I remember multiaccounting once. Except I had no clue how to hide it. I was 11 or 12 I think lol ... No VPN or nothing. Just different e-mails. Funnily enough my account and my second one ended up right next to each other. Back then I never knew how to found a second village so I just kept playing with a single village account all server and the MH never caught me!

My first round was comx and my IGN was Uchiha Itachi. I was playing in an alliance called WildS led my Myth0s who's skype name was Isildur. I remember that round so clearly. Met a few friends who helped through. David Berkowitz, Heather and Jen, Jean were my first friends. After that round we lost touch and to this day I don't know where they are or if they are playing. But I sure would like to reconnect with them if they still play.

Started playing when I was 10. The first three years I was just wandering about trying to learn. But everyone just kept zeroing the newbie and no one offered a helping hand. But as I grew up, my brain developed and I started understanding the game a little better. And then when I was 15 I was down with the basics but could not become an advanced player. I met a guy called Bernard and he taught me the little tricks to the game and he mentored me. He was 77 at the time and he even came to my country once because his dream was to travel the world. We met and talked and had fun. Sadly he died last year and I attended his funeral and after that drank my sorrows with his son and daughter and they left. One of the greatest people I have met through Travian for which I am eternally grateful.

01 Feb 2017, 06:47 AM
First time play this game because i bored in another game.

That game is web browse also, Ninja-rpg (i was top 3 over there, thats why i am bored). Thats at 2009

I just click the ads on my yahoo mail that day. and bring me to server .com, after search i meet my hometown server .co.id.
Register for speed server with my stupidity name "Yousei". Late register around 1-2 week. Fast being farming from another player, because i dont know how to play this game, and because the guide before register i choose being rome, lol, for beginner being rome like pain in the ass.

Just deleted that id, because i dont like being farmed, i always be predator in every game that i played. Create another id in the same server, practically that make me late 1 month start that server, and i notice being teuton is the best way for my style that time. Raiding non stop, 3 days have 1K clubs, at that time i did`t realize that having many village is important lol.

I made 7 village in the end with totally almost 15K troops in all village, i made troops in all village lol, and My fam win that server.
After that i played again until 2011 with same fam, and always win that server 5th in a row, being bored because always win, and coincidentally i get scholarship for master degree, i choose retired.

Play again in 2015 in normal server, because i am not younger anymore, i can`t keep online to keep my troops not die because starving lol, normal server always easy to play, more realistic lol

Thats my stupid story....