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16 Feb 2017, 07:15 PM
New Rules for WvV (amended 16.02.2017)

** Any amendments to these rules to suit adaptations of a basic round, eg. three-way rounds or extra specials, will be added to the relevant sub-heading and highlighted to make all players aware of the changes before sign-up.

0. Signing Up
You must have a forum account to take part in the game. Members who want to play must post on the sign-up thread. By posting in the sign-up thread you are agreeing to all of the rules as detailed below.

1. Game set-up
This section describes the basic set up of a typical game round.

The game will be run by a Host(s), these could be forum members or forum crew.
There will be at least one forum moderator assigned to the forum to assist the host and enforce the forum rules as required and implement any rules as detailed in 7.

The game has two teams – the [bad team] (baddies) and the [good team] (goodies). Upon signing up to the game, you will be allocated a team. Only one team can win the game. The ratio of baddies:goodies is 1:3 (eg. 6 [bad team] to 18 [good team]). To balance the game, the [bad team] have a leader ("Alpha") who can carry out an extra kill per night ("Alpha kill") and the [good team] have a number of special characters who have additional powers to protect/save players from being killed.

2. How to win
The aim for the game is to be the last team standing, be it [bad team] or [good team].

[good team] will win if all the [bad team] are eliminated.
[bad team] will win if they outnumber the [good team].

3. Player Roles
On the opening night of the round, all players will receive a forum message from The Host. This message will tell you what team you are on (goodies or baddies). It will also tell you if you have been assigned a special role and an explanation of what this role means. Roles are chosen at random, if you need your role further explained please contact the Host with any questions.

The [bad team] will also be told the names of every player in their team, so they are all known to each other from the first night. The [good team] do not know each other initially.

You can tell others which team you are on. You cannot volunteer the name of a special role you may have to other players - this is a form of cheating, please see 7. Removal through breaking the Rules. You can hint at your role, and if asked explicitly by another player then you can answer them. (Players should not just run through every role until they guess right either).

4. Voting

All players have a ‘lynch’ vote i.e. they vote for a player to be removed from the round, or choose ‘no lynch’. Your vote should be submitted by private message. In order for your vote to be considered, every day you must post on the forum at some point before 9:30 PM UK time.
You may only change your vote once before the voting deadline (and make clear you are doing so in the title/subject of the PM).
Voting via Skype or text message is not permitted under any circumstance, as this is a forum game.
Your vote must be submitted by yourself; other players cannot vote on your behalf.
Players with a ‘special role’ should also submit their choices to The Host before 9:30 PM UK time.

5. Kill Post
After all votes have been submitted before 9:30 PM UK time, a Kill Post will be posted on the forum by The Host. The kill post will include a full set of lynch votes (including any votes effected by a special character), the alpha kill, and any players removed through inactivity. These details should include hinting if a player has been protected or swapped.

The player with the most lynch votes leaves the game.

If ‘no lynch’ has the most votes, no kill will take place.
If the player in question is protected by a special character, no kill will take place.
If the player in question is swapped by a special character, another player will die in their place.
If there is a tie in votes, no kill will take place.

The order in which actions will take place for determining who lives and dies are:

Vote changing special (if one is present in the game)
Lynch vote
Other special character actions i.e. protection
Alpha kill

Please note: the order of events in the kill post do not need to follow this order as concessions will sometimes be made so there is a good plot. Should you be concerned about the order, please message the host.

If the Alpha dies, then as long as members of the [bad team] remain, the other team members will execute the kill on their instructions. The seer will receive the results of their special vote after the Kill Post in a private message. If the seer dies, the result will not be provided.

Whichever way a player leaves the game, their exact role (and team) will be detailed in the Kill Post.

6. Removal through inactivity
Every player is allowed five nights of inactivity throughout the game round, or a maximum of three nights in a row before they are removed from the game - whichever criteria is met first. A night of inactivity is defined by not voting.
To count as active, a player must submit their lynch vote and/or their special vote that day. If a special character only submits their special vote, but not a lynch vote – they will be shown as inactive and count towards a day of inactivity. If you are using this method for tactics, then use it wisely!
Players cannot remove themselves from a round by resigning. You may choose to stop voting, and in doing so the above inactivity rules will apply.

7. Removal through breaking the forum/WvV rules
The game is partly hosted on the forum, and as such any posts here must follow the forum rules, particularly those concerning offensive or rude language and/or images. While the Skype chat is outside the responsibility of the forum team, it must follow the TG fan-site policy. Strong language, adult humor and content that some might find offensive may be experienced in the Skype chat.

If a player is banned from the forum, they will be considered inactive for each night they cannot submit their vote by PM.

8. Conduct once removed from the game
Dead, eliminated, inactive or banned players should not comment on the game underway. This includes, no suggesting that one side/player is stupid or smart, no discussing how many wolves/villagers might be left, no discussing potential tactics etc. Each of these can influence/affect the views of others still directly involved in the game. If in doubt, don’t post. Nor should you ‘spam’ the thread or Skype room making it difficult for those who are still alive to keep up.

Should a player repeatedly and/or intentionally break the rules, they may not be eligible to apply to host or play future rounds.

9. Posting transcriptions
No private transcripts can be posted without the other person’s consent (including The Host). This includes the message received stating your role, which should not be shown or copied to anyone. You may post public chat transcripts only within the WvV forum.