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Defender of North
17 Feb 2017, 02:13 PM
Dear forumites,
Once again I salute you!
Many moons has passed since the last good occasion for a little forum boast. For a long time we were playing defensively and I must admit we were not having great success in it. We were able to deflect several attacks but we failed to detect many more. This wounded us deeply and lowered the overall morale trough out our mighty coalition. So in order to change that and uplift the spirit of our brave soldiers we came up with a daring plan. Its goal was clear – to rip a piece of our oppressors flesh and salt the wound by showing them that no artifact in their possession is safe. After careful planning the target has been determined – the Great Storage Masterplan III itself!
In order to gain precious information about the battlefield we have been sending small groups of soldiers specially trained to create the feeling of a larger force being on the way /a.ka. fakes/ at every artifact the meta of NemeAAris posses and we realised that the enemy’s defenses are weak and their walls riddled with cracks. So it was time for us to show them that nobody can take action against us with impunity!
Covered by the night and by the great smokescreen our small groups of soldiers created the kill squad was send on its way to deliver a devastating blow. But it was an attack of wits and not a mad attempt on the enemy gates using brute force. So a single battalion of our great army was given the task to ride to the enemy camp without its commander and bathe in the blood of the unsuspecting defenders. We knew that the moment the enemy spots the attacks they will send their spies to scout the area and seeing the army staying seemingly idle alongside its commander behind the city walls will fool them into thinking they are safe. But they were dead wrong and the ultimate prize was paid that day.


Right after our soldiers liberated the village the army commander sacrificed himself to be reborn in the former enemy camp where he was welcomed by the troops. The habitants of the village met him with open arms and the loyalty of the settlement instantly reached its maximum levels. As soon as the enemy realised what has happened they send out a large force to reclaim the village before it’s too late. But it was already too late. One of our fastest heroes was already on his way to collect the spoils of war. And so he snatched the artifact under the nose of the attacker.

Thanks for attention and understanding ;)

The Zombie
17 Feb 2017, 03:28 PM
Very well played chap, a good plan executed well against an artifact that we have fortunately finished with :) The first glimpse of the mighty NW warriors eh :D

It's a shame you are down over 20 players in your meta before you started but at least you might try to start putting up a fight now.. oh but wait, you are already struggling to defend the targets you have and this gives us one more to aim at so that is our tiny little bit of silver lining on todays actions i suppose..

Again though well done to the PantyFoOlympians, a big pat on the back.. you got a nice point back so it's now (AA) 100 vs 5 (You) if we include Wuut's achievements before the pressure got too much and he deleted with his cronies.

And more importantly well done on the nice story mr Zeus!