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04 Mar 2017, 07:16 AM
Hey Folks

There has been some confusion over the Rise of Alliances Pushing/Raid Protection.

Pushing Protection

Since the quickstart means way more resources are in the game, we had to rethink pushing protection. The revised version works on a per-village basis and limits the amount of resources that can be stolen or transferred to 20% of the village's daily production.

This pushing protection applies to all types of connection (same PC, same IP, different IPs)

The amount of resources that can be sent per village will be reset once a day, at the same time as the daily quests. The daily production is also updated at that time.

The pushing protection is based on the daily production of a village. Please keep in mind that you now may get an error message when trying to send resources from one village, while you may still be able to send resources from a different village.

Though you might need to reconsider your farm strategy, we believe that this change will make the game more balanced and fun.

Your Travian:Legends Team

04 Mar 2017, 01:07 PM
this rule sucks, you allow multis and botters on your tournament servers, you do nothing.

but here

its illegal to kill a guy and steal his resources


what a joke, travian doesn't maintain the integrity of its game, we know that, we're used to it, but can you not call your active legitimate player base cheats all the time??
with some b.s rule that doesn't really change the game, or affect cheaters..

its a joke that they have taken time to implement these measures, but that they dont chase down blantant widespread cheating on other servers, even when the problem is so blatant and obvious , that a majority of the player base knows and understands that its going on, but is powerless to do anything.

Its kinda sickening to think that its just the norm, we're legit just used to dealing with cheaters, cheaters getting away most of the time. Yet they come here give us this b.s about how I'm being restricted from taking res from the village I just cleared. This is fundamental game mechanics you decided to mess with, and its not affecting cheaters at all, its just affect every one.

Infact is is a blatant lie to say that this rule is for pushing protection, its not, it doesn't work like that, it affecting every one.
Cheaters even found a way around it, and they are no longer effected :D.. (btw Maybe this can be patched? )

what it does is limit the growth of legitimate players, and supposedly help the server to grow by allowing noobs a fail safe.
But it is marketed as anti cheating, which is a load of rubbish. It doesn't do that, this is not pushing protection, this is noob protection. Stop saying I'm cheating 500 times a day, go deal with the actual cheats.
Tbf, I could take it if you put this rule as like, "beginers protetion" and it lasts like a week.
but seriously, when I hit an army city perfectly so they didnt know im comming etc, and I get a fat bounty, your only gona let me take 20% of that villages production..

We are in agreement, this rule does not make sense.

If you want to make this rule, they say it as you make it, do not lie to us and try to belitle us. It is you whos systems are failing and are considered a joke such that competative players wont even play your game because they know that if they do, they will be compete with cheats that travian GMBH does nothing about.

This rule is rubbish, because the justification is completely wrong.
And its ironic and stupid to say that you are attempting to deal with cheating, when we know that your not, and this rule is just effecting all players, not cheaters.

its simple,
1.) learn to prevent actuall cheating
2.) do not say you are preventing normal players from cheating when they use the games normal functions and play it as it is designed
3.) This rule is bad even in the case of helpling new players to grow, they dont grow, just prevent me take the res, and some one else does.
Then they come to village with piles of res in it, build troops, and we kill all, or catapult to stop troop production.

4.) This rule is going to have a big impact on later game reports, esepcially army cities.

So bassically, what I'm saying is, it fails to achive its aim, (more ballanced game, better chances for newer players etc)
But what it actually does is:
Call your every day player a cheat, all day, lots of times a day. Because you were too thick to put the wording right on your half assed new rule.
Makes noobs conserve piles of resources, fair enough, they have res to spend because we can't take all of it.
Does it help them grow? leme tell you, there is a lot of players on my farm list:
Raiders of the week

No. Players Resources
1. Trouble 2904441

Some is just inactive, the ones that try to survive after the first day, they're not being saved.. This rule isn't help them get back on their feat, they are still farms.

But what it does do is restrict my clears, which is annoying.
If farm built up def, cant take them, because I wont re-coup my loses unlesss I get my entire ally to join me in farming.
Bassically then, your farms w.e the more ballance you brought to the game, well I will have to destroy it. Keep your silly rul

Class act travian, I've goten over the fact that I didn't read this in the forum post, this is just some dumb stuff.
I remember being triggered the first time, because the message says to me "your a cheat" and then lol, take 1 look out the window at the actual cheats, its not effect them, travian does nothing about them.
Pushing protection here, but on the tourney, massive multi bot cheaters... They are bannned and deleted, I think.. Somewhat. I cannot prove, its a theme, should have screenshotted, rookie error.

Focus on doing your jobs better, when you've dealt with the actual cheats then you can start doing this stuff, till then
please explain to me why I just missed out on 40k resources here, and I have gotten a message for "pushing protection"

While on the tournament servers, you go there and then travian does nothing whilest hordes of mutlis are used to completly unballance the game. The phrasing seems as if targeted to multi, and I think they have good reasons to try solve this problem, but this is not the solution.

I suspect that this rule is a pathetic attempt to address a very widespread issue in the travian game system. I.e the multi, because of how clumsy it is etc. And how they allowed the huge multi onto tourney, and they know "we must get rid of this" or else it will just grow more.. right?

With regards to multi, its a bandaid on bullet hole.
It shouldn't say "pushing protection"
that guy was not pushing me, I walked 2 hours after I scouted him for a nice bounty, but because travian wants every one to belive they can do their jobs (Which they cant fyi) I got 40k less res.
So thats my conclusion, its bad rule, its named poorly, and I think its pretty bad taste to put "pushing protection" as the name, as though somehow this guy was co-operating with me or w.e
also it does nothing to adress real cheats, and very little is done about it in the first place, so its justifyable to be annoyed when you say your stopping cheats, but your not.

04 Mar 2017, 02:13 PM
If you want to discuss the tournament you are on the wrong domain & forum UK does not host any tournament servers. Please go to www.forum.travian.com (http://archive.forum.travian.com/forumdisplay.php?f=706) as the tournament is run on that domain.

If you have a complaint to make about a UK server / cheaters please contact the Customer Services Rep (Feanor) via email to admin@travian.co.uk

The feedback (from your conclusion as it was the most relevant/cohearent part) has been sent to HQ

04 Mar 2017, 02:54 PM

just saying, I dont really consider this to be progress.. (at least as far as cheating goes.) and its called an "pushing" rule, so it is target to cheating and breaking the rule that says account must be run for its own benefit... Which btw is broken by good alliances all the time.

Alright, thanks.

Lord Aslan
04 Mar 2017, 05:25 PM
Trouble your grammar is terrible and makes your post torture to read mate. Furthermore, your points are subjective.

1.) learn to prevent actuall cheating
2.) do not say you are preventing normal players from cheating when they use the games normal functions and play it as it is designed
3.) This rule is bad even in the case of helpling new players to grow, they dont grow, just prevent me take the res, and some one else does.
Then they come to village with piles of res in it, build troops, and we kill all, or catapult to stop troop production.

4.) This rule is going to have a big impact on later game reports, esepcially army cities.

1. Pointless statement as you're not saying how.
2. What?
"There is a limit on how many resources you can raid from this village."
This does not suggest to me that travian thinks I'm cheating. It simply says I need to raid someone else. Scripts won't read this, so they'll continue raiding, thus wasting their time, while normal players will move to a new farm. Thus the normal player gaining an advantage over a script.
3. Again what? No-one said this rule was for new players.

This rule in-fact is aimed NOT at your normal cheaters, but in-fact aimed at the very cheaters we need to be battling. Those that use scripts to do the work for them, to play the game for them. I'll refer you to my earlier post:

Makes sense to me, to spread raiding around among players. On some servers all the farms are dominated by a select few accounts who run scripts to raid every 5 mins, leaving no resources for anyone else.

With this rule you have to manually send your farm lists and select your farms/edit etc. Scripts are just going to continually raid the same farms and return 0 res all day long once the 20% has been raided.

Kudos to Travian.

04 Mar 2017, 06:44 PM
they must use device verification or otherwise to prevent the creation of many mutliple accounts. That is the intended target of this rules, surely...

Also I was given impression this was done to prevent people starting there own account to farm themselves. not this weird farm list thing. Or a rule that prevents you winning a fight. Which is esentially what I see it as, I want it removed.

You mean its preventing the cheats by preventing people who use bot to auto raid farm getting res. Hmm, well a script can easily sort it, perhaps the ocasional bot loses from this. because maybe the bot cannont uncheck the farms needed, and the script , script could easily identify it, so could a bot but I think its harder to, Im not an expert.

Mostly just what happenes is you have to uncheck them in farm list. when they tell you to stop because your in violation of "pushing protetion".... :sick:

2ndly it does say : "There is a limit on how many resources you can raid from this village."
However before that it says : "pushing protection" but its deguised as a little symbol.

This measure does not address that problem. And since this is a beta server etc, it'd be pretty silly of travian if they are not trying to solve the multi account problem, since ur.. You know "the multihunter" and previously outlined cheating occur, which it did. Found servers stats and they look amended, but doesn't change that it happened unforuntatley, and I still think farming of multi is occuring and can be big factor in the game, so I suspsected they are trying to bring this into normal travian, this shouldn't be allowed.

also L.a
"This rule in-fact is aimed NOT at your normal cheaters, but in-fact aimed at the very cheaters we need to be battling. Those that use scripts to do the work for them, to play the game for them. I'll refer you to my earlier post:"

Dude, this measure doesn't effect them. The multi can find a way around this, but I cant find a way to destroy my enemy, if I cant take his res, and I have no catapults.
nothing you can do.

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure how the multi gets around this, but pretty sure they can like just share the res 5 ways, so aslong as your a multi + you have friends, you and your pals laugh your way all the way to the bank.. and the hall of fame?
- nono, travian was able to ban some multis it seems.. Just saw them on the top 10s. They were deleted it seems..

Its a bad rule, and shouldn't be appplied to standard servers, they should go and look at the fundamentals of the problem which is: they cannot track Ips via proxy.
This is old, so old. a proxy worked when I first began, remember I was a multi accounter too like you 1st server, I had 2 account and I said 1 was my brother (kinda was?), it worked, but I also tested a proxy, and that worked too.

Now there is methods, because it is not a solved problem doesn't mean every one should use it and it becomes the norm, no "multi hunter" should "hunt multi". that is my suggestion. (and sorry to uk forum staff, I am complaing here because of the uk20, but I'm adress my concerns to teh tourney server, and I suspect also travian is trying to solve the same problem i talk of, because why else test some anti multi method..

I think cheating occured on tournament, hm, cannot confirm, I do not see some accounts, I think they did inflate to rank 1 using the method, but are removed since easily identified exploit.

2ndly, if they solve this problem using fundamentals, which is personal identification - I mean this is bigger than travian right, its a problem in the future. Is knowing who a person is online. Anyway, you check the ip most of the time. Point is multi got around that all the time just using a proxy

if same Ip doesn't log in its fine. - this is travian vs modern servers proxy etc lol. "let them only take 20% for each account, mess with every one normally playing the game that'll sort it lol".
I mean to any one who rationally goes through this, I'm sure they will see it hinders the normal players of the game more than it stops cheats. IDK what else I can do to prove that.

There are guys who do this very well, they do it all the time, and you can kiss my ass with that "earl gold cropper army" what these guys do is different, just build 20-30 villages and farm them all using your account, it alters the game dynamic completely, creating very big disbalance between the multi and the normals..
I am fairly sure of this occuring, but I mean I couldn't prove it even if I had the details handy, I think travian investigated some of these and applied remedies, but it doens't deal with the cause..

This is like, a masive problem, one that you seem to be unaware of. I think solution is applied in hindsight, like I go to the server stats, cannot see the accounts etc that I saw on the top 10. I think travian addresses this problem, but they're just powerless to prevent it happening again,..

This change, this change targets normal players. It wouldn't be good on normal servers.

Say if Im fighting aslan, we spawn 1v1, I can only take 20%, he can log in no matter what time after, and all his res is there. I mean 80%. Like what can I do vs him, He start with 400k production a day, Im allowed to steal after killing hist roops 20% of that. Afterwards, there is no "I need allies and tactics and maybe crannies to help me now" nah, travian gave you an 80% cranny for free. That is not a good game mechanic.

That makes no sense, if my stratergy is to clear your village, I want to be able to punish you and take all of your resources to stop you from playing the game and take over this part of the map.

Luckily for aslan the mutli we saw last were pretty noob, else they should have given him a proper spanking, maybe he would remember it then. and I think some of them are deleted from stats, I dont see any of the guys I saw farming offensive points. I don't have anything to back that up btw.

I reckong may have gotten caught when they started that scout b.s and lost some WWK? they just randomly threw out armies it seemed, and had accounts getting insane off point. in the last weeks like legit rank 700 no names suddenly making more offensive point than a WWK landing.

Only reason I say this is because I suspect they would look for solutions to previous problems, may have overthought this though, tbh they just need to crack on with device verification or something and stop the multis that way.
this isn't gona stop them. and tbh erasing them from server datas doesnt make them not occur..
and, what is "pushing protection" if not protection from multis...??

I saw these account on this server:
I think they got deleted from the stats though perhaps.


04 Mar 2017, 07:24 PM
Pushing Protection

Since the quickstart means way more resources are in the game, we had to rethink pushing protection. The revised version works on a per-village basis and limits the amount of resources that can be stolen or transferred to 20% of the village's daily production.

As you can see HQ mentions nothing about the res limit being about cheaters or controlling

The resource limit it because you get a boosted start, any other effect is secondary and/or unintended.

RoA is not Travian T4 so you should expect it to have different game mechanics, indeed many of the features in the special servers comes from player requests from around the world.

The pushing protection title is down to reusing existing translations (CT1 CT2 CT3 already used in T4) you are right that the name does not really reflect the role it plays. "Daily Resource Limit" or something similar would be more appropriate.

Multi accounts, bots and cheaters are an issue in any game, the voluntary domain staff are doing the best they can to minimize both the number and the effect such rule breakers have. They are limited to using the provided tools and often agree with a player that someone is breaking the rules but there is not enough evidence in the tools so are not able to take action. Naturally I can’t discuss in any more detail then that due to legal constraints.

I think the important point to take away here is that RoA is a special server which has completely different mechanics and end goals. Some things work and some things dont (Cauldron anyone?) but that’s exactly what these servers are intended for, to test features and to give a slightly different game / goal / mechanic for those players who have got bored of T:L or T:K

Regarding your grammar, don’t worry about it, we can still get the gist of your thoughts from your posts. You could try using Word or similar to type out your post first or use a browser add-on to correct directly as you type

Once again if you wish to discuss the tournament please go to the .com forum and raise your issue there.

04 Mar 2017, 07:39 PM
alright, fair enough.

I thought this rule since its called "Pushing protection" is beta of something to go into travian to stoping the multis. Since the name..
I forgot what it is exactly but there is something that already made the jumps between beta and the normal game.

Also, I should edit my post I think.
- done removed references to proxy browser etc.

04 Mar 2017, 08:17 PM
No its not something being tested. It is there just to create balance due to the boosted start, the mechanic is often used on internal test servers also to provide balance when the game is boosted in some way.

I think you mean PTR where things move from beta to release.

But I loved the cauldron *sobs*

04 Mar 2017, 10:00 PM
Alright I amended my posts, should be more co-herent.
I cant prove that multi occur on that server, I think they were able to delete them etc, when they became obvious, but maybe ah, not all.. Who knows.
Maybe those accounts were "geniune" , but I remember seeing mad high off points, unfeasible raids. all server high, and I think one of these numbers is super super high, I am remembering 18 million. But, hey, maybe I am wrong and this didn't occur, perhaps my adled brain just added a 0 and i didn't notice these players at rank 1-3 offensive ranks with teh top wwks of the server landing, and they are still higher off points.. hmm.

I think it was solved in retrospect, and tbh, its not really good enough is it? - travian would realise this and try to solve, which is why I drawn the paralel between this change, and the events prior.
So, that is all.. Whole rant about how they can try to fix multi, and how this change is unsuitible to deal with it.

Also Cauldron needs ballancing.

otherwise infinate cash = infinate power, never is that tolerable.

The cauldron should be fun and random, idk why travian always think the way to more money is to give gold users lots of power, the way to power is through high levels of concurrent players, so they should focus changes onto free to play..

Because that will also incetivise pay to play.
W.e I just hope they can stop the Multi, I dont wana have to play 90 accounts just to compete.
And I think the numbers on that server, so big, that they shocked this change.

and I dont belive its for "the good of the players" etc. etc.


Thats too obvious, too easy, I mean it does make sense. but, why does this change never go away etc..
Because it its just an early game thing.. tailor it to early game.

I played roa 2x before, nothing like this was implemented.

So, once the early game is done, and its day 100.. I will be restricted in farming then? against player with 20 villages?


EDIT: Forget the multis and the cauldron.
Will this rule persist all server?
even to point where player has 20 villages, I will not be able to farm properly because "pushing protection"
Just have to split with alliance that is all. But still, an odd change.
to raid a guy now you must konga line into the village. or else. Only small res for you :D

- - - Updated - - -

Alright, bring on the konga lines, this changes the way we farm, and the way we would raid inactives also.

or attack the enemy players.

I've made it clear this change doesn't make up for multis, because they are always testing this stuff, and I'm suspect them of trying to fix multi using this. But its not going to work. ofc there is no proof that they are even bothering to try fix that, but ur, maybe they are maybe their not. Whatever, if this change persists all server, konga lines abound.