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El Host Accountio
11 Mar 2017, 08:33 PM
The game:

The players will consist of 4 teams

Game Mechanics
Each person will be assigned a role and a number(the number is only known to the host) then 4 ppl are assigned a leader role, the leaders will then pick numbers that will form their team.

Each team is setup with the same set of roles, however these roles start of weak. To make them stronger there will be a detention room where players can win tools to upgrade their roles with and certain competition can also reward upgrades.

Competitions will be posted in each teams room (the competitions can be the same or different from what other teams have.

Each competition will be explained with its own set of rules.

Alpha kills/extra protection are awarded for succesfully completing tasks given. 2 alpha kills and 2 extra protection can be awarded at most per night(in total so two teams can get kills and two teams protection) unless its a special competition reward

Leaders cannot be alphad, until all their team member have been killed. The leaders are the only players known to everyone.

Extra rules:
Telling other ppl (other than the ones on your own team) your role or anyone elses role will result in your team recieving a punishment

Not following the rules set for each competition will result in your team receving a punishment.

During team vs team competitions, telling other ppl wich entry is yours will result in a severe punishment for your team

Leaking any info to other teams in any way or form, or "teaming up" with friends that are in other teams will result in a severe punishment and even a kick depending on circumstances

If you have any questions feel free to ask me (Razor).