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02 Apr 2017, 04:30 PM
So time for an alliance analysis, seems we have 3 contenders this server diob, efh, dynasty.

Start of with Diob

These guys at first glance look pretty good but if you look closer they remind me of SWM of the modern age (server joke alliance) made some early gains but they look in major trouble now.

Ran by an arragant turk so will fold in about 3 weeks time plus trouble runs there offence so expect to see them get noobed lose all there armys and delete.

Now these guys look like the real deal i have not seen an alliance looking this good since the days when the likes of deja vu, hate, mayhem, smash these guys are clear favourite to win the server there taking DIOB areas at an alarming rate! am expecting a mass delete to take place from DIOB in the near future can see them walking the server with ease they could be the greatest alliance seen in travian history at the rate there going.

Any one from DIOB or EFH think they really stand a chance any other smaller alliances think they can pick up the wreckage of EFH or DIOB and give dynasty a fight?


04 Apr 2017, 05:07 AM


07 Apr 2017, 04:06 PM
Very Nice

08 Apr 2017, 01:12 AM
Part one came true dynasty ftw! Lol

08 Apr 2017, 04:21 AM

seriously ...

08 Apr 2017, 09:34 AM
You heard it here first dynasty best alliance ever EFH be afraid :d

11 Apr 2017, 09:13 PM
lol dynasty who? i was deleting dynasty/dynasty 2 players on daily bases ... best looking noob alliance

12 Apr 2017, 05:41 AM
Was being the opertive word does this mean your no longer on the server? Where you a drip that lost hes army and quit? Or part of the server in EFH?

12 Apr 2017, 07:41 AM
still hold hammer ;) just cant be asked using it ... i like attack someone and kill some troops too ... whenever i go village is empty ... boring

12 Apr 2017, 10:44 AM
I feel your pain not going be much more of a fight left this server dynasty going to sim an easy win :d

12 Apr 2017, 11:17 AM
they behind in VP and VP/day it doesnt look like that

12 Apr 2017, 04:14 PM
Dynasty and Diob merging

I couldn't wish for more!

things will get interesting again <3

12 Apr 2017, 06:21 PM
The usless drips went begging the mighty dynasty to protect them and 4the benevolent overlords of the server dynasty are it was agreed they would be protected its only fair to let the noobs see a server out

Dynasty ftw!!!

12 Apr 2017, 07:12 PM
omg all those mighty players ... mighty alliances ... sounds like time for me to be remembered i'll give it few days ...

12 Apr 2017, 11:07 PM
Are you going to do a trouble amd noob your army thst will male you memorable i will remember trouble doing it for years :d

12 Apr 2017, 11:27 PM
idk trouble that much :D ... came back to game after 8 years this is my second server lol ... i like zeroing villages and making owner delete his account... so far no resistance ...

13 Apr 2017, 12:37 AM
Can i ask a question from one escapee to another why did we come back to this dam game haha

13 Apr 2017, 08:15 AM
I ask myself this question everytime I launch browser and type ts... to get on travian :D

13 Apr 2017, 10:15 AM
4 years i was clean 4 years of sunshine and rainbows now its all wheat wheat wheat again lol