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03 Apr 2017, 02:37 PM
Good afternoon,

This is papasmurf reporting to you live bringing youu the alternative facts the mainstream media hides.

Roumors are awash that s6 is currently seeing the birth of a meta on the scale not seen before in the history of travian TLP is forming in the north word has it that every player north of the border is joining together big or small but what can course such a seismic shift mainstream media will have you belive the north remembers! And this is all about inderpendance But i have it from am inside source this is in fact a ploy the north has fallen under the control of a shadowy organisation calling themself the SNP but the conspiracy goes much deeper the organsation calling themselfs SNP are in fact allied with the fabled mysterius race known as nators peaple of the north you.are being duped once you have dethoned prime minster may (bum) the nators will decend upon you in your weakened state and do not be fooled by the false propaganda you are not fighting for inderpendance you are giving up your freedom to be a small slave state to the evil EU i mean nators