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El Host Accountio
16 Apr 2017, 10:07 PM
Game to start Tuesday 18th April 2017 with votes to be sent to host by 9pm

Please ensure you read roles and rules for this round.

Players list

1. LemonD - lynched night 2 - villager
2. Inky
3. Notorious Crunchie - alphad night 2 - villager
4. PFK
5. Thedevilexsists-Night 7 - Villager
6. CreakyCait lynched night 5 - Louise - Wolf Blocker
7. The dog - Night 7 - Daniel the wolves seeker
8. Zab alpha night 8 - Contad the Deputy Alpha
9. CBA alphd night 3 - Declan - villager medic
10. Lagushki alphad night 5- normal villager
11. Bob Hawken alphad night 6- Emily -Village seer
12. Andi
13. Killjerry
14. Slinky Snail lynched night 6 -Normal villager
15. Morgz
16. Trouble
17. MartinJames lynched night 4 - normal villager
18. Jakeyyy
19. Ryder died through inactivity night 3 - normal wolf

notorious crunchie
17 Apr 2017, 02:42 PM
Nolan come foward!

Chris is right.

The wolves have an advantage this round so the villagers need to ensure they start well.

Nolan cannot be killed on night 1. So come forwards and everyone will vote to lynch you, by surviving you confirm you are a villager and become a point of contact for the seer and other specials. Once you have been proved as Nolan the bodyguard can protect you.

The wolves won't be able to sway the vote without running the risk of revealing themselves.

But for any of this to happen you have to step forwards and say "Hi, my name is Nolan"

If you don't come forward we could potentially be 6 villagers down 3 nights in!

17 Apr 2017, 07:26 PM
Hi there. I'm Nolan Ross.

17 Apr 2017, 07:40 PM
You can't state your role - so jakey can't be.

notorious crunchie
17 Apr 2017, 07:47 PM
You can ask everyone to lynch you though in a fairly unsubtle way....

18 Apr 2017, 03:29 PM
Lynch Jake tonight, seer him also please gives us a group of two to get started with.

notorious crunchie
18 Apr 2017, 06:00 PM
Do we need to seer? If he doesn't die then he is confirmed as Nolan.

Seems a waste

El Host Accountio
18 Apr 2017, 09:12 PM
KP Night One

It was a busy day in the Hamptons, a lot of new people had moved in and it had made some of the locals wary. Notorious Crunchie was accusing everyone of everything and poor old Bob Hawken didn't know if he was coming or going.

There was a Charity event at Grayson Manor and it was the event of the season and everyone was in their best gear. Emily looked stunning and was her best mate Nolan. Nolan started to look for clues around the Manor to try find Charlotte but realised he wasn't the only one when he saw Daniel searching her bedroom screaming out her name. The thing was Charlotte was happy collecting her thoughts and therefore no clues had been left.

Elsewhere the champagne was flowing well and the canapés were going down nicely. LemonD was doing the big I am, showing off as usual when Victoria told him to put his money where his mouth was and to pay $250,000 for the toilet roll on offer at the Auction, to show face he did that and used his winnings to comfort himself.

Creaky Cait and Thedevilexsists were dancing to the sweet sounds coming from the live music in the garden, their ultimate favourite... I'm a Barbie Girl, when there was an announcement.....

LemonD wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
Inky wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
Notorious Crunchie wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
PFK wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
Thedevilexsists wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
CreakyCait wanted to lynch Andi
The dog was partying
Zab wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
CBA wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
Lagushki was partying
Bob Hawken wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
Andi wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
Killjerry wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
Slinky Snail wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
Morgz wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
Trouble was partying
MartinJames was partying
Jakeyyy was partying
Ryder was partying

Elsewhere at the party Ryder and Morgz were having a drinking contest and the shots were going down nicely. The mines bigger than yours was getting a bit OTT, so ???? joined them to calm it down a little. Just then the lights went out and ???? screamed, Jakeyyy ran in to find out what happening and Charlotte was seen running off with a hammer in her hand and a dark figure running off in another direction.

Jakeyyy was immune from tonights lynch and therefore is still in the game
Victoria was mugged before she could take her Revenge.

In other news......

Both Daniel and Nolan are eager to find Charlotte.... Here is a letter for you Charlotte...

Dear Charlotte,

I'm sure the recent news of who your biological father was and the events around his death have come as a shock.

I can only guess at the turmoil and questions that has put in your mind, know that you can ask whatever.

It is my sincere wish you will stay part of the family that has given you a home and upbringing for 21 years without prejudice.


El Host Accountio
18 Apr 2017, 10:34 PM
Just a reminder all

Stating your role is in fact breaking the rules. Anyone doing so will receive a punishment privately and anyone found to be discussing a punishment received with anyone apart from the host will be removed from the game. Please ensure you keep to the rules so this round can be enjoyed by all

Thank you

18 Apr 2017, 11:30 PM
Jake has been confirmed safe, specials contact me or wonderboy please. Will post a suggestion for tomorrow's lynch when I return from work.

19 Apr 2017, 05:32 PM
Why specials not contacted me yet? I'm waiting.

19 Apr 2017, 06:03 PM
I will be voting Lemon tonight. No guarantees I am afraid just a hunch.

19 Apr 2017, 08:02 PM
I will also be voting for Lemon Tonight after his contradicting stories and lack of co-operation.

El Host Accountio
19 Apr 2017, 09:10 PM
Kill post Night Two

After the party last night a few people were* suffering really bad... Zab woke up on the bathroom floor with pink hair and no eyebrows in a bikini and CBA snoring in his bath tub. He dragged himself off the floor to get into bed but found PFK in there cuddling up to his favourite teddy.

Emily had arranged to meet with Nolan for their morning run, they arrived at the beach to find Crunch in the sea screaming come back as Andi and Trouble ran past them with a handful of clothes in their hands, laughing away....

Victoria was furious about last nights events and couldn't believe someone had stolen her favourite hammer. She went to make a coffee and settled in the garden enjoying the morning breeze. Zzzzzz She woke up to find it was after lunch and rushed around as she had lots of planning to do if she was going to get Revenge tonight....

Conrad came in to say there was a parcel for her... What could it be she thought, she opened it up to find her missing hammer with a note saying "Sorry Mum love C x"

Charlotte was enjoying her own company today but felt better knowing she hadn't left any hints to where she was hiding out, she still had lots going on in her head and was content having me time to consider her options.

Well it was Wednesday and Pizza Night at the Porters Pub... SlinkySnail and KillJerry were having a man vs food comp and everyone was there cheering them on... Slinkyyy Jerryyyy..... The results were in....

LemonD wanted to lynch The dog
Inky wanted to lynch LemonD
Notorious Crunchie wanted to lynch LemonD
PFK wanted to lynch LemonD
Thedevilexsists wanted to lynch LemonD
CreakyCait wanted to lynch LemonD
The dog wanted to lynch LemonD
Zab wanted to lynch LemonD
CBA wanted to lynch LemonD
Lagushki wanted to lynch Jakeyyy
Bob Hawken wanted to lynch LemonD
Andi wanted to lynch LemonD
Killjerry wanted to lynch LemonD
Slinky Snail wanted to lynch LemonD
Morgz wanted to lynch LemonD
Trouble wanted to lynch LemonD
MartinJames was partying
Jakeyyy wanted to lynch LemonD
Ryder was partying

Everyone was shocked that a walking lemon had just died but then happy hour was announced... Free slice with every drink.... Jack shouted to NotoriousCrunchie to go down the cellar to get more lemons and off he went singing Yellow Mellow but he was followed by Victoria... In one clean swoop she caved his head in with a hammer....

Jack went to see where he'd got to and found NotoriousCrunchie dead in a puddle of his own blood, NotoriousCrunchie was no more.

LemonD was a normal villager killed by lynch
NotoriousCrunchie was a normal villager killed by alpha

Charlotte another letter for you....

Hello Charlotte,

My name is Nolan Ross, and i am a friend of Amanda Clarke, your half-sister. By the time you receive this letter you should know how to contact me, and I hope you do so ASAP as I am not the only one searching for you, but the decision is down to you as i'm sure you are aware.

You have two options.

You can return to your Mother and her husband Conrad, the two responsible for your fathers death, and play happy families with them, but we already have plans for them and will be taking action soon* to avenge the death of your father.

Or you can contact me, and I can do my best to get you back with your half-sister, the only trustworthy family member that you have left. She would love to meet you and get to know you after all the years that you have already missed by being apart! You can join on us in our quest to get revenge on the other members of your family.

With or without you, we will rid the world of the Grayson family and any of those who serve them, but it would be much easier with you by our side. I hope you make the right choice.

Time is ticking.

Yours sincerely,
Nolan Ross.

19 Apr 2017, 09:37 PM
If Jake is Nolan, Chris is a goodie... if Jake is Alpha the Chris is a baddie... What about lynching Chris? Gives us clarity on Jakes role as well as Chris's

19 Apr 2017, 09:38 PM
We must vote for morgz, its the sensible thing to do.

19 Apr 2017, 10:12 PM
Ignore everything Trouble and Lag say.

Bev has been found as alpha - however, we cannot kill her by lynch until Conrad is found.

If people want 100% clarity on whether they can trust us or not, we can lynch Bev tomorrow night, and when she does not get lynched, it will be known that she is the alpha and then I can also be trusted.

20 Apr 2017, 09:27 AM
Ignore everything Trouble and Lag say.

Bev has been found as alpha - however, we cannot kill her by lynch until Conrad is found.

If people want 100% clarity on whether they can trust us or not, we can lynch Bev tomorrow night, and when she does not get lynched, it will be known that she is the alpha and then I can also be trusted.

Much as I hate to admit that does seem the best solution as whether you can be trusted Jake or whether you and Chris are playing yer usual games. Just seems to give the Alpha a free night :( - unless a lynch vote stops the alpha kill

20 Apr 2017, 12:02 PM
My name is Nolan Ross, and i am a friend of Amanda Clarke, your half-sister. By the time you receive this letter you should know how to contact me, and I hope you do so ASAP as I am not the only one searching for you, but the decision is down to you as i'm sure you are aware.

This is a part of the letter wrote by nolan so i means 1 of 3 things

1 jake is nolan

2 nolan is stupid and or playing for the wolfs

3 jake hacked real nolans fourm account to write it lol

So we can say jake is 100% nolan

Morgz as seer on the other hand i dont think is confirmed he is the one that called out nolan what if he was a wolf simply looking to expose nolan and one of the inactive members was seer? He then simply slips into the role and then on there first night seer they find alpha lucky find or part of mogz plan to secure hes hold we lynch bev confirm she alpha and get false hope that mogz is seer but bev cant die wolfs get a free nights kill and morgz gets confirmed seer
But there has been inactives 6 first night 2 last night any one of them 6 from first night would have had trouble disputing moogz day 2

notorious crunchie
20 Apr 2017, 05:02 PM
My name is Nolan Ross

I assume he will be appropriately punished for this? :P

20 Apr 2017, 05:27 PM
I assume he will be appropriately punished for this? :P

<3 Crunch.

Vote Bev tonight people, for those who feel the need for 100% trusting of me ;)

El Host Accountio
20 Apr 2017, 09:01 PM
Kill Post Night Three

Today was a lovely hot day in the Hampton's, many or the residents decided to spend the day on the beach. Inky was sunbathing when she realised she was getting too hot so decided to go skinny dipping in the sea, not one to feel left out Morgz joined her too... Creaky Cait and Jakeyyy were discussing tactics for the next football match, doing drawings in the sand and Andi was super busy with incoming orders for his new light me up business it was unreal.

It was getting towards lunch time and people were discussing lunch ideas when all of a sudden Nolan arrived with a BBQ and enough food and drink to feed a small army. Louise offered to help him. Thedevilexsists and MartinJames rushed to the front of the queue... Free food and beer, they were on it....

Louise went to get more supplies and found a note attached to a baricade which said To, Louise, use wisely but I need it back, love Charlotte.... Talking of Charlotte she was still enjoy the peace and therefore was very much in hiding, still deciding on her next move..

A few people settled with their food and the conversation turned to last nights killings, gone and definitely forgotten already.... So let's get on with tonight...

Inky wanted to lynch Morgz
PFK wanted to lynch Inky
Thedevilexsists wanted to lynch Inky
CreakyCait wanted to lynch Inky
The dog wanted to lynch Inky
Zab wanted to lynch Inky
CBA wanted to lynch Inky
Lagushki wanted to lynch Inky
Bob Hawken wanted to lynch Inky
Andi wanted to lynch Inky
Killjerry wanted to lynch Morgz
Slinky Snail wanted to lynch Inky
Morgz wanted to lynch Inky
Trouble wanted to lynch Morgz
MartinJames wanted to lynch Trouble
Jakeyyy wanted to lynch Inky
Ryder was partying to death

Oh no poor Inky gets it...

Victoria hands out drinks.….. Later CBA is found dead floating in the sea foaming at the mouth.

Inky is in fact Victoria but cannot die because Conrad saved her
CBA was Declan the villagers Medic
Ryder was inactive - he was a normal wolf

Charlotte another couple of letters for you....

Dear Charlotte

It is at a time of great difficulty that we come to you to ask you to help us. And Nolan and I can see that you have already tried to aid us but we hope that now you can begin to trust us.

Moreover Nolan has tried to contact you and I believe that tonight you will have all the evidence you need to trust him too. Can I implore you to get in touch with him and we can all then make plans for the future together.

How your family has messed you around your whole of your life... Really it sucks. I know you have already taken the first steps to help us. So please as you know where you really belong - I would be proud to help you to try to come to terms with it.


To my Darling Daughter C

Please come back home to your loving family,
We did not lie to cause trouble but to protect you ,

We miss and love you dearly

Mum xx

20 Apr 2017, 10:32 PM
Dear charlotte,

Do not listen to emily she has her own secrets and is just as bad as your mother run free little charlotte and kill them all hahaha

Creaky Cait
21 Apr 2017, 07:11 PM
On my way into meeting - no access to skype.

Last night Chris told me he was putting me up for lynch.
I am pretty sure he hasnt seered me as if he had he'd get villager back. I did invite him to unless he needed to seer a special.
So either he's randomly thinking I'm a wolf or there is some complicated way he's worked out it's better that I die than someone else.

I really can't suggest killing someone else as I would be guessing, if I was guessing there are a few I think have been unusually quiet (and one did turn out to be a wolf), but that might be because they're specials so I don't want to shine a light on them.
Or they could be rather caught up in meetings due to a certain election being called!

So I will be voting for someone random solely to avoid the no lynch rule.

If I die tonight - good luck villagers and at least you're only losing someone out of the loop.


21 Apr 2017, 08:08 PM
Cait is such a wulf.

El Host Accountio
21 Apr 2017, 09:03 PM
Kill Post Night Four

Today was a busy day in the Hampton's, everyone had their little jobs to do to get ready for the weekends spectacular festival. Inky had her super sexy wolf costume out ready to show Conrad.... His eyes nearly popped out when he saw her strutting her stuff.... On the other hand Jakey couldn't decide between an Indian or a Chinese design outfit but eventually decided on going as a chicken.

Charlotte got good news today, after helping both sides so far she had the chance to win a prize for herself but in doing so a little clue on how to find her would of been sent to Nolan and Daniel, due to this she declined the offer.... She is happy where she is....

The residents couldn't decide who were Victoria's allies today and a few suggestions were put forward... Let's see what's happend

Inky wanted to lynch MartinJames
PFK wanted to lynch Cait
Thedevilexsists wanted to lynch MartinJames
CreakyCait wanted to lynch Andi
The dog wanted to lynch MartinJames
Zab wanted to lynch MartinJames
Lagushki wanted to lynch Cait
Bob Hawken was too busy
Andi wanted to lynch MartinJames
Killjerry wanted to lynch MartinJames
Slinky Snail wanted to lynch Trouble
Morgz wanted to lynch MartinJames
Trouble was too busy
MartinJames wanted to lynch Trouble
Jakeyyy wanted to lynch MartinJames

After the news Morgz went for a stroll on the beach and Victoria followed him, she was so quiet he didn't even know she was behind him. Victoria picked up a rock and went to hit Morgz over the head, she launched it with such force and determination she didn't notice the baricade in front of her, it bounced off and hit her straight in the face, Conrad came running over to make sure she was OK, while Morgz continued oblivious to what had just happened.

MartinJames was a normal villager

21 Apr 2017, 10:03 PM
So far jake and morgz have lead the votes and resulta have been 2 villigers lynched 1 alphaed and the one wolf we cant kill found i think it time for some diffrent ideas on leading the lynch before our seeker and our seer kill us of before the wolfs get a chance to

21 Apr 2017, 11:06 PM
Killing Cait tomorrow.

Creaky Cait
22 Apr 2017, 12:56 AM
So I finally got home and read skype - sorry folks about morning incoherence.

But Chris confirmed he hadnt seered me which I said - hopefully more coherently.

Him and Jakey are guessing on a hunch. It will be another dud hunch.


El Host Accountio
22 Apr 2017, 09:47 AM
As it is the event of the year in the Hampton's Festival, every resident has the chance to enter the Talent contest, may it be a comedy piece, art, creative writing, its up to you but I need your entries by 2pm Sunday. Winner will receive a prize

El Host Accountio
22 Apr 2017, 09:11 PM
Kill Post Night Five

The festival was going great and everyone was having a great time, even Charlotte popped by for a look around and she spoke to a few of her friends and family. She was telling everyone different stories and mixing up peoples notes they'd written....

Everyone was getting really drunk so the Festival today ended early

But they still needed to complete some business so here goes...

Inky wanted to lynch Morgz
PFK wanted to lynch CreakyCait
Thedevilexsists was wasted
CreakyCait wanted to lynch Andi
The dog wanted to lynch CreakyCait
Zab was wasted
Lagushki was wasted
Bob Hawken wanted to lynch CreakyCait
Andi wanted to lynch The Dog
Killjerry wanted to lynch CreakyCait
Slinky Snail wanted to lynch CreakyCait
Morgz wanted to lynch CreakyCait
Trouble wanted to lynch Morgz
Jakeyyy wanted to lynch CreakyCait

Charlotte had such a good time she decided after speaking with Daniel it was time to go back to Grayson Manor where she belonged.

The Grayson's were ecstatic about this and went home to spend quality time with dear Charlotte. On the way home Victoria told the others to carry on she wanted to buy cake to celebrate Charlotte's return, 2 mins later she saw Morgz get into a car but then a bus went past... She got a gun out and shot the taxi several times and could see blood running out from under the door. She ran into a shop to get her cake, she then heard Bob Hawken[\B] scream, he had found [B]Lagushki[\B] dead.

[B]Tonight's Results

Creaky Cait was Louise the wolves blocker
Lagushki was a normal villager

There will be a double alpha tomorrow

Talent entries need to be in by 2pm

22 Apr 2017, 09:37 PM
Sorry i never voted tonight phone doed and not charging proper and now i got it on i cant get on skype :@

22 Apr 2017, 11:44 PM
Hello darkness my old friend...

22 Apr 2017, 11:58 PM
Jake and I disagree about tomorrow's lynch - I'm drunk though so GL.

23 Apr 2017, 12:22 AM
We disagreed on every lynch apart from Cait...

El Host Accountio
23 Apr 2017, 09:09 PM
Kill Post Night Six

Today the sun was shining and everyone was busy at the festival and not really talking....

Thedevilexsists got stuck in the ghost house but called on Inky to get him out. Bob Hawken's had been so busy this weekend pleasing the wife, he even bought her flowers from the flower stall, PFK wrapped them up with a huge bow and covered them in glitter, knowing it must be a special occasion as Bob's wallet contains moths. Morgz on the other hand was nursing a hangover and went to the novelty 'make your own smoothie on a bike' stand but once on he fell off, so Bazzer jumped on to help him out.

Well today we found out that we definitely do have talent in the Hampton's and I have to say it was a close contest, 2 people came close Sue and Rob but this entry had to be the winner and therefore has immunity tomorrow from lynch and alpha, Well done...

So first let's talk about the host, she's the one we all love most,
Maybe except for Razor, but really he wants to praise her.
Moving onto Lemon, I just wish he'd move to Yemen.
Let's not even mention Inky, who keeps on getting a bit kinky.
Next up we have Crunchie, who is mad and has the munchies,
Unlike the wonderful PFK, who I could spend time with all day.
Thedevilexists is next, but by now he's probably p*ssed,
But dont worry we still have Cait, who thinks Conservatives are great.
Now what can we say about The dog? He doesn't participate in much dialogue,
Unlike that bloody Zab, who just goes on and on, what a drab.
Next we have CBA, who just tends to read back every day,
Not like our friend Lagushki, who talks a load of whoopee.
Let's not get started on Bob, he's just a natural heartthrob,
More than I can say for Andi, who rarely comes in handy.
Now we have Killjerry, with wolves she's very unwary,
Not like Slinky Snail, a quiet and sneaky female.
But everybody likes Morgz, who wants to put everyone in the morgue,
More than I can say for Trouble, who tends to be in his own bubble.
Up next we have MartinJames, who doesn't do well in these games,
Unlike the amazing Jakeyyy, which nobody would disagree.
Finally we have a guy named Ryder, who went inactive too busy on the cider,
And that sums up the group for me,
Now it's time to run, I can hear Hawkery

Round of applause please for this AMAZING entry... Now for the lynch votes

Inky wanted to lynch SlinkySnail
PFK was too busy dancing
Thedevilexsists wanted to lynch Trouble
The dog wanted to lynch SlinkySnail
Zab wanted to lynch Thedevilexsists
Bob Hawken wanted to lynch SlinkySnail
Andi wanted to lynch The dog
Killjerry wanted to lynch SlinkySnail
Slinky Snail wanted to lynch Trouble
Morgz was too busy dancing
Trouble wanted to lynch Morgz
Jakeyyy wanted to lynch SlinkySnail

Everyone went to the stage to enjoy the last song and cheers on HONEY-G, no one noticed Conrad moving through the crowd. As the song ended one resident was found stabbed. Bob Hawken was covered in blood lying on the floor, he whispered help me but then took his last breath.

The results

Slinky Snail was a normal villager
Bob Hawken was Emily the Villagers seer

23 Apr 2017, 09:57 PM
lynch morgz

he isnt the seer. like he said he was...

which confirms my intial suspicions of his wolfy behavior!

El Host Accountio
24 Apr 2017, 09:02 PM
Kill Post Night Seven

Everyone had enjoyed the weekend but now it was Monday so were all back at work. There were still tears for Emily as she meant so much to everyone... On night one Charlotte had in fact saved Emily from Victoria's clutches but after her time away and a lot of deliberation she was the one who ordered her death last night, realising that better the devil you know and all that, may Emily RIP.....

Jakeyyy had put up a shelf for his trophy but in haste nailed his thumb to the wall but it was all OK Aiden was on hand to kiss it better. Splash blood wall paper is all the rage, don't you know.

The ghosts of the Hampton's had to comfort poor Slinky Snail last night as she arrived up in heaven, she was upset that she was the untrusted one and couldn't understand why, it was OK though Crunch and Cait were there to offer comfort and giggles :)

Victoria decided she wasn't a BETting woman and was further insulted at being called a pet, I think she needs to look at her grooming habits more closely as she is very much a hairy lady. Julia Pastrana didn't have a patch on our Vics...

Well tonight was an important night with only 10 residents left, so here goes....

Inky wanted to lynch Morgz
PFK wanted to lynch The dog
Thedevilexsists wanted to lynch The dog
The dog wanted to lynch noone
Zab wanted to lynch The dog
Andi wanted to lynch The dog
Killjerry wanted to lynch The dog
Morgz wanted to lynch The dog
Trouble wanted to lynch noone
Jakeyyy wanted to lynch The dog

The villagers were cheering they'd found another wolf, everyone was dancing and high five went Thedevilexsists but he fell to the ground, he had not noticing the poisoned dart heading towards him, fired by Conrad.

The results

The Dog was Daniel the wolves Seeker
Thedevilexsists was a normal villager

El Host Accountio
25 Apr 2017, 09:21 PM
Kill Post Night Eight

Devious minds today, not many people knew what was going on but Nolan was out for revenge, his beloved Emily was killed by Conrad and he was hunting him down but who was Conrad, that was the problem....

Inky wanted to lynch Morgz
PFK wanted to lynch Zab
Zab wanted to lynch Andi
Andi wanted to lynch Zab
Killjerry wanted to lynch Zab
Morgz wanted to lynch Zab
Trouble wanted to lynch noone
Jakeyyy wanted to lynch Zab

Zab, You are the weakest link, goodbye

The residents stood and watched the lynching of Zab closely, he was hung out to dry but did he have a bushy tail. Victoria nudge past to get to PFK and stuck a dagger in his side, thankfully Aiden had given him a stab vest earlier.

The results

Zab was Conrad the wolves Deputy Alpha

25 Apr 2017, 09:51 PM
im guessing we're voting for morgz tomorow then

El Host Accountio
25 Apr 2017, 10:21 PM
The Hamptons Award Ceremony

The Best Ghost..... drum roll please....Goes to NotoriousChrunchie round of Applause

The Best Talent..... drum roll please....Goes to Jakeyyy round of Applause

The Most Untrusted..... drum roll please....Goes to SlinkySnail round of Applause

The most Deceiving..... drum roll please....Goes to Morgz round of Applause

The Clue Finder..... drum roll please....Goes to Thedevilexsists round of Applause

The Sweetest..... drum roll please....Goes to Andi round of Applause

The Best Wolf..... drum roll please....Goes to Zab round of Applause

The Best Organiser..... drum roll please....Goes to Inky round of Applause

Well done all, its been a blast

The two remaining wolves have agreed to end the Game... Inky was Victoria and Trouble was Charlotte

The remaining Villagers were as follows:

Morgz was Aiden the villagers blacksmith
PFK was Jack the villagers taxi
Jakeyyy was Nolan the villagers seeker
Andi was a normal villager
KillJerry was a normal villagers

Congratulations Villagers YOU WIN!!!!!

25 Apr 2017, 10:27 PM
Brilliant round Kat, thanks for hosting

26 Apr 2017, 01:55 AM
Agreed, lots of fun and an interesting round - even if I have never heard of the program it was based on!!

Thanks Kat,


slinky snail
26 Apr 2017, 09:10 AM
Thanks Kat. That was fun. Even if no one trusts me. Being lynched and alpha'd on the same night was an achievement I think. Maybe?

26 Apr 2017, 02:04 PM
Thanks guys, it was a pleasure :happy:

26 Apr 2017, 02:05 PM
Thanks Kat. That was fun. Even if no one trusts me. Being lynched and alpha'd on the same night was an achievement I think. Maybe?

It as a compliment