View Full Version : Teuton Account: UK3 Teuton LF for Dual Partner

27 Apr 2017, 04:35 PM
Hey guys,

UK3 Teuton Account looking for another dual (2 1/2 players so far)

Top 100 Population (Only top 100 due to 3rd village rush)

Top 100 Attackers

High Unit/Pop ratio

Already 3 villages

15c and 9c

Top Alliance

Raiding & Off account!

Strong Gold Account!

About us:

Good Experience

Gold buyers

From Europe & America (Covering all online times)

Reduction of workload is wanted!


Reliable Online times

Gold buyer is prefered, but not required!

Communication tools (Skype/Whatsapp)
Communication is key! If you dont want to communicate, this wont work out!

Basic Travian experience, any more is heavily welcome!

Certain level of maturity

If you are interested please contact me under consti_97_g. on Skype!