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28 Apr 2017, 07:09 PM

I'm Sarah v. Rossel, EFH current council chairman and one of the council members since the day it was created. This is going to be a long post where I'm going to try to explain what happened in this server and how EFH dominated it so fast.

MFH and BE

after some weeks playing the game where MFH was under heavy fire by Be and when that conflict in west gave both dynasty in south and diob in east time to start to secure more and more regions and got ahead in Victory points. Dynasty created a wing (dynasty 2) and even marched to secure Argentorate in north. DIOB successfully managed to get Segestica, Salona and a small haste that helped them to get ahead raiding wise.

That was when BE leadership was transferred and when negotiations with them got possible, Chris (Mr Arrogance) from Be , Roy (Doublesden) from Be and MFH trusted circle containing mutley and me started negotiating over a merge. That was when we created EFH and started a reshuffle that gave us 4 regions (small AA, hawk, great storage and small diet) which let us make more horrific hammers. EFH (Be and MFH) had less than 120 players but we decided to put them in 3 wings instead of 2. We made a council and started to organize our alliance administration.

First Attempts (North fights)

EFH North wing had like 20 players when it was handed to me, I increased the members number to 50 in about a week by recruiting players in regions like marcomanni, segestica , argentorate and mogunticum. These regions where were new players spawned. Using that, dynasty influence in north was crushed and we easily conquered all 3 regions of them in north. Dynasty leaders tried to do the same by recruiting players in castra regina but they failed. The point is northern regions were really far from their main land and they couldn't defend them which let us easily destroy their villages (even their leaders) in north.

After that dynasty leaders abandoned their alliance or thats what I was hearing. After that we never saw a defense wall from dynasty members anywhere for a long time - till we decided to hit one of their leaders. That being said Dynasty collapsed due to lack of defense calls, regional unity and leadership based on my pov.

First fights with DIOB

Soon after capturing the region of Pictavium in west, EFH started hitting DIOB. they were ahead of other alliances in VP as all their regions were small (beside Delphi which was the unique fool). We never tried to remove their hammers directly. we tried to hit them alliance wide, completly unpredictable and Fast.

DIOB started hitting us in return. They had great hammers and unlike them who had small confuion available from both segestia and mursa, our west wing was not secured of chiefing.

We managed to remove their hammers by successful defending, good use of hawk artifact, in time wing switch to let our players to use confusion in north wing and extremely good co-opration between wings and using troop forwarding for sniping the hits/defending most of the hits.

Some of the mightiest diob hammers fell this way and some of their leaders deleted afterward.


"Sparta will determine the fate of this server" that was what I told in council weeks before it being available for settling. my initial plan was to push south wing toward that region after dynasty absoloute collapse - as I said from my pov they were leaderless for weeks and I really was shocked that they were standing till then -

anyway, to make sure our players will have enough cp to be ready for a mass settling op (as it was their first) and to be able to have more options (like a mass chiefing op) we asked our players to train chiefs.

Right after delphi activation for diob, we asked all west members to kill their cheifs and to mark and move to the region of sparta. we used our south wing and some deff players from north wing to move over to help. we made some "hubs" that let us distribute res in the region and to stack standing deff in there that let us snipe incoming cata waves.

Diob failed in removing u from that region and we secured the unique AA (knowing the fact if diob would get it we couldn't stand their hammers anymore as they were top raiders already)

our successful defenses, offense plans and Sparta - somehow - collapsed the old DIOB. their good members joined us, their leaders either deleted or left diob.

TSH (Travian Survivor Hub)

Travian is a game of simming and hitting but the fact you can destroy all one can build in weeks in couple of days makes it a brutal internet game that make new players hate it. Because of that we tried to give imanuity to people who didn't want to betray their alliance by asking us to join but who were unsatisfied with their alliance. TSH was a natural place for every old dynasty or diob member to live in peace in.

We Never - I repeat : Never used any member of TSH for alliance plans. we never asked them to participate in any kind of operations for EFH. The only thing about TSH was that it was under our council leadership to ensure its remaining safe and neutral.

in the mean tie we looked upon every applications from TSH members the same way we were treating diob or dynasty old members.

some TSH members deleted and some joined our south wing after DOD merge based on their own request not force.

DOD creation and the merge that killed this server

I admit that i was one of the people who suggested the merge between dynasty and diob as obviously both alliances were dominated by us at that time and both were suffering from lack of leadership and coordination.

Soon we saw the merge happening but they screwed it up when they threw some dynasty/diob members out to make room for better players and to secure all the regions they could to get more VP. That greedy un-loyal approach from their leaders put a lot of their regions on the edge of falling and made their players disloyal to them.

Their second mistake in my opinion was pushing basternea instead of syracus. they lost syracus (the great secret) and dod started to fall apart on its own.

I've had pms telling me that I've cheated. I heared someone sent a message to MH omplaining about the way we won this server.

We dominated the server as we were better. Diplomacy wise and war wise. We won this cause our enemies abandoned the game after first few hits.

So here is the thing : We are coming to new servers, so wait for our return.

Sarah v. Rossel AKA Frozen Angel
EFH Chairman

- - - Updated - - -

fixing what I said : when I said win - I mean dominated. we haven't won yet and there are a lot of time left on this server.

29 Apr 2017, 02:42 PM
You told me everyone gave up when i joined up as they where scared of me :o i felt well hard but you was lieing to me ;(

30 Apr 2017, 06:14 PM
You told me everyone gave up when i joined up as they where scared of me :o i felt well hard but you was lieing to me ;(

I gave up the will to live when I heard you were back if that counts?

30 Apr 2017, 07:52 PM
You know you missed me while i was gone :D

01 May 2017, 12:34 PM
Anyone care to name and shame these lousy leaders from Dynasty & DIOB so we can avoid them on future servers?

04 May 2017, 08:03 AM
andromeda + taff the dynasty crew "masters of ROA"

MFH - Weaklings in the early game :D I wont say more else mutly will get upset for me bullying them :D LOL


THe Diob guys were not premades, neither was Be to be fair...

They had some of the strongest offensives sort of ballanced between them and BE, a combination of heavy bans for them.. and a lack of properly organised offensives ment their hammers were walled imo easily. and they were not able to utalise the advantage that they had.

Diob had a massive lead in early-mid game, since hte game is pretty much over now.. But they ur, chucked it because of poor org. Not sure who to blame for that, my guess is no on had xp or wanted to step up or something..

Dynasty was a noob ally from the begining, having weak early game even weaker than MFH, who were getting blasted early game before L.A set up a merg to make "eagles flying high".

Urm, so with dynasty, IDk I'd blame uk servers for in generla being boring sim fest, and the last guys on Uk19 for being compelete pushovers to let them win..

Not sure if this is true but was reports of one of their leaders complaining to the Multi hunter since we are.. bullying them.. Idk.

So thats all.. wasn't easy game tbh, If we hadn't gotten merg from MFH we'd have had a hard time (Be). once we merged I said it was over..
We went through the montions.. DIOB helped by not being compitent attackers, and then simply we crushed them with superior offensive and demorilizingly strong simming and defence (which I cant take credit for :D)


04 May 2017, 10:55 AM
Someone pass the popcorn i sense a fight coming on :)

04 May 2017, 12:55 PM
MFH - Weaklings in the early game :D I wont say more else mutly will get upset for me bullying them :D LOL

So weak that Be approached us first to team up with them ;)

Amidditedly that was probably because thier first leader was banned for cheating...


04 May 2017, 02:30 PM
Eats some popcorn the action is starting

04 May 2017, 04:44 PM
please don't mind me

04 May 2017, 06:21 PM
Want some popcorn

06 May 2017, 11:08 AM
LOL. No wonder Andromeda is putting up such resistance on me trying to chief their cropper. Assumed anyone still left in DoD was a n00b. My bad. :roll:

12 May 2017, 06:52 PM
Can we not just call this server done and end it early there cant be even enough gold being soent any more to cover the cost of running this server its competly dead

12 May 2017, 10:18 PM
But i want to have 2 more months of hero adventures so i can claw some of the gold i wasted on this server ^^

12 May 2017, 11:13 PM
I nearly cried when someone said 120 days left ;(