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27 Jun 2017, 07:01 AM
Dear players!

A while agowe asked you to go to our forums and ask one question to the Travian: LegendsGame Center, that you really want to have an answer to. We’ve read all your questions, but obviously, we cannot answer them all here today.

So we’ve selected those that came up in several communities, to give an answer. Watchthis video where Game Director answers to your questions and learn all the news firsthand!


Below you’ll find the list of the questions that have been asked. Just click on thelink next to the video and you’ll be forwarded directly to the answer to this question.

Whatis ask Travian? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=16s)

Howwas Travian born? And is it true that it was inspired from the game “Settlersof Catan”? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=39s)

Whocame up with the name Travian and how? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=1m33s)

Doany of you actually play Travian? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=2m10s)

Isit true that the game was initially used as a war simulator by the NATO? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=2m44s)

Isn’tit time to change the graphic scenario? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=3m17s)

Whenwill the map be adjusted to the number of players? So, when will we get smallermaps? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=3m47s)

Whywe don’t have an alliance chat? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=4m15s)

Willthere ever be another “retro” server with the version 3.6? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=5m4s)

Arewe going to add new buildings to differentiate the tribes we have evenmore? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=5m37s)

Arethere plans to copy the single account lobby system from Kingdoms to Legends?If so, when? I’d love to be able to earn some lasting achievements inLegends. (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=6m8s)

WillTravian Games develop an app for iOS/Android that is reliable for veteranplayers and even attracts new players? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=6m53s)

Isit true there will be two new tribes in the next Annual Special? (https://youtu.be/faWRdm-9Ev4?t=7m50s)

Stay tunedfor more news! More details are comingsoon (and some of them even today!)
YourTravian: Legends Team

27 Jun 2017, 11:10 AM
Ourtechnical team worked without cease and managed to recover the part of thevideo where the Game Director gives the complete answer to the question about tribes!
Here is themissing bit of information:

We willsoon reveal additional information about the tribes specifics – don’t miss thatpart!
YourTravian: Legends team

27 Jun 2017, 03:54 PM
Far from the East, the Huns are on their way to invade and conquer the ancient Europe. In the South, Rome is seeking for help from the legendary Egyptians. Both parties will clash with the existing tribes in the next birthday special. And we can guarantee, this will be a hell of a ride!

As usual, each new tribe will have their own specialization.

Huns are the fearless conquerors: Fast, strong and mainly riding their epic horses into battle.
Egyptians will use their skills for resource production and they will have a lot of surprises for you.

Diversity will be granted and it will be exciting to see how the new tribes will work together with the existing ones.

Will you be prepared? As there is some time left until the birthday special kicks in, we will provide you with all the info you need, soon.

Meanwhile, join the discussion about this new feature and get ready!

LINK TO THEDISCUSSION THREAD (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?t=80195)

Your Travian: Legends Team