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04 Jul 2017, 05:07 PM
Congrats to AA for a marvelous win - and making to into the top ten all time UK leaderboard for alliance attack points.

Thanks all for a decent end game race..

So time to dish out some awards :)

Server Awards!!

IGN (single or dual-account): Beetnik (sole account)

Your Set-up and Achievements: Offense account turned defense account. Stealing an artifact form the NW and chiefing an LCA hammer village.

Alliance: AA

Best Alliance (Not your own): OCG

Best Player on the Server: Dude Double - for the laughs he gave us :D

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Again, Dude Double - for the artifact steals..

Best Opponent: Erm.. maybe Erikable. The only one I remember causing any troubles :D

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Loads here but ill give it to Jamesdtrose. Always had loads and on hand on on time.

Best Leader (Your own): Zombie probably

Best Leader (Not your own): No idea, the Godfather in OCG maybe.

Stupidest Decision: Well its not server related but definately deciding to play again...

Most Underrated (player or alliance): AA alliance (after all the jip we got on here)

Best Noob: Ill give this to bubbles, not too shabby after a large break.

Most Overrated (player or alliance): LCA (ggnore/tangra is a very close second btw)

Best Moment: Watching our first clean attack run through and the successful hammer chief in the mix :D

Thanks all,

See you around!

04 Jul 2017, 06:34 PM
IGN (single or dual-account): Freyja (solo)

Your Set-up and Achievements: WWr, still doing a bit of damage against several million strong defence with Master Secret and beating my previous best.

Alliance: Pantheon

Best Alliance (Not your own): Olympia

Best Player on the Server: Tangra

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Tangra, pulling out that cracker of aa WWk, shame it didn't get the zero it deserved.

Best Opponent: A.A

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Loki

Best Leader (Your own): Tangra, played a big part in keeping us running when half didn't speak the same language.

Best Leader (Not your own): N/A

Stupidest Decision: Taking a night off at the same time as my then co-leader after calling the 2 hammers that came and lost small diet, 5k rams and TK, wonder how different things would've been had it been sorted :D

Most Underrated (player or alliance): OGC

Best Noob: 1 of the Tangra duals, practically a newcomer.

Most Overrated (player or alliance): SWM

Best Moment: Seeing NPC vill chiefed.

04 Jul 2017, 07:02 PM
IGN (single or dual-account): Dude Double. Dualish...

Your Set-up and Achievement first to settle v2. Smashy account turned Defence 270k at highest. Started def around plan release. Stealing 5 Artie's. Two in one run at lca.

Alliance: AA

Best Alliance (Not your own): Olympia made the server fun without you guys I would of been bored.

Best Player on the Server: me. Did anyone else steal two Artie's in one run?

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: bats. Greats hammer building and attack planning

Best Opponent: Erm.. Bbk was a pain

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Supaplex. Greats cuts whenever I needed.

Best Leader (Your own): Zombie/springbok can't pick.

Best Leader (Not your own): Tangra Zues.

Stupidest Decision: Settling in the grey area

Most Underrated (player or alliance): lord tyr best asset AA found.

Best Noob Brutus. From early game was a good effort.

Most Overrated (player or alliance): LCA

Best Momement keeping all the def alive by stopping countless chief attempts from the nw. Even my old cap had 25k left in the Ww.

well played

Dude Ben

04 Jul 2017, 07:04 PM
IGN (single or dual-account): Hodor Triplet account

Your Set-up and Achievements: Stealing Hawkeye off of SWMs arte glutten

Alliance: OGC

Best Alliance (Not your own): AA

Best Player on the Server: Kyle/Boxxx/Harry (Hodor)

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Noname

Best Opponent: SWM, was a good tussle all way through

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Wendigo, a lot of great deffers in ally

Best Leader (Your own): Bear

Best Leader (Not your own): Tangra

Stupidest Decision: Agreeing to join in late and as a Roman

Most Underrated AA I guess, class act

Best Noob: A few :)

Most Overrated (player or alliance): Would have to be SWM I guess, but the server had so few players

Best Moment: Stealing Hawkeye, always an achievement when they have err, and active Hawkeye :)

Totally enjoyed this server, some great guys on team OGC and a new dual for me , Kyle, fab bloke

G0lden B0y
04 Jul 2017, 08:50 PM
IGN (single or dual-account): NoName dual squad

Your Set-up and Achievements: SWM leader cap named after my quote

Alliance: OGC

Best Alliance (Not your own): AA (they won obv)

Best Player on the Server: us

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: us

Best Opponent: SWM, the only opponent we had, from players Tatallor and Donkirk

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:
Want1ng M0re and KING LAKEDAIMON

Best Leader (Your own): Bear the man

Best Leader (Not your own): ggnore the man

Stupidest Decision: playing travian

Most Underrated: Smitty

Best Noob: Meow...and black knight best at being noob :)

Most Overrated (player or alliance): black knight, the best fake soaker I seen in 5 years

Best Moment: reinforcing village with 1 treb and it survives 400k worth SWM assault

Was a fun round see ya all again soon

05 Jul 2017, 04:33 AM
IGN (single or dual-account): Freya (dual with Thomas from belgium)

Your Set-up and Achievements: Create nice hammer (failed due to bored looks cheat everywhere)

Alliance: LCA

Best Alliance (Not your own): AA (for their good job in server politics, and they have solid member also)

Best Player on the Server: Tangra (for his nice silent hammer and for his politeness when send message)

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: -none- (since i did`t saw a great war in here)

Best Opponent: our self, (and we lost, because we lost because boring lol)

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: forgot lol

Best Leader (Your own): none (since LCA moved without leader from mid to end) lol

Best Leader (Not your own): i think Zombie and leader from Olympia (they work nicely to gather they member) to bad Olympia must fight with stupid nemris, if not AA vs Olympia will be nice to watch

Stupidest Decision: play again, even now i play again in turney with new dual, zzzzzzzzzz why this is like drunken, never stop lol

Most Underrated: OGC (if you all can make peace even in under table peace with SWM, both of you can give nice fight)

Best Noob: Me

Most Overrated (player or alliance): all players in Nemris (you should shame with your pop)

Best Moment: meet my dual lol

honestly at the first this server quite fun, but after arti release this server suddenly like hell bored

why i don`t and never follow LCA after arti is because LCA is lack of leadership, the leader only thing about thyself.

for AA when bash my caps, dont be so proud lol, because i dont have any defends at all, and LCA also did`t defends me at all, not event 1 troops defends. and if i know from the start multi account practically still exist in this server i will made multi also and AA will never be success bash my caps.
But that`s already happened, regret never give solutions.
So you in another server, i am open for anyone who wants to dual with me since i`m in Asia, it would be best if get dual from UK or Europe.

Thanks all

Defender of North
05 Jul 2017, 10:54 AM
IGN (single or dual-account): Zeus - solo account

Your Set-up and Achievements: To play brightly and to show beautiful team game. The objectives aren't achieved ((

Alliance: OLYMPIA

Best Alliance (Not your own): AA

Best Player on the Server: It is difficult to allocate someone, but it is unambiguous someone from players of AA: Zombie, Bear gGoggles, Dude Double, Aksam... The list can be continued))

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Unfortunately, nobody has played steadily, on certain periods Kronos, HERMES and BBK, but in general were allocated... There is no candidate.

Best Opponent: AA

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: In difference from the attacking players, our defenders have proved to be from the best party, thanks to their game we in general and have extended a round. Orfei, Minos, Hades, PRIAP, Elektra and the others.

Best Leader (Your own): in this round wasn't

Best Leader (Not your own): Leaders of AA. How the team in the attack played and as WW construction has been organized - is estimable. Unfortunately, we couldn't check whether AA in defense are so good, but I suspect that there is still what to work also what to improve on))

Stupidest Decision: I have agreed to go to this round...

Most Underrated: ----

Best Noob: ----

Most Overrated (player or alliance): SWM - I waited bigger from them on WW and LCA - without having the opponent in sector have surprised with very weak defense.

Best Moment: Our blow to WW AA in 5 days prior to emergence of construction plans thanks to what 6 Great warehouses have been destroyed

All thanks for a game, health and success in real life)

05 Jul 2017, 02:15 PM
IGN (single or dual-account): Aksam (solo for the most part of the server)

Your Set-up and Achievements: Helping out AA with whatever I could, training hammer in the beginning and def at end game. Stole 3 arties.

Alliance: AA

Best Alliance (Not your own): Olympia

Best Player on the Server: Zombie - trained a huge WWK with hard work and no help from allies, unlike some people ;)

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Lots of players could be put here but honestly I'd have to give it to me and Dude Double, lots of stolen arties on both sides, being stuck in the NW and single handedly making a dozen of players quit

Best Opponent: Olympia and Pantheon

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: A lot of people did well to protect us before end game but I'd have to give it to James Rose, he was always there to help, big numbers and always got our back in the NW.

Big shout out to the one and only Supaplex, saved our sorry buttoms in the grey dozens of times!

Best Leader (Your own): Bev, she pissed me off for the most part of the server but you just have to love her for the effort she puts in, great person and great player

Best Leader (Not your own): Didn't pay much attention to other allies, but talked to Tangra for a big part of the server, he did well.

Stupidest Decision: Taking up an early troop building teuton acc that had a 50% (at the time) 15c near the grey in an enemy quad at day 30 of a server... Knew it would be a bad decision but Andy and Ben dragged me into it... Not only that, I had to put up with an idiot acc owner for 3 months... Stopped playing a bit before plans, should have really stayed longer and help with def building

Most Underrated (player or alliance): Tangra - he may not be the best person in some people's eyes, but the guy trained a huge hammer and pulled the strings in a tough to command ally

Best Noob: Bubbles did a great job, starting late and doing his best to help around, always very enthusiastic and bright

Most Overrated (player or alliance): LCA - for an ally that had no opposition in their quad, they were smashed to pieces for 2-3 weeks by AA

Best Moment: Seeing my area finally cleared of pests after 3 months of torture and little sleep / seeing Olympia and Pantheon hammers splash time and time again at my walls

It was a poor round for me, I didn't quite enjoy it, having to deal with constant attacks and problems, but I think we did very well as a group. Thank you all for the experience, I'll be ready for new challenges with AA after a few months of rest.

05 Jul 2017, 07:55 PM
IGN (single or dual-account): WIM (solo)

Your Set-up and Achievements: Anvil and enemy scouter towards the end thanks to large haste and small hawk.

Alliance: LC

Best Alliance (Not your own): -

Best Player on the Server: Marmite - never fails to create an incredible WWk, and deserves more credit than he'll get.

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: BoneXiit - had very little time and a very small account, yet still was an important player for us, and also had a nice few smashy moments with local AA members when time was available. Hammer builders go without saying, of course.

Best Opponent: AA - as an alliance they didn't do much to me except clearing my cap fields (as a non-gold account, taking out the resource fields was a pain in the ****)

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: WIM or Beach. Xades and Marmite also created good amounts of def, but generally we seemed to lack anvil accounts.

Best Leader (Your own): Angel x and Marmite kept us going, averaging about 4 MMs per day calling for wheat, res and def at the WW. Tendril Man was good until he abandoned ship.

Best Leader (Not your own): No clue, I stay out of politics and just sim.

Stupidest Decision: Sending 19k phals and 14k druids with the Hero to attack our WW instead of reinforce. That hurt me.

Most Underrated (player or alliance): LC - we kept going even though our numbers dwindled and ended up coming second again. We also had a decent share of arts come final day.

Best Noob: Freya - raided alliance members, caught my Hero twice when moving arts and generally complained a lot on this forum. Not my cup of tea, but still made a good hammer in the end.

Most Overrated (player or alliance): AA. I expected them to breeze the server. As a whole I guess they functioned terrifically, but if more people were willing, then they could have been rocked (I do love a delicious gin and tonic...)

Best Moment: The banter between myself and a local AA player, especially after popping onto an an alliance member's acc to cut catapults, then the real funny story started... Also chiefing a vill from him, even though it got taken back a day or two before the server ended.

Wasn't my best server, but was also only my second server, and I kinda fell into a 'leader' role for a while, but I use leader in the lightest sense.

06 Jul 2017, 08:12 AM
IGN (single or dual-account): Gin and Tonic (First time dualing)

Your Set-up and Achievements: Recovering from 2 cap crop locks and repelling countless hits all server.

Alliance: AA

Best Alliance (Not your own): LCA - Just for the shear lack of boredom from sever long skirmishes with some locals.

Best Player on the Server: Zombie - Always dedicated and produces consistent results.

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Probably Zombie again

Best Opponent: WIM - Always kept me on my toes and some great skirmishes

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: All, was a great team effort and everyone always willing to lend troops to help defend.

Best Leader (Your own): Springbok - Always keeping the WW going and nagging pays off.

Best Leader (Not your own): Didn't get involved so no idea.

Stupidest Decision: Settling Grey

Most Underrated (player or alliance): WIM in LCA - Again purely for keeping me busy all server and great fun to play again, and I guess with.

Best Noob: Emperor - Resistant to the end

Most Overrated (player or alliance): Olympia - Not much really happened here.

Best Moment: As above the banter, and my Oh Sh** moment of panic ending up loosing half my army. Plenty fo banter to be had on that one :)

06 Jul 2017, 06:31 PM
IGN (single or dual-account) : Springbok - single

Your Set-up and Achievements: To set up ready to hold the WW , build a nice anvil and have a hammer for arties

Alliance: AA

Best Alliance (Not your own): No real challenges from any ?

Best Player on the Server: Theres a few, Zombie, Dude double, Bats, Hoptimus prime, Jamesrose

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Dude or Zombie

Best Opponent: Was there any ?

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: To many to name, Yun, Jamesrose, Hoptimus, myself :D cosmo

Best Leader (Your own):Andy and Sniff

Best Leader (Not your own): Godfather for the chit chat during end game :)

Stupidest Decision: None

Most Underrated (player or alliance): Lord Tyr or pizza, excellent team player

Best Noob: AA dont do noobs lol

Most Overrated (player or alliance): Olympia

Best Moment: Helping to take a diet arti and killing part of a rammer at the same time :)

The Zombie
07 Jul 2017, 08:11 AM
IGN (single or dual-account): Zombie (The Andy half)

Your Set-up and Achievements: Managing to build a very good WWK, as well as keeping a smashy hammer running for a long time and building well over 100k defence before the end. Also of leading the alliance for another term.

Alliance: AA

Best Alliance (Not your own) : OGC for playing the game right and trying to get a good defence in their WW. (Even though they did cosy up with our friend Tangra and the server for a little while)

Best Player on the Server: Springbok (always does whatever Is asked of her and consistently does it to a high standard.) Also carried a lot of the AA leadership weight this server.

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Dude Double and Batsbrew get this together (consistent, active and great attackers) Beetnik deserves a mention here as well, even though his activity wasn't the best he pulled off some great results.

Best Opponent: Tangra (building a MASSIVE WWk and managing to cosy up with the rest of the server to try and thwart our plans to win, lots of smooth talking and back room discussions going on all server to achieve this) You still failed miserably though :D

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: The whole of the AA defence team, fantastic achievement.

Best Leader (Your own) : Me of course :D (Springbok deserves this though so I'll let her take it)

Best Leader (Not your own): Bear (OGC) everyone else failed miserably as an alliance in my eyes.

Stupidest Decision: Building a smashy hammer and a WWk on the same account (Would I repeat it, probably yes as just a WWk is too boring for me)

Most Underrated (player or alliance): Lord Tyr (a late joiner of AA but always willing to help the team and turned out to be an integral part of the WW team, thank you)

Best Noob: bubbles, another player we took under our belts. Turned out to be very keen to learn and listened and will hopefully be an AA player again when we travel overseas.

Most Overrated (player or alliance): Real Ale (Player) LCA (Alliance as these guys should have done so much better)

Best Moment: The server ending!

07 Jul 2017, 08:19 PM
IGN (single or dual-account): Red Dragon : single

Your Set-up and Achievements: Offence, from the start, we had an alliance goal, defence at the end

Alliance: OGC

Best Alliance (Not your own): AA. they won

Best Player on the Server: err its a team game, no one makes my player of the server

Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: difficult, Hodor triplets or noname twins, few others chipped in, as I say team game

Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Kinsog, first server, what a star! obviously we had stalwarts such as evil toad, kistelek, and wendigo

Best Leader (Your own): Bear, the ultimate travian leader

Best Leader (Not your own): AA team, that'll be you then Zombie

Stupidest Decision: a few, although my game play would of suited teuton better, sitting a WWR who went inactive without actually building said WWR, leaving me to build said WWR, which went unused, I say Thankyou Milamber, trust me I wont sit you again.

Most Underrated (player or alliance): OGC or NemRis

Best Noob: Err Milamber, or Black Knight 5 arties 3 large and no hammer

Most Overrated (player or alliance): LCA

Best Moment: clearing the WW

OGC came to fight SWM, objective achieved, end of, next server will be different