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  1. Fixing these tables makes me sad
  2. Are you sure? Oh, my mistake then I'll sort it out in a little bit.
  3. No I didn't, you've swapped the simming and defending headings around :p
  4. I think you filled in the wrong boxes :p
  5. Hey, for the alliance analysis the heading ribbons for defence and simming are the wrong way round. The data is in the right place but the ribbons above them are wrong.

    Or did I fill in the wrong boxes?
  6. Hey Richard, if you can get on Skype and send the medal table, that would be absolutely fantastic and I'd love you forever and ever. I'll be on Skype all day, so if you get any free time then I'll be around
  7. Hai der, RAWR
  8. Eeeeew. Hallor
  9. Yes, Yes I am on skype
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