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  1. Not a problem. I just wanted this stuff on record before the peach deletes all memory of her Jackboots romping across forum. If you are German Zim, I can understand your fear of the word, but I'm English, so it just means bullying thug to me. I did my dis on Holocaust Literature, so it's not like I underestimate the facts. Tschena is a deceitful bullying hypocrite though. Nazi is just shorthand.
  2. If I was in a position to help I would, unfortunately I'm not.

    I also edited a certain word starting with N from your last message.
  3. I know. I just wanted this stuff recorded by someone with legitimacy. Tschena is a liar. I just wanted this post to be retained when she lies her arse off again.
  4. Sorry moog, we don't have input into the .com forums, you would need to talk to them yourself.
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    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never
    This is what I get on .com. I know I annoy, but no-ne on UK forum has ever tried this aubergine. One would even suggest that people's boots were called John on .com. Tschena is a disgrace. Get rid of the hypocritical cow.
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