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  1. Joshyyy, how could you? shame on you... and shame on u, ickle, for covering up for him!
  2. shadow5692 - The Prom Psycho has found you.
    You are now dead and out of the game.

    shadow5692's body lies inert, blood seeping from the slash across his throat. The scene is one of carnage and gore, horrific to look upon.

    It looks like the Psycho is becoming more organised, planning ahead... The victim was caught unawares, maybe sleeping in the sunshine... his body has been spreadeagled on the floor and each limb spiked to the ground viciously to prevent him struggling.

    It's gruesome in the extreme, and not a sight for the faint-hearted.

    Can anyone brave the gore to examine the body further? Yes, one brave soul approaches the body and pulls out the spike from the left wrist. It's an unusual hooked shape somehow remeniscent of.... a tent peg?
  3. stop killing ppl!!! its mean...
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