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  1. you won caption the pic
  2. lol, i'll always be on the forum do enjoy cap the pic and worlds worst! Is all Arabic in the Gulf, different accents and maybe slightly different dialects, but all speak Arabic... most paople speak English too, as there are huge amounts of foreign workers here, no single nationality outnumbers the Qatari's but as a whole, there are more foreign people here than locals! mostly Indian, nepalese, but a massive variety from all round the world!
  3. Thats a big move, planning to stay on this forum?

    Also, what language do they speak in Qatar?
  4. neither just here working for a couple of months! but i do love it, and i think if all goes well with this particular job, i'm going to try my best to get sent back here, the longer the better, so small small chance i may end up living here!!!!
  5. Are you on Hols or Do you live in Qatar now?
  6. Come back on your birthday pwetty please?
  7. fell asleep last night, so never tried, will try n download it tonight
  8. Is skype working?
  9. get enough banter on here and live mic is ok, i can hear my mates n they can hear me so is good enough
  10. But then you miss out on all the banter

    And Xbox Live's Mic's are crap.
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