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  1. Woot HP!!
  2. Yehh so dont make me feel bad for leaving you later :o like in 1hour maybe
  3. It's not all bad, you'll be getting me, i mean us, some money
  4. I was on waiting pft and you show up at quarter too two :o
    I know i am :o sorrryy!
  5. I was crying
    Pft. Excuses excuses.
    You'll be leaving me this afternoon
  6. Soo your blaming mee now
    Well i was on at 11 when you said you would be on and you wasnt :o
  7. I do!
    It's why i spend so long in bed. I'm too inconsolable to get up
  8. I know you can its embarrasing
    I didn't know you got that bored without me on
  9. I can see when you've deleted it (nod)
    And you did!
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