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  1. Just thought I'd comment here so your account doesn't get taken away during the forum update
  2. Evan bro. I cringe looking at some of my old emotional comments. I'm turning 17 in a few months. I joined the forum when I was 10. Where has the time gone? Happy New year anyways!
  3. Well.. I'm a bit off lately from uk forum
    That's why I rarely online here too

    The forum is slowly dying here..
  4. that's cause nobody talks to me anymore, 2 years its been, I feel I'm not wanted here, its like nobody cares e.g. these past few months that I've not been on the forum, nobody's even contacted me or anything.

    Before I was bursting to be on my keyboard, spamming and spamming and spamming, then I left for a few months, when I came back, it was not the same, fishman had gone, you'd gone, I wasn't that happy anymore. Maybe other interests have driven me away e.g. scooby doo, WWE (my dad is against violence so, I secretly watch WWE)

    Am I just a speck of dust or what?

    People haven't been on the threads I like for example...caption the picture, music(video) deathmatch, or the mesut Ozil thread.

    do you want me to stay, or should I just float away, Evan old friend, old buddy, old pal?
  5. Long time no see you spamming!
  6. whew... I'll be mostly active at the ts4 forum though..
  7. i deleted my last account about more than a year ago
  8. Have any account in
  9. looks like its been a week since I was on the forum, and because of my birthday, my dad took me to play snooker for my first time yesterday, I've improved a lot since then, and we are going next week aswell, thats probably took a lot of my time from the forum too, and its all right saying happy birthday to me a little bit late because I replied even later, too
  10. Ow... sorry for me being too much away... unable to say happy birthday before.....
    Leading an alliance at s5&s3 at is time consuming.
    Looks like I'll have to be off several times..
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