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  1. Working class hero, eh? Still working at the farm? Still studying?

    Im studying Happy with that. Right now its vacation though, so i am working a bit. When im not working im doing the usual; hiking, climbing, sailing etc... Its nearly two years since ive played now. Was wondering if the old guys were still playing?

    Son of a... That sucks. 10 mins... And you were in the car... That's just messed up.
  2. Hey bud,

    Just grinding away with work at the moment, seriously busy with all things potatoes. What have you been up to? Still playing?

    Went to pick my grandma up from her physio last week and arrived 10 mins early so waited in the car in a car park right next to the physician's place. Guess who just got an 85 fine in the post?!.... Bet the owner of that plot of land is reeling it in... Can't argue it either as they apparently have some high tech autonomous system of cameras.
  3. Waddup?
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