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  1. Hrbdefender, I was not on your Skype account. When I added you, I changed your name to ď(Your real name here. I donít want to write it on your profile without your permission.) l Hrbdefender UK1Ē, so I could recognise what servers you were on, and why I was talking to you for. I always have my chats in compact view which means, when I open up a chat window, it says the personís name who I am talking to which is why it said your name, and he walks in and mistakes me for been on your account. If you think Iím lying then you can check this fact up yourself, open a compact view chat window with an online contact on Skype, and it will say their name.
  2. Check the Country RPG Discussion Thread later.
  3. I have replied, you know I am allowed a life
  4. And, what's keeping you occupied now?
  5. I've posted on the Discussion Thread.
  6. Let me finish posting on a RP on the US forums and then I'll reply to this. (5 minutes)
  7. We don't know. You need to post something, in order so I can decide what I want my people to do
  8. I'll see if their is anything to post in the thread. Why, is every post moderated? That is annoying.
  9. Oh really, with your army in the place by army can't see them. Yeah, that's not exactly going to happen, as my army camped in a plain of open ground. Just post in the thread
  10. Don't then. I'm keeping a eye on your army.
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