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  1. Are you on Skype ^^ ?
  2. Get on Skypeeeeeeee. You can help me with PG pleaseeee
  3. Cheers Sneaky reminder too if you haven't. Haven'y checked lol :p
  4. When I get home May need reminding though.
  5. Can you stickyify SOTF17 for me?
  6. No skypee?
  7. I make you sick? *hurt*

    But don't worry, your sister will cheer me up

    *hides from saffy*

    coool beans
  8. You make me sick. And okay :p
  9. Well gf probably won't get here till almost 9 if she comes at all. (No innuendos there honest).

    So between 5-half 8ish should be ok.
  10. Let me know a time I will be back by 5 I'd hope, so any time after then is good to me. Don't want to get in the way of GF time though :p
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