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  1. Yeah sure

    But depends how much later and if the girlfriend comes round or not...

    And I'll find a turkey somewhere :p
  2. Oh Richard. You came and you gave me a turkey on my vacation away from worky.

    Well you didn't. Just letting you know where our friendship is going wrong. How are you ? Up for a catch up on Skype later? Not spoken to you in too long. I'd appreciate some Proving Ground help too
  3. LOL that's awesome

    and good news too :p
  4. Lol I'm sure he crys himself to sleep :p

    But yeah im surprised tooo. How dyu feel being the only person (other than me being a tool) to have sent me a VM?
  5. He knows i'm beating him I think he'd get someone to boost his up tbh
  6. Ask MK? He'll know something like that lol

    Although he might start on about post counts again...
  7. Boom ;D
    I haven't even got that many. The top person has 14k i think?
  8. 45.491017964071856287425149700599 times more at time of calculation

    (7597 for you. 167 for me)

  9. Work out how many times more ;D I wanna see And i'm too lazy to do it myself.
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